Completely Normal
Sequel to 'So Typical'

Not only has Scarlett lost the only one she's ever loved because of a leaked secret, but now he's dating her new best friend at Yale. And she's leaning on Christian to keep her sane, but is he merely her go to guy…or is there something more? Mix in increasingly frequent drunken episodes, recurring hospital visits, and a mysterious, scary gang, and you get a Completely Normal first year of college. Right?

Chapter One – Welcome to Yale

Cheers erupted as graduation caps flew into the air. Guys high-fived and punched each other in the shoulders; girls squealed and hugged each other tightly as tears slipped down their eyes.

"We did it!" Chloe cried, as she found Scarlett and pulled her in for a gigantic hug. "And, by the way, your speech was amazing. I couldn't have done it better myself."

"I'm just naturally gifted, I guess," Scarlett joked, hugging her best friend back.

"Let's go find Zoey and Millie," Chloe urged, grabbing on to Scarlett's hand and pulling her through the thick crowd of students and their families.

Once the four girls were reunited, a long giggle and squeal fest ensued. They jumped up and down and hugged each other tightly as they cheered their congratulations to one another.

"Scarlett!" Melody called and pulled her favorite, and only, stepsister in for a gigantic hug. "Dad and Rosa are on their way, but I could slip through the crowd a lot easier. You know, being a ninja and all."

"Taking one karate class does not make you a ninja, Melody," Scarlett laughed as she pulled back from her stepsister.

"You wait until I shove my foot up your ass and then tell me I'm not a ninja," Melody replied.

"Well, I won't hold my breath," Scarlett said right before Rosa arrived to hug and congratulate Scarlett.

After their exchange, Scarlett was suddenly surrounded by blackness. She felt a gentle, cool pressure over her eyes and a voice whisper in her ear, "Guess who."

"Hmm…How many tries do I get?" Scarlett asked with a knowing smile planted on her lips.

"One. And if you get it wrong, I'm going to become very angry at you."

"Angry with me. You get angry at a thing; you become angry with a person," Scarlett corrected him grammatically.

"Shut up and say my name."

"Christian," Scarlett said and twisted around to face him.

"Good job. Now you get a reward," Christian said, looking dazzling in his graduation gown.

"What kind of reward?"

"Not sure yet. I'll have to think about it."

"Shut up and give me a hug," Scarlett ordered, and Christian complied.

"You gave a great speech, Miss Valedictorian."

"So I've been told," Scarlett replied.

"Are you excited for college?"

"Uh, duh! You, me, Tristan, and Yale. Could it get any better?"

"Definitely not," Christian replied. "And, speaking of the devil…"

"What are you talking about?" Scarlett asked. "Tristan isn't arriving for another week."

Christian cocked his eyebrow and looked over Scarlett's shoulder. She whipped around, and her eyes widened as her heart pumped loudly in her chest when she spotted a certain brown-eyed, blonde-haired boy fighting his way through the dense crowd. Scarlett giggled and began fighting her way through the throng of bodies as well to meet him halfway, closing the distance between them. She hadn't seen Tristan for about six months now—the longest they had been separated. Ever. Her breathing increased as the distance diminished. Finally, finally, she reached out and grabbed his hand. He pulled her against his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around her, squeezing the breath out of her, not that she minded. At all.

"I've missed you," Tristan whispered into her thick, scarlet curls, "so much."

"Same. I didn't know you were coming so soon."

"Just a little surprise for you," Tristan replied, kissing her forehead hard and passionately.

"How long have you been in?"

"A couple of hours," he answered, kissing her cheek.

"I'm so happy—" Scarlett was cut off as Tristan's lips met hers.

The kiss lasted much longer than any Scarlett had experienced in a while. She contently closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Tristan's neck, pressing her body closer to his as she went on to her tiptoes to intensify the kiss. Tristan's hands tangled themselves into her hair as he moaned against her mouth. Opening her lips, she allowed Tristan to shoot his tongue inside and giggled at the sensation she had missed these past months.

They heard a loud cough. "Would you two break it up?" Chloe shouted through a laugh.

Tristan chuckled around Scarlett's mouth before he pulled away and glanced at the group that had accumulated around Scarlett and him.

"Well, you have my undivided attention now. What do you want?" Scarlett asked Chloe.

