You dance upon the edge of time,

Making no sense of rule and rhyme,

Yet there you are, my dear sweet child,

Pretending to be carefree and wild.

With laughter that can split the day,

A beauty that shines like Sun in May,

Soft lips that whisper of home and love,

A shining angel sent down from above.

But behind that smile, darkness does sleep,

Blackness is stirring far down in the deep,

Lips that now tell of deceit and of lies,

Secrets that linger like fog in your eyes.

An innocent child turned away from the light,

Azure blue eyes as dead as the night,

A rose that did along with your heart,

Thorns that draw blood and tear you apart.

But I see deeper than others dare look,

To me, your mind is an open book,

I know how you cry; I know how you fear,

I know that you're scared to lose those who are dear.

So I found out the truth you wanted to hide,

That your heart still beat when we thought it had died,

An angel that did fall from grace,

Now I see her, face to face.

A broken halo begins to shine,

A loud heart beating next to mine,

Angel and demon combined as one,

Opposites together like moon and sun.

Sweet girl your light is back once more,

Your soul and mine link down to the core,

We've battled every bump and bend,

We'll be best friends until the end.