once bitten, twice shy

What the fuck was going on?

Charlie's eyelids felt they'd been painted with a layer of lead when she attempted to open them. Her entire body felt heavy as she was finally able to flutter open her eyelashes and grab the back of the sofa she was on with a lazy arm. Dragging herself into a sitting position, she let out a gasp after using the majority of her effort to swing her feet around to touch the floor. The leather material beneath her had begun to stick to her body, her skin making an unattractive sound as she pulled her limps from it.

"You're awake." The door at the far side of the room had opened and Max Colleti was making his way over to her.

A mirage of images began to flood her brain: arriving in Humbleton, the way the houses looked so downtrodden, the pub, Tanya... Max... fangs?

"Would you care to tell me what kind of creepy Halloween fuck up is occuring, please?" As she spoke, her voice was gravelly and scratched at her throat, as thought she'd been asleep for weeks.

He came to a stop in front of where she sat so the two were face-to-crotch. At any other time Charlotte would have made some smart-arse remark about how she was enjoying her position, but right about now the mess her head was in was stopping her from commenting on the fact she was in licking distance of his schlong.

His laugh sent heat into her stomach.

"Nice to see your manners haven't changed."

"What the fuck is going on?" She repeated, growing angry at the way he smirked, getting frustrated at the way she was ready to jump him there and then despite the fact he was absolutely infuriating. "Just tell me!"

His eyebrow quirked as he sat beside her and in the coolest of voices smoothed out, "I'm a vampire, Miss. Lee. I assume you're still a 'Miss'?"

Charlotte bristled, "Are you fucking kidding me?" She pulled her mouth from the floor and laughed in disbelief, "You've just tried to tell me you're a shitting 'vampire' but then choose to focus the subject of the conversation on whether or not I'm married?" She jumped to her feet, staring down at him as though he'd grown three new arms. "Look pal, I don't know what vodoo-shit you're trying to pull but I've seen True Blood, I've cringed through Twilight and I've read Anne Rice- well I read a few pages and got bored- but I got the jist! Vampire's are a fictional creation made to make people feel a little bit safer, albeit hornier. Are you actually insane or is this some sort of weird joke? Either way, could you kindly quit the bullshit and take me home? I can't be dealing with a mad man, however good his dentures may be, this close to my period."

Colleti's nose had shrivelled up but had quickly returned to his mocking expression. He stood beside her for a second, his entire body towering over hers, his lips just inches away. She could feel her own breath rebounding from his skin and landing back on her, yet she could feel none being pumped from his lungs. Charlie didn't have long to process the thought as his palms sent her forcefully back onto the couch, his thick arms landing on either side of her head as he leant in.

"Look, girl." His growl pierced her skin, slipping into her blood stream and heading straight South. "What you choose to believe is up to you, but the truth is there are much darker things in this town than you know. I am a Vampire, and the sooner your tiny brain understands that, the sooner you'll get some fucking respect."

Spluttering, Charlie's eyes opened wide, "Tiny brain? Are you fucking with me? I'll have you know-"

His cold palm flew across her mouth and the smile returned, but this time... This time those teeth were back. "I don't give a shit what you think you know, Charlotte."

She ripped her face away from his hand, her hands pushing at his shoulders, but they refused to move.

"Okay. So if I go along with this bat-shit crazy idea you have going, will you tell me what the fuck is going on?"

Colleti said nothing for a few seconds, before that eyebrow arched again and he stood up.

"When was it you left?"

"I was 18. Six years ago."

He nodded, that infuriating smirk on his face once again, "You left just before."

"Before what?" Why was he being so fucking cryptic? "So you're a five year old vampire? Isn't that a little young? I mean, I've seen the programs, I know the older the supposed vampire the stronger. So what, you're only a baby?" She scoffed.

"Not quite." His tongue travelled the length of his bottom lips, ensnaring her eyes. "Don't get me wrong, they get a few of their... characteristics correct. Sunlight is painful and can be fatal, but it's no internal combustion like they depict. Crosses and Holy Water mean nothing but some myth created by some fucking God botherer." He mocked, "And I do not cry blood. How ridiculous.

"I am stronger than you. I am faster than you. Like humans, a vampires strength depends not on their age, but how hard they train to achieve it." He caught her glancing down at his heavy arms, "I train hard."

"Saying I believe you, how did it... happen?"

