Colors of Life

If you could live in a world of your choice,

Where would it be?

A world where nothing can go wrong.

No. I would say,

A world where anything and everything could go wrong.

You have to experience all to be an expert in life

Why? They plead.

Why can't life be full of happiness?

Why me? They would cry.

Because my friend,

If life was all flowers and rainbows,

You wouldn't know what rain and snow were like.

You wouldn't know how much was just given to you.

Pain, grief, anger, greed, envy…

Are all just spices in your food.

They add flavor to your life,

Helping you appreciate the sweet taste of dessert.

Imagine a life of only happiness and peace.

These are only two shades

Amongst the thousands of others that color your life.

Like red and white make pink

And brown and yellow make gold

These different aspects of life,

Are the shades of your palette.

You can never paint a picture without the black and brown and grey.

Would you know how it feels to be safe,

If you didn't know what fear was?

Would you know how it feels to be trusted,

If you didn't know what betrayal was?

Life is not just a test.

It's an experience, that you're gifted with.

One who masters this experience, is one who is wise.