Mary woke up around one and sighed as she got up.

She smiled as she bent down and picked up her laptop.

All she had for comunication was her laptop, which wasn't much of a laptop.

Either way, she never knew anything that was going on with her friends or family until she turned it on and typed in her password.

Every single time she had to do that and right now, she did it again.

'What's going on now...' she wondered to herself.

She logged onto Facebook and checked her friend's pages.

As usual, Mandy wasn't online and Alice was still asleep.

She sighed and clicked on her other friend's profile with a smile.

Tori wasn't up either...or at least, she didn't have a status yet.

Mary clicked open Skype and updated her status.

"Bored" she typed in, but deleted it and decided not to put that as her status and just made herself online to everyone.

She smiled as she saw Tori's name pop up on the "online" list.

Her status read the same thing as a week ago.

"Ello.." Mary typed and sent.

Right away Tori started typing.

"Hey :3" Tori replied.

Mary didn't know what to say and neither did Tori, it seemed.

They both went on Facebook for a while and then Mary Skyped Tori again.

Their convo:

Mary: you get to hug him cuz he always hugs his friends

...I just remembered that! xD

Tori: I know... 3 c'':

I don't know how to thankyou... its like you saves me... sorta..

Mary: :3

Tori: Don't think i didn't see where he called you beautiful.

But I'm okay.

Mary: oh I knew you'd see that.

Tori: Okay... just'sayin.

What did youi think id do?

Mary: idk...

Tori: :l

Well, you do look beautiful.



Mary: o.t

Tori: Whaaaat o.o

Mary: nrmm...

Tori: What?

I don't know... do you think I'm kidding,,,?

Mary: no. I just- idk.

Tori: What?

Tell me...


Mary: I don't think I am.. and when he liked that picture and now actually commented and said that... idk I feel something, but idk. ._.

Tori: ...


Mary: exactly...

Tori: You wonder why i'm jealous of you.

Mary: :c


Tori: Why did I lie to you about him liking you... now i relize he might just like you..

'I knew it...' Mary thought. 'I don't really care though.'

Mary sighed and typed her reply.

Mary: nrm

Tori: It doesnt help that i was outside and some guy made fun of me.

Mary: He just hates you cuz you're beautiful! :PP

Tori: thats a fucking lie

Mary: are.

Tori: i wish i could see.

cause no.

im not

now im wondering why i have a purpose...

Mary: ..nrm.

Tori: What would feel like is Joe called me beautiful (never going to happen).


If I liked him back almost.

& do not say you would be happy.

Mary: I wouldn't. He doesn't care... :c

Tori: caus ethats bullshit.

Yeah he doesnt careabout me. no guy would...

past is the past right?


Mary: You know I didn't mean that that way.

Tori: no i mustve read it wrong...

but now im crying so it doesnt helkp..

Mary: sighs... nrm..

Tori: i give up

Mary: ..whyy?

Tori: I was just told to lose some pounds. right outsid emy house... what do you think id do?


Mary: ...idk...

Tori: exactly.

im not trying anymore.

theres no point to look forward to

Mary: -sighs slowly- ..I don't.. know... what to say... :cc

Tori: nbobody does.

this is why i really want kill myself.

like... right... now..

i reaching the end of my road...

im about... done..

Mary: ...

Tori: i donbt care of the pain...

i wannt to swallow anything and see if it kills me..

because ii hate this world...

i hate everything


Mary: noo...

Mary stared at the words she'd just written and the words she'd just read in disbelief.

"No!" she screamed.

No one was home so no one asked her what was wrong.

No one was going to know what was wrong.

She looked at the screen and instantly knew what to do.

She went back to her Facebook page and typed in Tori's mother's name and clicked for her page.

She searched for the "message" button and clicked it as fast as she could.

She tried to plan out and think about what she was going to tell her, but her fingers found their way to the message first.

"Are you at home with Victoria?" she wrote and sent it.

She stared at the screen.

She was scared and worried about Tori...she just had a horrible feeling.

Tori's mother replied a few minutes later.

Their convo:

Candi Lovely: hey hun, yes I'm here, whats up?

Mary: She sent me this:

i donbt care of the pain...

i wannt to swallow anything and see if it kills me..

because ii hate this world...

i hate everything

bye I got worried and messaged you.

Candi Lovely: OK, ty hun for sending me this...Love you!

Mary: Can you just check on her for me. Please?

Thank you, Love you too!

Is she fine?


Mary bit her lip hard and sighed.

'She's checking on Tori and everything's going to be okay...' she told herself over and over.

She kept checking the laptop every second and tried to listen to some music on Spotify to calm her nerves down a bit.

Most of the songs were those that Tori told her about or showed her and played for her at her house, so it wasn't really working as well as she'd hoped.

Mary took the headphones out of her ears and her laptop shut off.

She groaned and tried to get it back on, but it wouldn't turn on.

Pressing the button over and over she knew it wasn't going to turn on.

She gave up and just sighed.

Seven Hours Later

Mary watched TV for a little and finally decided to try her laptop again.

She pressed the power button and it finally turned on.

A bunch of happiness went through her, but a pit of sorrow was still there.

'Was Tori okay?' she wondered as she typed in her password and logged onto Google Crome.

It loaded quickly, like as if it knew she was in a hurry to see if Tori's mother had sent anything.

One message!

Mary clicked on it and instantly froze.

Tears fell from her eyes.

She sat there for a moment not knowing exactly what to reply.

"Hey Mary, we just got home hun...and she is in the hospital. I didn't catch her in time, and she overdosed on some of her medicine and Tylenol. She's medically OK, they have her staying the night in the hospital for observation. She told me to tell you that she is OK and she loves you! I will keep you updated on her. We have to go back to the hospital tomorrow and the doctors will be talking with us more. Thank you Mary! 3 " Candi Lovely's message said.

Mary reached out for the keyboard and slid her hands across the keys thinking about what she should write back.

"Oh my... You

You're welcome*

Please keep me updated... Thank you! 3" she repied.

She read what she'd just sent and hit herself in her face groaning.

'Great Mary.. a sad and serious time and moment and you mess it up and send a freaking typo. Great! ...just-" she yelled at herself mentally.

She sighed and shut down her laptop, still crying and set it down at the foot of her bed.

"Victoria Annette Lovely..." she sighed and continued crying. "Please be okay."

She layed down on her bed and sighed.

"I love you Tori." she said aloud and tried to get some sleep.

'She's okay and in the hospital,' she told herself over and over.

'She'll be okay!' she tried to reasure herself.

Even if she was told all of this, she still was a little scared of "what if" and all of the "what ifs" in this situation.

She closed her eyes aggrivated and tried to shut all of those horrid thoughts and pictures out of her mind and get some sleep.

'I wish I could switch places with her right now.' she thought right before she fell asleep. 'She...she's special. She's beautiful. She's talented. She's... Victoria Annette Lovely.'