Best Friends For Never…

You said you were there, you said I could trust you,

You had my back, you told me that too,

You said that together, we were strong; we were tough,

Yet you took off running when the road got rough.

You said we were friends, we could laugh' we could cry,

And both us swore that never would we lie,

To the other but I guess as time wore on,

I began to realise that my friend was gone.

At first I was sad and wanted to say,

That I was sorry; could things turn out okay?

But when I tried to keep us on track,

You walked away and never looked back.

I wanted to cry, to shout and to scream,

I wanted to think that it was just a dream,

That I'd open my eyes and there you'd be,

My friend, the one to stand by me.

But now I laugh, I truly don't care,

True friends, I've discovered, are really quite rare,

A diamond in the rough, or so it would seem,

And as it turns out, we just weren't a team.

So I've said my goodbye, I'm happier now,

Go on "sweet friend", go take a bow,

For making me believe that it was 'best friends forever',

Because now I know it was best friends for never.