His eyes narrowed on hers, as if trying to intimidate her. Like he needed to fucking try, she was shaking in her clothes. Although part of her was absolutely convinced this guy needed nothing short of padded walls, the way he spoke held a certain sense of, well, sincerity.

"One of them came to town and opened our eyes. He changed me, first." His sentences became short and clipped and it because obvious she wouldn't get anything else out of him. She didn't know if she wanted to. "Are you hungry?"

At the subject change, Charlie wrinkled her nose, "Well yeah, but, er, don't you think we have more important things to discuss?" Like the fact you're a few stars short of a whole galaxy?

"Come on."

The muscles is Max's back rippled as he stood and turned away from her and she bit down hard on her lip. Jesus Christ what she wouldn't do to be on that.

Struggling to climb back to her feet she tumbled after him.

"I presume you recognise where you are?"

"It's your house, Colleti, I did used to date your brother." She thought she saw his shoulders stiffen at the comment, but when he turned to glance at her his face was just as empty as it had been before. "Where is-" She begun, until her heart began to get an ache she thought she'd got rid of years ago, "your mum?" Despite the obvious switch of name, Max didn't comment on it.


Oh shit.


"Don't be, she killed herself."

Charlie stopped, horrified, on the bottom step. "What, why?" Their mum had always been so happy.

When he turned so quickly it was almost superhuman, Charlotte stumbled, but his muscled arm wrapped around her waist. His face was inches from hers, his lip curled in a snarl that showed off his brilliant mouthpiece once more, "She couldn't stand the sight of me."

Releasing her abruptly, he stormed off through a door on their left.

Moments passed before she found the courage to follow him, silently pushing open the door and moving into what she knew was once their kitchen.

To say it looked unused was an understatement, as though no one had eaten for years- No. Don't believe this bullshit, Charlie. Of course it hadn't been used, he was a lad, when did they ever cook. The magnificent room had changed from the warm interior she remembered. It obviously lacked a woman's touch. For some reason the thought made her... hopeful? Maybe this meant he didn't have a girlfriend or- Bloody hell! The guy's a complete fruitloop.

"What do you want to eat?" Charlotte jumped at the sound of his voice, echoing through the room.

"What do you have?"

"Not a lot." His eyes flashed as he grinned at her, leaning his hip on the counter and folding his arms. He looked down her body, his gaze trailing slowly. "I know what I want."

Oh fuck. Sweat pooled at her lower back. "I'll just have a wine, please. If you have it."

His gaze calculated her for a second before pushing himself up and toward the fridge.

How surreal this whole scenario was, she thought as he poured her a glass of white wine. She took the glass from his gratefully and fluttered her eyes shut at the strong, refreshing taste. She just wanted to get hammered and forget this day had ever happened.

Pulling a stool next to her, his fingers moved to her waist, playing lightly with the fabric of her top. "You really have changed, haven't you." His voice was husky, making her toes curls and her stomach seem to fall through. The heat concentrated in his gaze caught her breath, the bright green gaze flashing seductively.

"Oh fuck it."

Charlie launched herself into his arms, but he was ready for her. Catching her legs he placed them behind his broad back, pulling her ass onto his lap. Their lips fused, not even waiting to explore each other with their tongues. Her hand clenched in his hair, pulling his mouth closer, as though she couldn't get any closer. Her breasts were pressed to his hard chest and he could feel her nipples tightening beneath her shirt, tempting him to wrap his mouth around them. Her pelvis was rocking against his crotch, both of them feeling him get hard beneath her thighs.

As his palm moved beneath the back of her shirt, to feel the delicious curves he'd seen earlier, a moan escaped her throat, sending tendrils of desire down his spine. They could both feel the pressure building as the tension increased between their legs, Charlie was climbing higher and higher as his lips moved erotically to her throat, kissing the damp skin beneath her ear.

"Shit, Max," She breathed into his ear, making him thrust toward her, "I'm going to-" Instead, she screamed deliciously against the crook of his shoulder as she felt a prick on her neck, the glorious sensation sending her rocketing into heaven. His body shook before he exploded beneath her, a groan mutilated against her skin. Her chest heaved with broken gasps as her eyes scrunched shut-


The deep voice from the door made them both freeze. Charlotte's eyes met Max's and she almost cried. Dripping from those fangs she had assumed were fake was blood, her blood. She immediately leant back, his hands pressing against his shoulders to try and escape, her head flying toward the doorway.

Her breath was lost in her throat.


i miss heath ledger