I don't like him.

I don't like him.

Chanting this mantra I walk to the park

First person I see… him.

My chant stops as I stop in my tracks

He looks newer…



His eyes shine like the sun

While his pupils remain as cool as the night

Unaffected by the warmth his irises emanate.

He looks… straight at me.

A smile snaking its way from his lips

To the little crinkles next to his eyes.

I smile back.

How he feels? I don't know.

I look away, trying to occupy myself.

Four years…

How long will this continue?

A few smiles, a couple exchanges, a handful of glances…

Since the last leap year.

Someone tells me he asked…

About me.

About me? Why would he ask about me?

The last person to come across his mind.

Am I really?

Maybe I'm wrong.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope he's the prince charming I dream of every night.

I hope he's as gallant as I drew him to be.

I hope he won't be disappointed by the real me.

He walks up to me.

"Hey /;}=|?("

My heart skitters as my name slips his lips so easily.

I yearn to hear him say it again.

Once wasn't enough.

The way he says it…

May not be different to the common ear.

But to mine… it was sweeter than nectar.

He leans in… surrounding me with his arms

A hug… no… an embrace… a brief one,

But it certainly felt like heaven.

Like I was in my sanctity,

Where nothing can catch me.

"Long time… No see."

Yes… long time… no change

In my love for you.