Chapter 1

Authors Note: Now I begin with more words then the prologue note chapters get longer as story progresses…

I woke up this morning to the benevolent sound of a meowing cat walking all over you. I brushed my cat away and she meowed some more. I sighed and pushed the covers off of me and threw my stuff animal across the bed. I then dropped my bible onto the floor. My phone had been dropped onto the floor as well while I was tossing and turning in my sleep. I was scared of demons and the unholy ever since my friend Maria started talking about Ouija boards and I got freaked so that's why I have the bible. As for my cell phone well like I said before I'm vulnerable. I walked over to my cat's food bowl nearly tripping on my fan before reaching for her jar of food. Jars remind me of this funny line from one of my favorite movies.

"I have a jar of dirt; I have a jar of dirt." Not telling you who said it.

I'm not telling you who or which movie because I don't really think I can. I mean my mind was a bit foggy. I know that line makes no sense to you but I would have to explain why he's bragging about a jar of dirt. Then why that and why that until I had told you the whole movie. I poured my cat some food and despite her meowing. All she did is sniff the food then "burry it" but for crying out loud you don't have to burry your cat food no one else eats it and you have nothing to bury it with. Well…I used to eat cat food and dog food but I don't know why I did I just did okay. It's not because I'm dumb. Okay. Ok just forget it. Oh great now I'm talking to myself. I checked the clock. 5:15 A.M. Great, my mom's not awake to catch me drinking milk straight out of the jug. Sometimes I don't feel like doing dishes so I drink things straight out of the package. Sometimes it felt like I already lived alone. I drank more milk then I usually did. I guess it's because for some strange reason I had cotton mouth. I usually only get cotton mouth if I fall asleep on my front and I fell asleep on my back last night.

I walked down the stairs back to my room. I collapsed on my bed and pulled the covers over me. I leaned down and grabbed my phone. I checked for messages. Nope none. I fell back to sleep until I heard my mom shout down the stairs that she had work. My mom has work from 7:00A.M till 8:00P.M today. That means 12 hours of loneliness.. Actually more or less but I didn't really feel like doing math. It was summer break. School was in two weeks I could stress over it then. I combed through my hair before collapsing down at the computer. Getting dressed was an afternoon thing. I hit the button of the TV beside the computer and flipped it to channel 45.

I changed the channel to 47 when I got bored of this one. Ooohhh one of my favorite movies. Aww this character is on my favorite TV show. A dance show. Wait I'm going to research it. Nope ,not the same. I think actors are just trying to look the same. I heard a noise at the door and got up to look out the window to see who it was. No one was there. I walked back to the computer. I heard what sounded like the door being opened and closed. I realized my mom was home. She told me to take a shower and get dressed.

"Why are you home early?"

"I'm on lunch break."

"At 11:00."


I sighed and got ready for my shower.

Halfway through my shower I was scrubbing my arm when I noticed it was a tad bit tough on my upper arm. I rubbed it and it actually brought on a little pain. Was it my imagination or was it like fangs on the shape. I rubbed at it but it didn't go away. I dried myself off and wrapped my towel around me. I turned toward the mirror. It was a little pink near my neck. Like more than usual like it did when I get sunburns. I rubbed it was a bit soar. I went back down stairs to get dressed. When I was done I texted my friend and told her about the symptoms. She told me she thought it was a vampire. I laughed and left my phone down stairs and went back upstairs.

"Bye, love you, going back to work." My mom said.

"Ok." I said.

I went back to the computer for an hour before I heard a knock on the door. I went over. I looked out the window. No one was there. I opened the door and looked out. No one was there. Suddenly I felt a cold breeze and I whipped around. Nothing was there. I was spooked. I looked around and locked the door behind me. Then I heard something fall. I jumped before rushing to that room nothing there. I considered the fact of how fast I could get to my phone against someone else. I'll take that small 83% chance of not getting to it. I ran down the stairs and I swear I heard a bang like someone fell.

