Decisions, decisions…

Tossing and turning, unable to choose,

Wanting to win, unwilling to lose,

Trying to decide what's wrong and what's right,

Searching through darkness, looking for light.

Making a decision for better, for worse,

The choice be a blessing or maybe a curse,

A heart that's unsure, lost in confusion,

A mind that can't see between real and illusion.

I know what I want and I know what I need,

Like a dog caught on an iron-chain lead,

Unable to want, not sure where to go,

My soul full of sorrow, my heart filled with woe.

A fork in the road, two paths stretching out,

How do I choose with a mind full of doubt?

One way is false, the other runs true,

One leads to hell, the other to you.

How do you choose between wrong and right?

How do you choose between fight and flight?

My world is clouded, my feet are lost,

If I make the wrong choice, how much will it cost?

So that's how I stand, confused and with fear,

My pounding heart sheds a silent tear,

It's time that I choose; I can't have it all,

Some will stand proud while others must fall.

By Jenna Evans.