Silent Beauty…

As red does streak across the sky,

She'll stare out the window and silently cry,

The sun starts peaking; dawn will break,

A river of scarlet is left in its wake.

Hair unbrushed, a crackle of night,

Tears turned pink in morning's light,

Emerald green eyes that glitter and dance,

A beauty that shines and captures first glance.

Lips that are sculpted by Cupid's bow,

Skin so pale, it seems to glow,

The arch of her neck, a beautiful form,

Nails as purple as winter's storm.

A top hung low and dripping with lace,

It holds itself in satin's embrace,

An angel wing tattooed to her chest,

Tribal blue upon her breast.

As blazing red lights up her face,

My eyes take in her poise and grace,

But I cannot help and wonder why,

She sits so still and starts to cry.