I don't know what happened

Was it something I said or did

Is it something you wanted me to do

Which way is this going to go now?

Why won't you speak?

I sit here every single day and wonder why

Will we be together again?

What happened to make you act like this?

Why are we now

Suddenly apart

Where do I go from here?

Because all I know is you

I want to make this last

But what can I do?

How do I get back to you?

Please don't stop smiling

It kills me

Please don't let go

You're slowly killing me

Come back


Oh please

Is there anything I can do?

I will try anything

I just don't know what to do

What can I do?

Is there anything left to do?

Do I have to tell you?

What can I do?

Can you please see what you truly mean to me?

Please don't walk away

Please don't leave me



Oh please



Oh please

Come back to me