Hidden Affection

My tears shed, streaming with everlasting pain.
My never mending heart, by no means, will ever be the same.

I pick gracefully on the petals of a daisy.
All the while – having my visions get hazy.

"He loves me." I say softly to myself.
Though behind my words, no emotions felt.

I pick at a petal; watched it hit the floor.
Grief consumed me forward, all the more.

"He loves me not." I say softly once again.
Mixed feeling wavered every now and then.

I picked at another petal; watched it hit the ground.
This petal – unlike the last – made a dreadful sound.

A sound mimicking my broken heart.
It echoed about, tearing me apart.

The way you see me hurts the most.
To you I'm like…a hollow ghost.

The last petal hits the floor.
I close my eyes –clinging to hope from my very core.

The petal that fell, was the one of truth.
But I never got my answer, as I waited in my youth.

Is this how love's supposed to feel?
Contemplating on it; asking weather it's real?

Giving all of me and being completely true?
When all in return, I obtain black and blues?

Through it all, I just wanted to be yours.
Our love as one, that continuously soars.

Yet I guess in the end, it was never meant to head in that direction.
All that remains…is my hidden affection.

A/N: Hey Everyone! Hope you enjoyed! Just to let you all know, this poem was done by both I, Natari Mirumura and the very lovely Brokenm3 here on FP. We pulled together to make this piece and we hope you enjoyed it, and tell us what you think in a review! :) This poem is on both our pages, by the way. Until next time! ^.^