This one is in third person, but I might make an error and use first person, I tend to do that. If so, I apologize, and please point them out, in a review :)

Moque stared at his desk, his face scrunched up in a permanent scowl. He was in his office room of the Royal Crown, his fancy ship, the only thing he had. His no good father-

Thinking about this gave him a headache. He needed to hurt something the way he hurt. He needed his father to feel intense, excruciating pain for the rest of his life. He needed his mother to come back from the grave then suffer for leaving him and his little sister with that awful monster!

However, there was one person he could never be angry at. Ziema, his poor little sister who was still in the south with their father! Moque shuddered in anger. Ziema was probably chained to a wall eating cockroaches to survive, and he couldn't do anything about it!

Moque's chest and throat tightened at the thought. He clenched his fists and jaw to control his self. No strong man allowed himself to be controlled by emotions. Only weak men did such things.

Moque hadn't allowed himself to show emotion since his father exiled him from the South. All ten crewmen secretly called him the Sour Prince behind his back. He wasn't really a prince, but his father acted like royalty, so it fit. He didn't care what the crewmen thought of him. He didn't care what anyone thought of him. He had nothing and no one.

"Boss?" Tanmi, a boy about sixteen entered. He had fiery red hair that stuck out in odd directions and his face was sprinkled with freckles.

Moque looked up, "Yes?" He grumbled the word, but his crew learned long ago that he wasn't the most pleasant person in the world.

"The men found an unconscious girl in the middle of nowhere. They decided to take her aboard, and she's awake now," He spoke quickly, inching his way towards the door. Moque nearly sighed. He never physically harmed his crew, so why was Tanmi so afraid of him?

Moque waved him off and headed to the prison area of the ship, where the men most likely put her. If for some reason she was to stay, then he would make more comfortable arrangements.

He brought a lamp, knowing the small light in the wooden room was fairly dark. He nearly stepped on a full tray of food when he opened the door. Bewilderment flooded his mind as he picked it up. He looked to the other side of the room with the cot and saw a huddled figure. She was curled up in a tight ball, but he could still see her fit figure. She was wearing a chest wrap-around that started at her collar bone and ended at her ribs, exposing her stomach, and what could have been called shorts centuries ago. Her long, black curls of hair were tangled and dirty and her forest- green eyes were alight with fear. Moque almost froze for a moment in her beauty.

He shook the thoughts out of his head and stood in front of her, holding the tray in front of her, "You must be hungry, so why don't you eat?" He used the least threatening voice he could muster.

Her green eyes flashed to meet his for an instant, but he still caught the anger and surprise that flashed through them. He didn't quite understand the anger; then again she might believe she is held here against her will.

She gave him an obvious dirty look and turned away. Moque's little patience was weakening. He sat next to her and held the tray in front of her, "You should eat, then you can tell me where you're from so we can take you back," It seemed an innocent enough request, but fear shone in her eyes, then a fierce determination. She shook her head and turned away, clearly giving her answer.

Moque didn't understand this girl. Didn't she want to go home? His temper was starting to get the best of him. He tried to hold it back, but it was brimming over. He stabbed the food with a fork and offered it to her, but she tightened her lips and pulled back.

"Whatever is going on, starving yourself won't help at all," He tried, but she was obviously stubborn. It was oddly... amusing.

She didn't fail to notice this, and she snapped, "You have some nerve to think this is funny Mazrado!"

Moque's whole body stiffened. The dam he had put up for his temper exploded immediately. He set the tray down and knelt down in front of the girl, staring deep into her now frightened eyes. Rage flowed through him freely as he placed a hand on either side of her face while she pulled back as far as she could. He leaned in, letting his temper flow easily. He leaned into her frieghtened face and spoke, his voice dripping with icy venom, "I that man was aboard the Royal Crown, I would make certain to personally, brutally kill him," He spat the last couple words at her, then let it sink in a moment.

Confusion and slight relief flodded her green eyes, "You're not-"

"NO!" He shouted at her, their faces still close. She flinched, but that didn't phase him, "I would kill myself if I was!" He shoved away and stalked off, slamming all of the doors he passed through.

How dare she? He sat at his desk once again, smoldering in anger. How dare she call him Mazrado? No one had ever insulted him so much!

He breathed heavily as he fumed, debating with himself about whether or not he should feed her to the sharks. After thinking about it for a while, he calmed down. When he thought about it from her side, he could think of why she might point fingers at Mazrado, but to call Moque that was insulting.

After a few minutes of thinking. Moque was actually pleased when he thought about it.

"It seems everyone points fingers at Mazrado when something unpleasant is happening," He whispered to himself. He didn't smile, even with the almost happy thought. He hadn't smiled in years. He wasn't sure he even knew how to smile anymore.

The days after that, Moque personally took the strange girl her meals. He would never verbally apologize for his actions, it was just impossible for him.

Each of these visits, he noticed a little more about her. She showed a lot of personality in her eyes, but tried to hide it. He could read her like a book, maybe because he was trained to read past peoples' walls to the expressions underneith, or maybe because she was just so full of life.

One of these visits, he decided to try to talk to her, learn more about her, then maybe, he can find out where she's from, so they can return her home.