You say


is something you say


is too strong to use

But it's the only word I can


when it comes to you

You say


and I say

'You are'

And you said you promised

To never give me a


Too late now

I'm covered head to


My insides scattered

High and


Bloodied wrists

No cuts

Bruised face

No love

You said

'Thicker skin'

I said

'Mines as thick as yours is thin'

Dinner table

War zone

Yelled at until somebody

Calls the home phone

Then its smiles

That doesn't reach the eyes

When the phones down

Civility would be a nice


Those words

You scream

They hurt

You know

But your heart is

covered in ice cold


Why don't you see

How much it hurts

When you say that

You are more important

Than anything else in my life

(just videogames)

My might-be-friends are all

scared away

By your furious look

Your red face

Your hands

They shake

When you silently say

'If you hate it so much; just run away'

You can't remember the tears

But you remember the

meant-to-be-comforting touches

As they say together

In harmony

'The neighbours will hear - don't you dare scream!'

Your mother speaks

in this shakingly calm voice

'I know you're acting out;

Why all the noise?

I'm being civil you see'

Sure I do

As you see the things

That are down to you

You say


I say

'You are'

And you storm away

And I think

to wish upon a falling