Let me tell you something,

You look at her.

She's smiling, but don't let that fool you.

Look at her eyes; look inside.

She's breaking inside.

It's so hard to hold on to all of those memories he left her with, but it's twice as hard to just let go of them all and move on without looking back.

She fakes a smile for you because she thinks she can trust you, but will you take care of her heart like the last one?

Hug it so tight for so long then drop it and watch as it shatters on the floor at your feet.

Stand there while she cries and not say a word.

Sometimes people run away to see who will follow them.

That's why she said yes.

That's why she's dating you right now.

She's moving on and although it hurts, she knows it's for the best.

She can't live in the past.

She needs to let go of her past.

She has to learn how to live in the moment.

She needs you now more than ever.

She just needs someone who she knows will be there to hold her when she's upset.

Kiss her tears away.

Hug her problems away.

Talk her out of the horrible things she's thinking.

Just to be there when she needs someone.

She's not perfect.

She thinks you like her so she's trying you out; trying to fall in love again.

She's trying to find that feeling again.

She falls in love to easily.

It happens so fast and she ends up sad and all alone; she always ends up betrayed and heartbroken it seems.

She just wants to know that she has someone who will be there for her and never just get up and leave like the last one.

She has flaws, battle scars and memories.

Can you erase them from her mind or swipe them away for a day or two and help her make new and more memorable ones?

She really want's to take the chance.

She has drama and memories, but she tries to move on.

She tries to be happy again.

She trusts you, so please don't let her down.

Treat her like gold or she'll go back to the same old crying, eating ice cream and staying up all night wondering why nothing ever works out for her.

If I find out you broke her heart... I'm coming to your house with a baseball bat.

Thank you,

Your new girlfriend's best friend ;)