Smooth silky grass bent at her will as she strolled barefoot through the dark dense woods. The lush green grass felt cool and moist under her foot. Little grass blades would stick through the gaps between her toes and tickle her endlessly. The light cotton fabric of her yellow sundress swayed around her knees with her every step. Looking up she saw beams of sunlight shooting down through the thicket of tree tops. Multiple conversations were going on between various species all around her. A bird on her left sang a small tune. But there was no reply. How she could tell whether or not there was a reply midst the various other bird calls is a mystery to her as well. Smiling, she cooed in response. Breathing softly, she stood there waiting for the bird to sing back. A moment later, it did. Grinning, the girl continued her little conversation with the bird. When she started to hear the call of the bird distancing itself, she abruptly stopped. Turning to the west, she continued her stroll. She followed the call of her little birdie. Squinting, she peered into the copse of leaves above her trying spot her new friend. Unable to spot the flying creature she resigned to concentrate on the tunes. The bird seemed to go forward faster and faster. To match the pace, the girl started to run after the tunes, going deeper and deeper into the woods. The atmosphere started to thicken as well. It was getting harder and harder to breathe since the air was dense and so were the trees and various shrubs surrounding her. In her chase after the birdcalls she failed to see a large branch in her way. Tripping on the piece of wood she fell forward into the blanket of dead leaves covering the damp ground. She felt something pierce her hands as she fell and screamed acknowledging the sting. Hoisting herself up, she sat by an age-old tree trunk and examined her right palm. A considerably large green thorn was stick out of her skin. Pinching her eyes tightly, she pulled the thorn out of her skin and watched as blood started to bubble and slowly drip from the wound. Lifting herself up again, she walked forward aimlessly until she reached a dead end. There was no path anymore. In front of her was a large tree with hanging branches that looked like vines. She pushed her way through the leaves and managed to squeeze herself into the empty space in between the trunk and the leaves. Spotting circles of light on the other end, she moved the vine like branches aside and gasped at the sight before her. Sunlight shone on a small clearing protected by the dense wall of trees around it. A small stream of pure, clear water trickled over the boulders off to the side. In the middle lay a white spotted golden deer. It turned its head sharply back when the girl took a step forward. Its big doe eyes looked at the intruder up and down before turning away as if her presence was too insignificant to even think about. The girl slowly walked closer and closer to the deer and sat down slowly. A red spot danced before her eyes and flew closer and closer before landing on her right shoulder. Before the girl could realize it was her guide it started to tweet. Smiling she gently patted the bird's soft head with the tip of her forefinger. The deer turned its head and looked at the girl only a few inches away. The girl looked straight into the deer's eyes giving it all her attention. The deer's eyes lowered giving it a soft complacent look. It knelt lower till its head was on the ground. Lifting its eyes up, it just stared at the girl and the little red bird on her shoulder. Leaning forward, the girl put her hand behind the deer's small ears and caressed its head. The deer closed its eyes and relaxed letting go of all the tension it held a moment ago. She smoothened the fur on its back and stroked the spotted area. Slowly, the deer stood up wobbling for a second as it gained its position, before going around the girl stopping behind her. Gently yet persistently it nudged her thigh forward. She could feel the little stubs that would soon be full grown antlers on the deer's head against her leg. She walked forward toward the stream of water and crouched down. The deer walked over to her right and bent its neck down touching the back of her hand with its nose. She looked down and realized she should clean the cut from the thorn. She reached for the clear water but stopped just as she was about to touch it. The water looked so pure and almost innocent. The sound of it trickling over the rocks had a hum of purity to it as well. Her blood would only ruin this untainted part of nature. She refused to touch the water and just sat there listening to the trickling water and the breathing of her deer next to her. Suddenly she felt cold yet comforting liquid splash her hand. Opening her eyes she found the deer gathering water in its little mouth before pouring it on her hand. Her eyes softened as she nodded slightly letting the deer know that she will listen this time. Cupping the water in her left hand she cleaned her wounded hand in the grass careful not to let the dirty water back into the stream. Instead of stinging like she expected, the cool water felt like magic against her skin. The water gathered in the middle of her palm and sat still healing the cut. Blood stopped pouring out and a thin transparent layer of skin formed on top of the cut. She looked up at the deer and bent her head forward slightly. The deer nuzzled her cheek acknowledging her thanks. When she turned around, little critters were prancing all around minding their own business once in a while giving her curious glances with their big bouncy eyes. A gray furred chipmunk with a black and white stripe on its spine hopped over to the girl's feet with a little brown acorn wedged in its mouth. Dropping the acorn by her toe it stood up on its hind legs and looked up at the girl. It opened its mouth wide enough to show its two front teeth almost as if it was trying to smile and wobbled away. The girl took the acorn into her hand and slowly walked over to a group of squirrels busily skittering up and down tree trunks, with the golden deer at her heels. When she began to move, all the commotion stopped and the air was still, yet serene. She crouched down by the tree trunk and sat down examining the acorn in her hand. Slowly all the furry little animals and feathery little birds surrounded her and watched in awe at this enormous yet gentle creature that sat between them staring at their acorn. She opened her palm and offered the acorn to the smallest squirrel in the bunch. Timidly the little squirrel looked side to side at the other animals, then up and down at the girl and her hand. Slowly and carefully it crawled into her hand and grabbed the acorn. Sensing no fear vibrations from the girl's warm skin, the little squirrel sat there and started to nibble little by little at the acorn. A sign of friendship, the girl thought. She gently placed her other hand on the ground in front of the chipmunk that gave her the acorn. The chipmunk jumped into her hand without a second of hesitation. She brought her hand close to her cheek and allowed the chipmunk to nuzzle her cheek with its moist nose. She wanted to talk to them and hear little squeaks in return, but she was afraid her voice would ruin the sanctity of the silence around them. So she held back her sweet words. She felt her feelings of joy, love, and peace escape from her heart toward the animals and plants and every living creature around her. And she felt a sense of security, calmness, and innocent curiosity emanate from their warm bodies toward her. A bond more strong than a mother and child's formed between them instantaneously. They felt the need to protect her and she felt the need to care for them. In each other's presences they were at home. But this sheer sense of happiness didn't last long. A small tear drop filled with longing and anguish formed in her eye and slowly dripped down her flawless cheek. How she wished she could stay with her new found family. But she knew she couldn't. She didn't belong here. Her creators and caregivers lived in a different world. A world so corrupt, that this little paradise she found would become sinful at the commoner's mere glance. Her presence would only endanger the purity and beauty of the paradise and its residents. If she did not return to her "home" they will look for her. And when they look for her they will find this clearing. They can't. She needed to protect what little purity is left in this sorry world of a creation. Unexpectedly she rose and gently released the chipmunk and squirrel from her hands. She walked to the willow tree she walked through and looked back before taking a step through. The little critters froze and watched her with gloomy eyes as they realized she was leaving. The little red bird hopped a few times before flapping its wings and flew towards the girl. With more tears dripping down her face the girl turned away and walked through the tree's branches.