I fired another shot behind me, covering my sister's back.

"For god's sake, run!" I screamed at her, my voice cracking above the noise of the gunfire.

"Not without you!" she yelled back, ducking as a bullet whizzed above her head. "We're in this together!"

"You're gonna get me killed!" I shoved her toward the exit, keeping my gun trained on the approaching wolves. "I don't need you here!"

One of the wolves pounced at me, his teeth snapping and claws out. His tanned fur shimmered in the half light, silky smooth but strong as steel. The eyes set above his snarling muzzle were human in shape and the colour was that of emerald flame; they were intelligent but full of hatred and bloodlust. These eyes were the only obvious give away of what this wolf really was.

I should have fired and shot him cold. I should have knocked Char out of the way. I should have moved.

But I didn't. Instead, I froze, caught in that clear human gaze; even my lungs were paralysed. And that's why what happened next will always be my fault.

There was a shout and I felt another body hit me from the side, taking me by surprise and knocking me to the floor. Then a scream sounded as the werewolf slammed into Char, throwing them both to the ground as a snarling ball of fur and skin, human and wolf.

I was on my feet in a second, a terrifying war cry ripping its way out of my chest. I surged forward, aiming the gun at the back of the werewolf's head.

"I wouldn't do that, little girl." The voice came from behind me, male and tainted with an accent that I couldn't quite place.

I whirled, my hair flying wildly around me.

The wolves had formed a large circle around me, Char and the attacking werewolf. They melted into the shadows, trapping us and blocking our escape. I was standing in the middle of a battle arena.

The wall of fur and snarling teeth parted momentarily, allowing a boy to step into the arena before closing the gap again to become an immovable barrier.

I say boy because this kid didn't look much older than me. His hair was as black as the night sky and his skin was as white as winter's snow. The eyes burned like icy flames, the blue as cold as a glacier. His lips were full and perfect, a pink most girls would die for; he was also unquestionably gorgeous.

His angelic face glowed with the light of a thousand suns. The jaw was strong, the teeth white and even. His winter ice eyes were framed by long, thick black lashes; his cheekbones were high and cut across his handsome face.

His beauty called to me, trying to pull me under its spell. My body wanted to surrender to him, to fall into his arms and swoon. And maybe I would have fallen under his spell if I hadn't known what he truly was. I spotted the fangs glinting against his lips and shuddered.

He saw the flint in my eyes and lost his smile.

"Inner strength as well as being physically powerful…" he murmured to himself. His eyes were searching my face. "Well, powerful for a human." His tone was dripping with disgust.

I felt my back stiffen and if I had had hackles, they would have risen. I raised the gun and pointed it straight at his chest, right over his silent heart.

"Screw you." I said and squeezed the trigger.

Nothing happened.

I tried again and got the same result. The boy laughed.

"Stupid child. Did you really think your modern weapons were any use against me?" he laughed again. "Shall I show you the true meaning of power?"

He flicked his fingers at me and the gun in my right hand scorched against my palm. I dropped the metal object with a yelp and clutched my hand to my chest.

His body vanished, moving at an impossible speed. He hit me at full strength and I was flying towards the far wall with the stupid thought: this is gonna hurt.

However, just as I was about to hit the wall, the boy's fingers closed around my throat and, using our momentum as a leverage, he threw me over his shoulder and into the empty air.

My scream was high-pitched and terrible as I sailed through the air. My body hit the ground with a sickening thud and all the wind was knocked out of me; I gasped for breath as the world greyed at the edges.

I heard a distant laugh sounding on the edge of my consciousness.

"So weak. So alone." The voice taunted me.

"What do we do with Sam's captured human?" another voice asked the question. The words were twisted by a feral snarl.

"Finish her off but let this one live." He answered lazily. "Death for her is too merciful. Let this child live with the knowledge that she was the cause of her sibling's death because she was human and inferior."

My soundless scream was the last thing I knew before I fell into darkness.