Fried chicken and your side of butter. I stole it. Drawing pictures in the snow outside your grandpa's apartment. The Dairy Queen, where we laughed over the most inappropriate things. "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.

We are the best of friends, and I can tell you I know that for sure because when I trip, physically or mentally, you say "Had a nice fall?" Not really, but you understand.

I think you remember:

The October winds and we were with my cousins, where we'd cling onto my NBA-style father when this "haunted woods" would start. When we heard of the song "Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer, you thought of this: "You gotta keep your head up", you'd lightly smack my chin to make it go up, and I'd do the same thing for you. "And you can keep your head down, eh" was when we'd simultaneously smack each other's head, so it would go down.

At the mall, it was near Christmas, and there was a temporary Toys R' Us. This was the last store before we had to go back to our homes. Near us, a family with a dad and two sons were browsing through all the toys. You found a toy that, when you pressed the button, it made a farting sound. We hid behind toy guitars and other things children love just so we could press that button. The dad heard it, and asked his sons, "Did you fart?" We could barely keep our laughter down, but we choked it down for another press of the button!

As you know, I'm a really pale girl. You were with other girls at the school that sucks so much it should be featured on "World's Dumbest" or a show like that. I joined you temporarily (which was, and is, still a big mistake. You don't talk about me behind my back), and the other girls noted my paleness, and how they were tan. You put your arm next to mine, and said, "You're paler than me!" when you're mixed! That still makes me laugh to this day!

I realize now that I've made a big mistake, hanging out with those other girls at lunch and anytime. While you were alone, I had a bunch of losers I thought were my friends. They just wanted me for gum and to talk about me. They wore make-up, and so much of it, it made me want to puke. I don't wear makeup, neither do you (well, rarely. That day I basically tripped on Issac's thing when I saw you!), so with them with their eyeliner, mascara, sometimes eye shadow, it overwhelmed me. Their gossip was rude, and hurtful. They were so full of themselves. They used to be people I knew, but now they were just a bunch of girls that came out of "Mean Girls". Only two of them I still care for, excluding Jenny, of course.

I hope you can forgive me for being a mean girl. But, for now, I'm not looking back at my totally stupid mistake and looking at what inappropriate thing we're going to think of next, Tess.