I cursed the fact that I drank blood from an intelligent human. I forgot to realize intelligent but yet beautiful people notice difference. No one ever has. I have done this since the beginning of the 1800's and yet not a soul or being has noticed a different. Now a puny little 16 year old notices. Great she shares the info with her friends what a delight. Her talent and beauty mesmerizes me so I do not feel as if it's in my best interest to kill her and make it look like a murder. I now sat dumbfounded in front of her door. My idea was to kidnap her use vampire venom (a totally different thing then vampire salivia to knock her out kidnap her and make her my slave. I have a few slaves. Really no. Who am I kidding? I'm a vampire from the 1900's and have not a clue on how to make someone a slave. I say I'm from the 1800's but I'm not. This human notices me. I need to be secret about it. I need to leave some of her blood behind. Yes need to do that so people have no hope in finding her. Sneak out the backdoor so the busy traffic will not notice. I'll have to use vampire speed. Try not to kill her. Don't feed off of her a lot use other's to feed off of. I scanned over everything in my head. Seems thought out.

I knocked on the door the dashed out of view. I could hear her walking softly to the door, keeping out of view before trying to peek out the window casually. She unlocked the door and stuck her head out the door after opening it and looked around. I slipped in beside her quietly because there was not a noise in the house. She whipped around a sensing my presence and I quickly moved into her mom's room where I put my hand over the cats mouth and held the cat's jaws and throat so it could not meow. She locked the door and I saw her eyeing the staircase. She ran for it and I let go of the cat and covered my teeth in vampire venom and was about to run after her. Well puny girls cat darted out in front of me and tripped me. I could hear her call her phone but I did not hear her click any keys just grab it. I got up and disappeared out the door as quick as I could… I wanted out the door but I ended up hiding in the closet of her mom's room like a killer. I could hear her walking back up the stairs phone in hand. She went back to the computer and started type type typing away. I sighed and was about to move out and attack her until the kitty meowed. I was really starting to hate this kitty.

The kitty jumped up and pushed the door close and locked it with her paw. I was really mad at that cat. I wanted to rip its throat out. I sighed. I could easily picklock but it makes too much noise. I'll just have to wait till night.

I sighed it was 7:30 P.M. and I was tired from sprinting down the stairs. I knew my mom wanted the dishes done so I went and started the dishes. I washed most of the dishes then got tired of washing them. I crept back to the computer and started typing away. I turned on the TV because it was two quiet then I turned it off because it was too loud. I continued back to doing dishes. I had to get new water for them because this water went cold and I burned my hand. I took a sharp intake of breath because it was so much pain. I almost dropped the plate. I blew on my hand and went back to cleaning it. Ug I need a break again my hand hurts.

I heard her cry out in pain and suddenly I really wanted to comfort her. I felt some sort of feeling I had long forgotten. Was it love? NO love needed passion this was care. I wanted to care for her. I rustled slightly. I knew it was from sticking her hand in the burning hot water too long. She paused and went back to her computer and started clicking. I heard her get up and walk back to the dishes. I heard her start washing the soft click clanking of her cleaning the dishes. She cried out in pain louder this time.

I winced and lucky she didn't hear my nervous rustling. I wanted to comfort her badly why didn't she just add cold water damnit. I was mad. I sighed and leaned back. I heard her rustle finishing the dishes and heading back to the computer. I was stuck in this stupid closet and there was a stupid cat guarding it and there was the fact that I couldn't get out until night so I didn't alert anyone.

I sighed I was bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED! I was bored I decided to go down stairs and wait for my show to start. I blasted the TV and sat down on my bed listening to the TV partly and started texting my friend. I glanced up and saw a shadow move on the wall. I heard a creek on the stairs but just assumed it was my cat. What I saw was not my cat. Was I being stalked or was this just almost paranormal when it lunged and its teeth sunk into my leg. I cried out in pain before falling to darkness.

I heard her go down stairs then heard the roaring of the TV. I quickly pick locked the door. The cat meowed at me but I saw some cat treats and I tossed some too it and it started purring and walked off. Now that, is how you defeat a guard kitty. I was making my way there quietly but then I heard her cry out in pain. It was more of a scream. Now that is fear and the thing is I wasn't causing it! I ran down the stairs loudly with fear of what happened. What I saw made me angry but yet even worse. Surprised. I may be not that old for a vampire but I was the strongest vampire in this town and no one crosses me. What was another vampire doing attacking my claim. More importantly why was it my best friend.

Wrap up:

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