JUVENILE - Have you ever wanted to run away? Have you ever HAD to run away? – "If you didn't drag me here in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess!" "You FOLLOWED me!" "Curiosity killed the cat." "And I might end up killing you."

Change. That one simple word can mean so much. It can be good or bad. It can be a tiny difference or a life-changing one. But that one word is something that is unpredictable. At least, that's the case with Jacqueline Pierce.

The day began as an ordinary day. She got up early, went to school, came back home, and did homework, right? Wrong.

As Jackie stepped out of the car and headed into the building just as the bell rung, something made people stop and stare. Maybe it was the confidence in her stride. Or possibly the purposeful sway of her hips. But nobody could deny the fact that she was different. Whether it was good or bad, they didn't know. All they knew was that pride was practically radiating off of her.

"Hey, Jackie!" a girl with straight, dark brown hair came up to her, grinning. Jackie nodded in return before turning to her locker.

"So, June…What exciting news do you have for me today?" she asked, searching her bag for her textbooks.

June just crossed her arms. "How do you know I have any news?"

Jackie didn't get to respond, because just then, the hall grew silent. The constant chatter stopped and people were staring down the hall at something. Or someone.

"What is it?" Jackie asked, her eyes narrowing at her friend.

"Asher Flynn. He's staring at you!"

Jackie turned around, her fiery red hair flying into her face as she locked eyes with Asher. She smirked before turning back to June. "Actually, it's more of a glare."

This just made the two of them grin. It took June's eyes off of Asher and onto Jackie as they turned and left for class, the whispers already beginning.

By lunch time, both girls heard several rumors going on about them. Being two of the school's "rebellious teenagers" as the teachers would sometimes refer to them as, they were already used to it. But that didn't change the fact that it annoyed the heck out of both of them.

A chair was pulled out and two feet were propped up onto the table, making Jackie look up. June was sitting there, lounging on a chair, her black converse resting in front of her.

"Long day?"

June groaned. "They've been hassling you too?"

Jackie nodded. "So what's the newest rumor?"

"Not sure. Too many questions, too many unimportant people," she responded. "And speaking of unimportant people…"

Jackie turned around, expecting more of the gossiping girls, but she came face to face with Asher. "What do you want?"

He smirked and sat down next to her. "A favor."

And that was exactly how Asher Flynn ended up staying in Jackie's apartment.

Extremely short. But things are bound to get interesting.

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