this is a poem I wrote a year ago, and since I'm posting a lot of what I've been doing this will come out too :)


- Rem


Why do war exist?

Why can't I stop it?

Is there no other way to have a war, then to stand humans against humans, like killing machines?

Again and again we learn about the failures and hurt people before us lived through in so many different wars,

tears, death and heartbreak.

Some say we have to remember, remember all the evil that once stood in front of us to stop it from coming back,

but if that is right, why do we still stand against each other, time after time, in anger with a mission to kill?

To win.

What is there to win, that is so important, that others have to die? If not the voice of a human being is enough to get past the difficulties in the world, I'm not sure how we will survive.

There is no one else to blame but our selves.

thanks for reading! :) Rem