August 16, 2011 - 4:59 AM

I didn't know that marrying you
would make me feel like I
have an overwhelming amount of stuff-
far too much to clean.
Or that you would not make your own lunch
or iron your own clothes
or that you would put my shoes away
where I can never find them.
I didn't know that you would snore
and keep me up at night.
I didn't know that you could make me
so furious that I stay up till five
writing poetry.
And I didn't know that I would love you
more than anyone or anything
and never want to be without you.

I am a planner.
I think you know.
My whole life plan-
One step, the next.

I had it all. I knew
what I was going to do.
And then I married you.

The plans I had
were swallowed up
by my insatiable
love for you.

It doesn't mean
they weren't important.
It just means, you mean more.

Twilit moments of sloppy grins
And soft wet kisses, desiring more
and the want, or need, to never say goodbye,
those days are gone.
Replacing them are the moments
when you are not at work, which are
stolen by the need to clean,
to make decisions, eat,
pay bills, clean counters,
pack or unpack boxes,
and argue.
And yet I think
I like this better.

I never want to say goodbye.
And so, I never will.