SYNOPSIS: About a guy named Stormy Gray Sky whose love life is more like a drought

than anything else. That is until he meets Violet Hart.

The story of my life actually does begin at my birth , LOL. My parents Jack and Sandra

Sky are at the hospital with my mom in labor with me. That evening a major storm was hitting the

state of Florida called Tropical Storm Arnold which was producing vast amounts of rain and lightning .

So I guess because of the storm my parents named my Stormy Gray Sky. My middle name sky was either because my mothers maiden name was gray or because the storm clouds were a dark grey in color so take your pick on that one.

LOL, do you know what it's like to have a name like the one I have. Why couldn't it have been Arnold Gray Sky instead of Stormy . My name sounds like a picture someone called stormy gray sky or the name of a book or movie, defiantly not someones name . God sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking when they named me that.

Well my name you already know so let me describe myself now, I'm 16 years old, 6'2" , coal black hair,my eyes are an indigo blue, fair completion, 210 lbs. Personally I don't think I must be handsome or good looking because of how I perceive girls perceiving me. I'm always shuffled off to just being a friend or just shuffled off period. So thereby my self confidence may be rather low in the areas were any girls are concerned. Other than that ,because of not having a girlfriend or any hopes of getting one I spent a lot of time hitting the books and getting as my parents called it a good education. That didn't stop me from longing for some kind of relationship with a girl , I just realized it just may not occur during my lifetime. If your wondering ,yep ,I'm pretty much a loner at present not because I want to be but just because that's how its turned out thus far.

That's not to say that I have no friends at all , just not that many, and one such friend is Lance Cole. In our freshman year he suggested that I should try out for the Jr. Varsity Basketball Team. I couldn't help but laugh and told him , "Lance have you ever seen me dribble a basketball, I'm so uncoordinated I'd be chasing the ball with it going off in all kinds of weird directions. No , I just don't think basketball and me would work out or be a good thing together." After saying that I just dropped my head and looked at my feet .

Lance just looked at me and said, "Dude, when you find out what your good at just go for it, whatever it may be. Surely , there's something that the schools offering that extra curricula that would elevate your status with the girls here. Again I looked down at my feet and said, "Ya, I just wished I knew what

that could be, because the few things I am good at are not considered as things people consider as exciting , glamorous , or interesting enough to catch a girls interest long enough for her get to know me. One of those things I'm extremely good at, is chess, and I'm an active member in the chess club.

Unfortunately people who do chess instead of football,basketball or soccer are not consider as special as are the jocks per say. When's the last time you ever saw or heard of a popular cheerleader type going for the lowly chess geek? Ha... that's what I thought to , you haven't." During our freshman year Lance became a little more popular and I became a bit less so , but for some odd reason he's still my friend and still try's to encourage me to do or be something that I see no hope of accomplishing. Lance

was getting to be more popular with the girls and was dating them frequently even during the first part of our sophomore year . Me , however I was just too quiet and shy , to try to approach any girl at all. I was overly concerned with the thought , "What if she say's NO." I was terrified of rejection .

The reason for that was because in the 6th grade a popular guy even then told me that this girl liked me and I should ask her out to a movie or something. What I didn't know is he didn't like me and had set me up to fail. True the girl in question was popular too, and I had been admiring her from afar wishing that I could have a girlfriend like her. So when he told me that she liked me ,I did something stupid, and believed him . It had given me at least enough courage to approach her even though I was extremely nervous. After asking her if she would like to go out to a movie with me she walked up to me ,put her hands on my shoulders an kneed me in my lower extremities . Needless to say I dropped like a 100 lb sack of potatoes off of a high truck bed in excruciating pain. As she walked away I could hear her say , "What ever gave you the idea I would ever consider going out with someone like you. Then she harrumphed and march away leaving me wreathing on the ground. In my mind if every girl responded to me in that manner I just wouldn't put myself in that predicament again , as of to date I haven't .