"We're going out to lunch. You don't get a choice; you're coming," Chloe replied.

Scarlett laughed; like she'd ever had a choice when Chloe put her mind to anything. "Where are we going?" she inquired.

"Wherever the wind takes us," Zoey said and grabbed the hand that Tristan wasn't holding, pulling her through the crowd.

"We're going to Wild Wings," Millie translated for Tristan.

When they got to the parking lot, Rosa and Timothy turned and waved, saying goodbye.

"You aren't coming with us?" Scarlett asked before they got in their own car.

"No, we thought it would be better for the kiddies to celebrate by themselves," Timothy answered.

"Well, that's not stopping me from coming," Melody chimed in.

"You're still a kid at heart, so it's appropriate for you to come," Scarlet replied.

"I'm taking that as a compliment." Melody smiled at Scarlett, unfazed.

"As you do with every insult," Scarlett replied.

"Okay, you two, behave," Zoey instructed, "or I'm going to shove my foot up both of your asses."

"Thanks for the visual," Millie mumbled.

"Sure thing," Zoey smiled.

"All right, who's driving?" Chloe asked.

"Me," Melody called. "If I let any of you drive, we won't get to Wild Wings until, at least, seven p.m."

"I wouldn't mind," Chloe said, "if you can get us there alive."

"I second that," Tristan replied.

"I'll be careful," Melody said. "Now, everyone, pile into the minivan."

As Chloe, Zoey, and Millie climbed into the back of the minivan, Scarlett turned to Melody, "Since when did you get a minivan?"

"Since I realized how many friends I have at college. It was almost impossible for all of us to get to one place at the right time, so I decided to go soccer mom in order to expedite our travel time."

"I should have known it was a mature reason," Scarlett chided as she got into the passenger seat.

She would have sat in the middle bucket seat beside Tristan, but she thought it might be weird for Melody to be forced to sit by Christian. Besides, Christian and Tristan were cousins, so it wouldn't be awkward for them. Except that they both had strong feelings for the same girl…

Soon enough, the seven member gang arrived at Wild Wings where they were led to a secluded semi-circle booth. It didn't take long for buckets and buckets of hot, spicy wings to be spread about the table in front of the group. All of the friends were laughing and joking without a care in the world.

"So how's Chandler?" Melody asked Chloe.

"He's great. Nice, sweet, smart, funny." Chloe paused. "I think I'm going to break up with him."

"What?" Zoey and Millie asked at the same time.

"Why?" Christian probed.

Chloe shrugged, "He's staying in Ohio for college; I'm going to Stratford. We're heading in different directions. I need to end it before he gets attached."

"Attached?" Christian asked. "Chloe, he worships the ground you walk on; I think he's way passed being attached, more like permanently chained to you."

Chloe shrugged again, "I'll think of something."

"Hey, Scarlett, I need to show you something," Tristan said out of the blue.

Scarlett looked up at him as she took a bite of an especially spicy buffalo wing. "Whaddya need?" she asked with her mouth full.

"I want to show you something on my phone," Tristan replied vaguely.

"What's on your phone?" Millie asked.

"You wouldn't understand what it means; it was something from our old school," Tristan answered, before turning towards Scarlett again. "Would you mind?"

"No, definitely not," Scarlett replied, intertwining her fingers through his after they scooted out of the booth together.

Brown eyes followed them as they made their way through the restaurant and outside behind seven feet tall bushes. Zoey nudged Christian with her hip. "Close your mouth and wipe the slobber from your chin," she ordered teasingly.

"What do you think is on his phone?" Millie asked the remaining group.

"Nothing," Melody answered.

"Then why would he ask her to go outside with him?" Millie asked.

"To make out with her," Chloe replied. "Why else would he come up with a lame excuse like, 'Hey, Scar, I got something on my phone, and we need to go all the way outside to look at it; oh, what's it about? Uh…our old school.' Yeah, that makes total sense."

"You look like a sad, lost puppy," Zoey said, looking at Christian.

"Shut up," Christian mumbled.

"You need to get over her," Melody said. "She's told me how much Tristan means to her; I don't think she's planning on breaking up with him any time soon."

"What if she didn't break up with him?" Christian asked quietly.

"Tristan's love struck over her. Why would he ever want to break up with her?" Melody asked, not thinking thoroughly.

