this started off as a simple way for me to write some of the things I thought about and now it's this. I don
't know if there will be any other chapters or words to this, but yeah. This are my thoughts on some things.

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It's not what it seems to be.

Have you ever watched a movie where there were two best friends or a bunch of teens who were the best of friends? It always seemed so amazing right? As if they always held together and never really had those small fights or where the least sick of each other. Well, that's fake.

Friendship… well, it's always there, but it's not the same. It's not like that. We all have a bond, but that bond can be cut into a million pieces in only days or even seconds. It doesn't matter how much you used to like or love each other, it's still easy. You might be able to reconnect in the matter of seconds, be the same, but you'll be apart and it won't be as amazing as you wanted it to be. It won't be the same.

Movies exist only to make us yarn for more, only to make us see things in a new perspective. But that doesn't mean you're supposed to live like it. Because in the end you will just end up trying to get something that isn't there and you will realize that you have spent your life in a daze. In fog. Trying and trying and losing both friends and dear ones because they didn't fit your standards.

Okay, so try to think clear. It's important for you to see.

On daily basis, how many times do we lie? One way or another we hide things from each other. I mean, sure the others has no need to know ALL the things you are thinking and feeling, but it does prove that we are, as humans, never capable of knowing one another. We know what we want to know, everything else, well that's completely up to you.


We all have to face it one way or another, if it's when we're five and santa claus doesn't exist or when we're sixteen and have to think for our selfs and choose a fucking school or when we're old and married and realized that there is much more to people than we see, well we still find it. the reality of us.

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