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As the years passed, the Pegasus grew more and more. Kateryn would visit him each day in the stables and groom him. She loved the horse; the black horse she had named Midnight was beautiful to her. Even though her father didn't understand how gentle these creatures were and wanted to wipe them out, she kept her promise and kept him safe. Midnight awaited the arrival of the beautiful princess as he stood at the door, his wings tucked into his body. That's when he heard footsteps, and saw the Princess, grown into a beautiful young adult. She smiled and walked over to him, petting his muzzle and grabbing the rope she placed around his muzzle. "Hello Midnight. I've missed you," she said, opening the stall's door. She mounted him and pressed her feet against his side, making him walk out of the stable. She watched as he spread his wings and took off to the sky, making Kateryn scream and giggle in delight. It was wonderful, the air whipping through her black hair, her dress flowing as the wind blew by. It was as if she was floating. She leaned into Midnight's ear and whispered something. Midnight reared back, leaned down, and began gliding as he headed for the Kingdom square. Crates flew as Midnight began to fly past stands of fruit, Kateryn laughing. She pulled the reins and he stopped, floating as Kateryn smiled. "My apologies Sir Thomas, I was just taking Midnight for a ride." The old shopkeeper looked at her and shook his head.

"Don't worry about it your highness. I would worry more about your father. If he finds out about that horse he'll—" but he was cut off by Kateryn.

"He'll kill him. I know. You're a trusted friend. Thank you for not telling my father about Midnight," she said, smiling.

Sir Thomas nodded and Kateryn pulled on the reins again, this time Midnight flew over the stables. He landed on the ground and she dismounted him and led him into the stall, closing the door. She petted his muzzle and he neighed and leaned into her touch. "I'll come back tomorrow, I promise. Get some sleep. You need it." Midnight laid down, tucking his legs underneath him, and tucking his head into his body, covering it with the tip of his wings. Kateryn smiled and walked out of the stable, heading for the castle. She was late for dinner with her father. King Gerek wouldn't be happy to see his precious daughter late for family time.

It was an awkward dinner, leaving the two royals to sit alone, dining. King Gerek looked at his daughter and cleared his throat. "So, Kateryn, I've been hearing rumors of a Pegasus being in town. You wouldn't happen to know of this, would you?" he asked, looking at her. The Princess shook her head and continued to eat. He smiled. "Good. Because it'd be impervious to my rule if there were one of those hideous beasts in my kingdom." Kateryn nodded and didn't say a word. Beasts, he called them, hideous beasts. Was that really what he thought of them? Her Pegasus wasn't hideous, he was beautiful and gentle, and she would die to protect him. That's when she spoke up. "Father, I don't think them hideous. They're magnificent. They're amazing creatures, and I wish they were still around," she said, softly. Gerek stared at her and slammed a fist on the table, making the Princess jump. He growled, looking menacing. Any talk of the Pegauses and he would go mad and yell at her. But, she didn't care; she would stand up to her father if it meant protecting the wiped out creatures. "They were innocent creatures, Father. They didn't deserve to be wiped out. And they certainly don't deserve to be called hideous beasts." Gerek stood and leaned across the table, staring at his daughter. He had a secret of his own, the reason he hated the Pegasus species in the first place.

"I will not hear of such nonsense. Either you will stop talking about the winged beasts, or you will go to your chambers, without food."

Kateryn stood, looking at her father. "Then I will go to my chambers. Good night, Father. I shall see you in the morning," she said, calmly.

The Princess left the room and Gerek sat there, pondering. Where had he gone wrong? He was trying to protect her. He was trying to keep her from harm and she wanted to defy him. He didn't want her to end up liked her mother. Her mother's portrait hung on the wall in front of him. He looked up at her and sighed, looking down. He felt sorry. Sorry that he let her die at the hands of a Pegasus. Sorry that he didn't see the dangers behind the winged creatures beforehand. If he had seen the events before they had happened, he would still have her and there would be no winged horses around. He let a tear fall, the tear slowly sliding down his cheek as he stared up at the portrait. "I'm so sorry my love. If only I had known that those… those creatures were dangerous, I never would have let them live." He now saw them as they truly were; evil, unpredictable, and dangerous. No Pegasus was to be left alive, and he was sure they were wiped out. He sat in his chair and looked at the table, ashamed. He had once trusted the winged horses, they had helped with many battles in an aerial attack, but, when one went rogue, he lost all respect for them. "I'm so sorry my Queen. I should've protected you and instead I was blinded by the respect I had for the Pegasus species. I didn't know… I didn't know and I am so sorry." And with that, he looked at the ground. He saw such defiance in Kateryn, just like her mother. He wanted to protect her, and he wanted to make sure she was safe. But, could it be true? Could his loss have clouded his judgment?