And then three gasps sounded around the table. "Chris, you wouldn't," Chloe whispered.

Christian remained silent.

"Christian, don't meddle in their relationship. You can't tell Tristan. They really, genuinely love each other. And Scarlett would never forgive you if you tell Tristan about what happened at Chloe's party. So, what would telling Tristan do anyways? Just make Scarlett hate you," Millie said.

"Just leave them alone," Zoey advised.

"I never said I was going to tell Tristan," Christian defended. "Maybe, I've thought about telling him, but I probably won't."

"Probably?" Melody asked.

"The idea still pops in my head a few…hundred times a day," Christian admitted.

"Christian…" Millie said in a warning tone.

"I won't, I won't. I just think about it," Christian assured them.

Meanwhile, as the group bickered back and forth, Tristan pulled Scarlett closer to his body while his fingers hooked around the belt loops of Scarlett's jeans.

"Well, this is unexpected—" Suddenly Scarlett's mouth was working on doing something other than talking.

"Your breath is all spicy," Tristan commented with a chuckle when they finally pulled apart.

Scarlett giggled huskily, "Why is it that you seem to always interrupt me whenever we kiss?"

"Because you never stop talking," Tristan answered breathlessly.

"I should be mad that you said that, but I just somehow can't find the emotion," Scarlett replied. "By the way, what brought this on?"

"Chloe talking about breaking up with Chandler made me want to be closer to you without the prying eyes of…some people," Tristan answered.

"Some people? Like Christian?"

"Exactly," Tristan replied before connecting their lips once more.

"You're going to have to actually talk to him now and then, you know," Scarlett said after their lips got a break from kissing.

"Why?" Tristan asked.

"He's your cousin."

"So? He's coveting my girl. I don't think he deserves any sort of attention from me."

"He doesn't covet me," Scarlett denied. "He is merely infatuated with me. Besides once we go to Yale, there will be so many other girls that will grab his attention, he'll completely forget all about me."

"Doubtful. You're unforgettable."

"So true," Scarlett replied with a smile before their kissing began again.

When they pulled apart, Tristan's eyes caught something gleaming on Scarlett's left ring finger. He smiled as he remembered the day he had given her the promise ring. It had been during one of the many trips he had made up to Ohio to visit her during their senior year. He remembered exactly how she had looked, completely oblivious to what he was about to ask her. She was wearing a pale pink dress with tights underneath and beige heels. She had meticulously curled her hair to perfection, wanting to look fabulous for their movie date that night. They had been walking down a quiet street, all alone, when Tristan had pulled her to the side and, looking deeply into her eyes, told her that he promised to always be loyal and faithful to her and that one day, when they were both ready, he was determined to make her his wife. Then he had presented her with the ring that he had picked out before he had arrived and asked her to pledge herself to him. Giddily and willingly, she had complied. The diamond ring that now graced her finger always sparkled in the sun, glittering like the jewel who wore it, and whenever Tristan saw it, he was always pulled back to that day—November 14th—when he had asked her to wear it. And, of course, what had happened later that night while they were alone in her bedroom.

"You know, it's been months since the last time I saw you," Tristan said, coming back to the present.

"Good observation," Scarlett replied, confused.

"I am a man; I have needs, Scar," Tristan replied, his eyes full of yearning.

Scarlett smiled, "Hmm…I don't know. I think I can hold out, but maybe, I would have to give in if somebody would start talking to his relative again…"

Tristan growled, "Never mind, I can wait."

Scarlett searched his eyes, still smiling as she trailed her fingertips down his cheek, his neck, his chest, his rippled abdomen, the outside of his jeans. Her smile widened when he shuddered.

"Are you sure you can wait?" Scarlett asked.

Tristan bit his lip, growing more and more aroused as her fingers wandered freely.

"Fine, I'll talk to him," Tristan gasped.

"Well, that's all fine and dandy, but there's no way in hell that I'm having sex with you outside of Wild Wings. You're going to have to wait until we get back to my house." Scarlett smiled deviously before reentering the building and waltzing over to the table.

Tristan stared after her, amazed at the influence she held over him.

"Damn," he breathed under his breath as he watched her laugh at some joke that was said inside. She was so beautiful and she was all his. He smiled and followed after her.

