Living For Love

In the mist of the moor, a man wanders alone,

His tears falling silently, his voice a whisper and moan,

Lost in the darkness, heart bleeding with blood,

Trying to block his emotional flood.

He lived for war but existed for love,

His eyes always looked for the world above,

Where the angels watched and their voices sang,

Waiting for the day the heaven bell rang.

He needed a saviour, someone to hold,

Someone who'd love him as he grew old,

A girl who could read him, like the pages in a book,

Who could make his heart pound with a simple look.

The battle of his heart had destroyed his mind,

Made him fear and made him blind,

In desperate need, he walked through life,

Searching for a lover, looking for a wife.

And then one day, by total chance,

A beauty came along and captured his glance,

His heart was her's before he could blink,

Her soul joined his before he could think.

They were made for each other, their hearts beat as one,

A love so deep, it could not be undone,

Together they walk, eternal and strong,

Their heartbeats a melody; their eyes spell as song.