You hid from night; you hid from day,

You shut your heart and soul away,

Locked down so deep, no one could find,

You stopped your heart and closed your mind.

Tormented by an evil call,

You found no haven at home or school,

You spent your time so lost and scared,

Silent with secrets that could not be shared.

A heart so lost would wither and die,

A mind untouched would start to lie,

Until one morning, touch of dawn,

One life was gone and two were born.

Your past is hidden, unclear to all,

Secrets and silence, penned in by a wall,

But do not regret the blood in the snow,

It made the man that I'm lucky to know.

Your world was a blur; your life had gone numb,

Until one day, an angel did come,

With eyes so blue and a smile so bright,

She tempted you out and into the light.

But an angel will find a demon too,

This demon, she was an image of you,

Lost as they were, wings shrouded in black,

They opened your heart and brought you back.

Though still it's hard to let people in,

We'll do it together, a win for a win,

All walls will be down, eyes open and clear,

A comforting hand to slow every tear.

I know how hard the battle can be,

The path is not always so easy to see,

An empty room; an open door,

You've had to decide which life was worth more.

Trust was all you needed to live,

Love and warmth we'll openly give,

Two sisters will hold you, a hand in a hand,

Together the three of us will battle and stand.

Fear still plagues you; evil's still call,

But two voices now break through it all,

Two girls that stand, arm in arm,

Will always protect and keep you from harm.