"Oh, I just can't believe the summer is already over, and you're already in college," Rosa said as she gave her only daughter a bear hug, squeezing the breath out of her. "I remember like it was yesterday that you were my little girl, studying hard to get a sticker on her first grade spelling quiz."

"Oh, how the years fly when you're having fun," Scarlett said, semi-sarcastically. It wasn't until two years ago that Rosa had sobered up enough to actually care for her daughter, before that Scarlett's mother had been a drunk as well as a druggie. Scarlett doubted if Rosa could remember Scarlett when she had been in first grade.

"Be careful, sweetheart," Rosa said as she finally let go of Scarlett and took a step backward where Timothy, Scarlett's stepfather, was waiting for her. They both waved after her as she drove out of the driveway with her car packed to the brim with all of her necessities.

Scarlett drove down the interstate and over two exits where she made it to the Cox house. Two extremely handsome, exceptionally blonde, and practically identical boys exited the front door to meet her.

"Hey, Scar," Christian waved as he heaved a duffle bag down the front steps of his house.

"Hey, Chris," Scarlett smiled back.

As Christian went around the back of the car to find a space for his bag, Tristan wrapped his arms around Scarlett and pulled her closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a short, cute kiss on his lips, saving their make-out session for when Christian wasn't around.

"Have you, at least, said 'hi' to him once?" Scarlett asked.

"I did better than that," Tristan smiled.

"Yeah?" Scarlett asked, her eyes filling with hope.

"Yep, I asked him to pass the butter last night at dinner."

Scarlett's hopeful expression fell, "Well, great, this is going to be a fabulous road trip."

"If you're there, then it's going to be the best."

"Suck up," Scarlett mumbled.

"More or less," Tristan replied as he went to shove his own duffle bag into the back of the car.

Soon enough the three new college students crammed into Scarlett's car and began the long journey to Haven, Connecticut. For the first hour, the three were able to get along amiably without a single bicker escaping any of their lips. They listened to the radio and popped in old CDs from back in the day before they had listened to every song about six times, by then they decided it was time to plug in an ipod. After they had listened to approximately ninety-four songs, it was time to get a bite to eat. And they only had a few more hours before they arrived to the Yale campus.

There was only thirty minutes left—according to the Garmin—when any hint of a fight began to show.

They had been laughing and joking about all of the mischief they had gotten into during their years together when Christian had said, "Do you remember at Chloe's party junior year—?"

"Which one?" Scarlett asked. "She had about twenty-six of them."

"The one right after the beach bash," Christian clarified.

Scarlett and Tristan both tensed in their seats, knowing exactly which party Christian was talking about now. Scarlett's heart began pounding loudly in her ears. Not only had Scarlett been a little too drunk that night and tried to jump Tristan, but also Tristan had accused Scarlett of being a slut, and things had gone downhill from there. They had basically broken up, although the exact words hadn't been spoken. But something had gone down that night that Tristan did not know about. After Tristan had left Scarlett, Christian had stumbled in as drunk as could be, and Scarlett and Christian had slept together.

"Maybe, let's not talk about that," Scarlett suggested.

"All I meant was do you remember when Dale—"

"Scarlett doesn't want to talk about that," Tristan butted in harshly.

"I just wanted to know if you guys remembered what Dale did—"

"Chris, please, change the topic," Scarlett urged.

This continued for a good fifteen minutes. Christian just couldn't understand why Scarlett and Tristan were so hell bent on not reliving that night. He had no idea what had occurred only minutes before he had tripped accidentally into the room where Scarlett was completely stark naked.

By the time, the three had finished arguing amongst themselves, tempers were so high and each was so agitated that the rest of the ride to Yale was completely void of conversation. When the finally did arrive to the packed campus, Scarlett saw the large banner that had been tied up above the street. It read in bright, colorful, happy letters: Welcome to Yale. Too bad Scarlett wasn't happy at all right now. If Christian couldn't keep his mouth shut, then Tristan was going to find out about had happened that awful night, and she knew he would never forgive her. Not that she would blame him.

Author's Notes: So this was sort of just a starter chapter to get you into the story; soon enough drama will arise. Anyways, this is the sequel to 'So Typical.' I have been working on it since spring break. I haven't finished it yet; I'm only on chapter six, but I think it's going in a great direction, so just bear with me.

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