Your words surely hurt

But I don't let them

come through my walls

not anymore

I'm beyond that

Out of all people

I trust you the most

I tell you everything

because you are the most honest

I wish I could understand you

how you always act

like you are so much older than me

when you turn into a little kid the next moment

I'm as careful with you as I am with nobody else

with every movement

but also more aggressive than with anybody else

you're a ticking time bomb, but you tick me off

I can't wait to get away from you

but I can stand your presence better than most others

I don't want to let you go

I'm afraid that you are slipping away

I want to help you

you yell at me

that you don't need it

that I'm never there when you need it

You sometimes scare me

physically and emotionally

no one can break me like you

but that's okay

Because you are always there for me

you are one of my motivations in life

I love you with all my heart

you know me better than I know myself