Don't You Know…?

Can't you see I want to help; can't you see I'm trying?

Don't you know that I'd forgive if I caught you lying?

Can't you see I'm standing here, with arms that open wide?

Don't you know I am your friend, your helper and your guide?

Can't you see I'd fight for you, defend against them all?

Don't you know that I'd protect you, and catch you when you fall?

Can't you see that I'd stand by you, if you're wrong or if you're right?

Don't you know that I'd come running to you, whether it's day or night?

Can't you see I'm here to listen, to smile and to hold?

Don't you know you warmed me up when I was still and cold?

Can't you see that we're a team; we work as well as one?

Don't you know that we'll be friends when all is said and done?