He stood from the table and that's when he heard the sounds of the guards' footfalls, coming up the stairs of the castle and into the dining hall, where they bowed to him. "My lord, the Pegasus has been spotted again. The same description as the last sighting; black as night with fire growing out of its eyes. Truly a creature of the devil himself," the leader of the guards said. King Gerek looked at him and stood, pacing as he tried to figure out what to do about this. He looked at the guards. "Any idea of who the rider is?" he asked. The guards all shook their heads and looked at the king, gulping. They wished they knew who the mysterious rider was. "The only description was that it was cloaked and wore a long flowing white robe," he said. King Gerek began pacing. Could it be Death himself? He looked at the guards and continued pacing. "How long ago was this?" he asked. The captain of the guards stood and gripped the hilt of his sword. "As soon as it hit dusk, the sun had just set," he said. Gerek stood in front of his guards and looked at them. He nodded, clearing his throat. "Well, I want this beast of the devil himself found, alive. Once found, he is to be brought to me. Keep an eye out for him," he said. The guards all nodded and began walking out of the dining hall. It had to be death, who else would have a winged horse that had fire growing from its eyes?

Dear Death had come for him, he was going to join his Queen in the afterlife and he was going to welcome death. The kingdom would be left to his daughter and he would have his true love once again. He watched out the window as the guards stormed the city, checking every home for any signs of a Pegasus having been there. He watched as they invaded stables and stands as they grabbed anything that might've been touched by the winged horse. It was the King's duty to protect his people, and that's exactly what he was doing. He felt no remorse or anything, watching as things were set on fire, the orange and red of the flames reflecting off the sides of his castle. He was so into watching the destruction that he didn't notice the small form of a young woman walking towards the royal stables. This was Kateryn, and she was going to the stable to help Midnight hide. But, she wouldn't get in the stable. For the guards noticed her before she could go into the stable and they grabbed her up. "Men, check the stable!" the captain yelled, holding the Princess back. She fought, until they broke down the door and started checking the stalls for any sign of the mysterious Pegasus.

Kateryn was thrown to the ground before her father as the Pegasus' wings were bound and he was tied around the neck with a rope. King Gerek looked at his young daughter and the Pegasus and he was furious. "We saw the Princess heading toward the royal stables, where we found the winged beast," the captain said. Kateryn looked at her father and saw the fury in his eyes but, she was not afraid. Gerek stood from his throne, staring at the horse and then at his only daughter. "You deliberately disobeyed me! You knew the law against having these beasts and yet, you defied me!" he yelled, causing the guards to tremble in fear. Kateryn didn't waiver, didn't show any fear. "Father, you have no idea what these creatures are like! They're gentle and kind and not evil—" she was soon cut off by the King slapping her across her face. She stared in amazement at the King as he began to turn red. "Have you any idea what these creatures are capable of? You kept this monster hidden from me for years and you knew the law! And as king, I must uphold it and send the beast away to slaughter," he said, looking at the guards. "You are to take the creature to the outskirts of Asydric and there you are to slaughter it," he said. The guards nodded and began to lead the horse away, as Midnight began to fight. Kateryn stood and began to try to get to the horse as two guards blocked her way. She screamed, watching as they pulled the horse out of the castle, and Kateryn's tears stained the floor.

When the doors closed, Kateryn stared at her father. "I curse you father! You hear me?" she yelled, beating on her father's chest.

He didn't seem fazed. "Kateryn, there's nothing I can do," he said. "The law states—"

"I spit on your stupid law! Midnight is the gentlest creature I've ever known! All these years and he has yet to attack me!" she yelled.

"Not another word! You are my daughter; therefore you will start acting like a royal and uphold the law! You are not above it!"

"But, you made the law under your pretense of hatred!"

That stung her father, she knew. He looked at his daughter, seeing a lot of her mother in her. "The judgment stands!" he yelled, grabbing her wrists. He dragged her into the dungeons and threw her in, closing the door. "You are my daughter and I would give my life for you. But, you are to stay in here until you have learned not to defy me. Is that understood?" Kateryn crossed her arms across her chest. "I said, is that understood?" His voice boomed, making the castle walls shake. She glared at him. "It's understood," she said, softly. He locked the door and before he walked out of the dungeons, he heard her final words. "I hate you with every passion, Father. I hope you die with the guilt of killing an innocent creature and that you die alone." This stung her father even more. So much so, that he didn't even put in a rebuttal. He just walked away, not looking back at his precious daughter. Didn't she understand the dangers that came with the horses? They would betray her and he didn't want to lose the only ties he had to his dear sweet Queen Amicia, who had been attacked by one of those filthy creatures. He felt guilty alright, guilty about leaving his daughter in the dungeons. But, she had to learn a lesson. She had to learn the consequences of defying his authority. No matter how much it stung to hear her words.

Kateryn watched out the bars of her cell and watched as they carried Midnight away. She had grown attached to the creature; her loyalty lied with the creature. She knew he wasn't dangerous. If he was, he would've killed her at the first chance he got. But, he didn't. Could the winged creatures be so horrible that her father had to kill him? No. Midnight was gentle, he would never hurt anybody. She sank to the dungeon floors, burying her face in her arms and sobbing. She was sobbing for her friend, her horse, the one that she trained and told all her secrets too. She'd never forgive her father for what he had done. And she'd never forget either.

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