Every time I think of you, my heart pounds,

Every time I speak of you, my lips burn,

Every time I hold you, my body weakens,

As long as I am with you, I'll never learn.

When I say 'I love you', my soul dances,

When I say 'I want you', my body calls,

When I say 'I need you', my hands yearn,

When you ask me to kiss you, my judgement falls.

Once your lips touch mine, my knees tremble,

Once your hands hold mine, I can't let go,

Once you cup my face, I can't turn away,

Whenever I am near you, my heart won't slow.

You're not only my sky – you are my Sun,

You're not only my night – you are my moon,

You're not only my protector – you are my challenge,

The day always seems to end so soon.

Whenever I see you, I have to smile,

Whenever I'm with you, I don't have to lie,

But whenever it's time for you to leave,

I truly hate to say goodbye.