The Love of a Pure Blood

By :Soulless Bitch

Vampire- brother &sisters

Kim- youngest of the family she is dating a wolf but she don't know it she is also a assassin .she has navy blue hair that falls to her hips which she has in a pony tail or braded most of the time and if it is down it covers her beautiful white eyes. (AKA: moon eyes), 5'7' in height.. has a few scars, one over her lip on the left side, and the one on her back is claw marks, and the on over her right eye….she has four pricings which are her tongue, belly and snake bites on her bottom lip with tattoos..

Angela- 2nd oldest of the family don't want Kim to date a wolf and also a assassin… know for her deep Blood red color hair that flows freely down her back and her light sliver blue eyes….stands at a mire height of 5'5.…..belly and tongue pricings and no tattoos

Jack- oldest of the family wants Kim to be happy so helps Kim out of the miss she has gotten into. Don't know Angela is assassin….you can tell who he is by he's white color her and he's big bright green eyes that can make anyone smile just be looking at them and is 6'2 in height, a few tattoos. And there's secret know one knows about (can you guess)

Marcus- oldest counsel member and doesn't trust Odysseus…long jet black hair that he keeps tied up by a piece of leather and has ruby red eyes he stands at the height of 5'10

Cody- Marcus's little brother and thanks that Marcus is going crazy…short chocolate brown hair and eyes to match is "5'9


Nick-Achilles & Angela's best friend and tells them what's going on between Kim & Odysseus…..and yes he's gay…..light reddish brown hair and hazel green eyes and is a mire 5'3

Tristan –Angela's best friend he also likes her but he can't have her because of his job as a assassin ( shows up a few times )


Zack – a mortal that likes Angela and hates Kim (shows up a few times)

Bryce- friends with Jack & Hector but is also the new kid along with Odysseus, Achilles,& Hector.( one or to times to help out)


Odysseus- youngest of the family in is new to Kim's high school he falls in love with her on he's first day there but he thinks she human no one knows he's assassin but Achilles…dark yellow eyes and a light milk chocolate colored hair that goes to the small of he's back but has it tied on missions…. Snake bites on he's bottom lip and a few tattoos…stands at a height of 5'11

Achilles- the 2nd oldest and when he finds out what Odysseus's girlfriend is he gets pissed off at him he also wants Hector agree with him on this. Only Family that knows Odysseus a assassin. Lip and eyebrow pierced and every few tattoos….he's hair is short and is a lovely shade of gold to match he's gold eyes…. Is 6'1

Hector-oldest of the family and just wants Achilles to lay off Odysseus for once in his life. height is 6'2... Short black hair and sea blue color eyes…every few tattoos and piercing

Daniel-Know Kim since they were babies then one bay just up and left…is the same height as Odysseus 5'10..short chocolate brown hair and hazel green eyes…a few tattoos and scars, but has he's lip, eyebrow, and ear pierced…..