Hey you.

Yes, you!

Come over here... I have to tell you something.

Someone asked your ex girlfriend today if she knew you and she sat there and thought.

A million memories went through her head and she smiled at every single one of them.

Then she looked back up and told them "Not anymore."

She frowned and tried not to cry.

I had to be there when she did.

You did this to her...you did this!

So too bad for you if you still love her like she still loves you.

Too bad, you already broke her heart and yet... she still loves you.

She said those two words and your heart stopped to.

Feel that?

It's heartbreak.

Hear that?

It's her faint cry for you...still, even after all you have done to hurt her, she still wants you.

But it's too late; she's been crying for you for far to long now.

She's ready to move on, but she's holding onto you forever.

Be lucky...

You finally want her back after this?

Well now, go ahead!

"Really?" you ask?

Sure, I guess but don't you dare break her heart again.

You're in for a rude awakening if you do.

So keep that in mind.

"Umm..." you mumble awkwardly.

Go ahead, leave... I'm done with you... for now.

Bye heartbreaker.