A shadow moved through the dark hallways with silence and confidence and a little bit of determination because, of course, nothing could deter them from reaching their goal. Something glinted when the small bit of moonlight hit it, revealing a long, sharp knife taken from the soon-to-be victim's own kitchen. The figure grinned slyly to itself. No one, not even it's parents, would believe it to be capable of such destruction. They huddled in their beds and drew their curtains and locks at night in the fear that they would be the next victim. But locks couldn't stop it. Nothing could. Soft white socks muffled the sound of the figure's footsteps on the hard wood floor. The boards creaked several times, but the sound of the victim's even breathing did not cease. The door was open; it was all too easy.

Creeping up to the side of the bed, the figure drew the knife across the person's throat in one quick slice.

The person, a woman, was awake now, gurgling, gasping and thrashing in her bed, eyes bulging, clawing at her throat.

The figure laughed to itself, and the woman's eyes widened once more in surprise when she looked at the figure's face, lit up by the moonlight. She twitched once, then lay still.

The shadow slipped a piece of paper in the woman's clenched fist, then, in seconds, slipped out the front door.

Three houses away, a little girl woke up screaming.

I really don't know what made me want to write this, maybe a commercial on Syfy...Hope you like, please R&R! ;)