The beginning of this has little to do with the story later, but it explains why the world is different than normal. There are a few things later that are explained here.


~O~O~O~O~O A Historic Lesson O~O~O~O~O~

In the years our planet was called Earth, humans developed technology that became further and further advanced. However, there was a major problem. The planet was running out of materials to power these machines.

In the year 3490, scientists discovered a new gas that replaced the old materials. It was tasteless, scentless, and invisible. Environmentalists were also pleased to observe it was healthier on the planet than the former gas. Everyone was happy all around. However, they didn't know, that this gas was slowly, secretly, killing the planet faster and more effectively than anything else humans had done. It weakened plant life and animals immune systems. Plants could no longer take in carbon dioxide, and were dying quickly. People didn't realize that most of the damage in their lungs wasn't caused so much from smoking, but this gas. This formed a major triangle of problems. The entire planet was in a desperate time.

In the year 3600, a scientist named Felicia Ogumentum, discovered the problem behind the illnesses. She tried to show her findings to other scientists, but no one listened, telling her plainly that her theory was nonsense.

About two decades after Felecia's death, scientists looked into her theory and proved it correct. Desperate, scientist, presidents and royalty worked with architects to build large greenhouses to vacuum out the toxic air and filter it. It seemed successful at first.

What they didn't know, that we know now, is that the gas now known as Parasitic Oxine, takes over other gasses and replaces it with itself. Luckily, there were plants, animals and humans that evolved and adapted to this new world. In the year 4500, Earth was renamed Bwanerro, meaning 'reincarnation' in the new language.

~o~o~o~o~o Epilogue o~o~o~o~o~

I awoke with a sharp pain in my ankle and a splitting headache. I was dizzy at first, but after a moment my surroundings became clearer. I even remember why I feel like this. I nearly smacked myself in the head, but that wouldn't do much to help my headache. I was reckless and wasn't paying attention. I tripped and fell. I even remember the moment I blacked out.

I thought about the day it happened:

I was in my small village that didn't even have a name. There were about one hundred and fifty people total. I was working with my lifelong friend Jaina in the garden. She was twenty seven with shoulder-length sandy hair and soft, brown eyes. Right now, she was giving me yet another lecture about pledging, our way of marriage.

"Vala, you won't be young forever. You'll need to find a husband eventually. There have been more offers for you than any other young woman here and you turn them all down."

I stopped working and looked Jaina dead in the eye, this wasn't the first time we've had this conversation, and it wouldn't be our last.

"Jaina, I'm not that girl. I don't want to end up stuck in a life like every other woman here who cleans after a man and has babies…" I cut myself off, biting my tongue. Jaina's eyes glazed over with sadness as she returned to her work. I scolded myself for mentioning children. Jaina had been pledged to Rundo for years, and found they couldn't have children, something Jaina had wanted all her life.

"I'm sorry Jaina, I didn't mean it like that," I mumbled, returning to work.

"I know Vala, I still think you should at least consider a husband," She seemed back to her cheery self.

"It's different when you have family Jaina. You have your parents and sisters. I have no one. I'll need love before I pledge," I mumbled as I worked. My parents had died long before I could remember. Jaina had told me they risked their lives to protect me in a storm and that I should be very proud of them.

Jaina stopped immediately and dropped her rake, pulling me into a tight embrace, "I'm sorry about you family Vala. I know it can be hard on you, but you have me," She pulled back with a warm smile, "I know it's not the same thing, but know you are not alone."

I nodded, but I didn't speak. I never told her just how alone I felt.

Our small village was sitting in a ring around Rundo and Jaina. Rundo was the village leader and she second. There was a vital concern that Rondo needed to discuss with us. I waited for everyone to settle with a rod-straight back. We never had meetings like this unless the situation was dire. I almost couldn't take the suspense any longer.

When everyone was finally seated, Rundo began, his six foot seven figure towering over us all. His long, black hair pulled to back at the end.

"We all know of the blood thirsty, power hungry Woe family to the south," This was a wealthy family that had tried to over-power the royal family in the North. They had done many disturbing things in the past, but I couldn't think of what they could have done to cause alarm clear up here, "Mazrado Woe has been raiding villages and towns, taking the men for soldiers, and the women and children for slaves. He is planning on going further than any Woe has gone. He has been creating an army to overpower the Northern Princess Haida."

He stopped a moment to let the gasps and chatter subside. I felt my blood heat up. If this Mazrado guy is taking over villages, he may come for ours. Jaina's eyes met mine and we shared a concerned and feared expression. Both said, "What will we do?"

Rundo continued with safety precautions, curfews, and other changes. I hated Mazrado with every cell in my body. How can someone be so greedy and selfish? I didn't speak, or even move until the meeting was long over. It was late and everyone needed to get home. I walked to my house with mechanical movements. I had shut down while my brain processed this. When I made it to my house, I stopped in front of it, staring at my door like I'd never seen it before. That was when my adrenaline kicked in. I turned toward the woods and ran.

I didn't even think about where I was going, what dangers I was running into. I just needed to move, to think. I was about five miles away from the village when I heard an odd noise. I turned my head but didn't stop moving. That was when my foot caught on the tree root and I feel. The last thought in my head before it made contact with the ground was, oh no.


I returned to the present and observed my surroundings. It seemed I was in a wooden box. I was lying on a mat at the opposite end of the door. There was a small light hanging over me, but it didn't give off much light. As soon as it registered that I didn't know where I was, I panicked.

Where am I? What happened? Am I awake?

I pinched myself and confirmed that I was, indeed, awake. Now the question remained, where am I?

A sudden thought sprung to mind. I was captured! I am probably headed to the Woe mansion to become a slave! I curled up, trying to get the shaking under control. I have to keep my emotions under control or I'll never get out of this situation alive.

I tried taking in deep breaths, but that didn't help at all. It almost made it worse. I stood up and touched the polished door. Just then the whole room tilted to the side. I nearly fell over before it straightened out again. At first I was confused, until I noticed the steady rhythm of movement. I was on a ship!

Anger and fear flooded me for an instant. I sat back down on the cot and curled up, trying to think of a way out of this. I couldn't think of anything. Who knows how long I've been out here? I'm doomed!

The door opened and closed quickly. I jumped about ten feet in the air and waited. I didn't understand what that was all about at first, until a savory smell wafted toward me. My mouth watered and my stomach groaned. I tightened my abs and buried my nose in my bare knees. I refuse to accept food from Mazrado! It could be poisoned, or drugged, or something else. Either way, my pride won't let me do it.

I only hoped somehow I would be put out of my misery soon.

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