Inmates jeered, shook fists and made wolf whistles. The Guards followed behind with a smirk on their face; the latest inmate was going to suffer. And about time too. That was the general consensus of most of the Police force. For years they'd chased her across the city; many men and women receiving cuts, bruises, concussions and broken bones in her quest for money and jewellery. When news had spread that the Police had caught her arrangements had quickly been made to put her in a mixed gender prison; she'd already escaped from an all-female juvie when she was younger.

Now she marched behind two guards and in front of another, herded along the cells until her unit came up. "In you go," one guard ordered, pointing to the open door.

She only offered him a smirk before she obliged, stepped past him and into the small cell. The orange jumpsuit was too big for her, but she'd already adopted the style of typing the sleeves around her waist, a white shirt covering the top half of her body. One hair band tied her hair up into a rough ponytail, loose strands framing a set of brown eyes.

The gated door shut behind her and she slipped her arms through the gaps between the bars, resting her elbows on a horizontal bar. A sigh escaped her. Pushing herself away, she proceeded to lounge along the thin mattress, one arm behind her head. Closing her eyes she allowed her mind to calm and managed a small nap before it was 'Yard time'.

The Prince laughed at the sight before him; five armed guards. All of them tied and gagged, three still alive and kicking. To the alive ones he said, "Don't squirm too much. Some knots only grow tighter." At this he pulled on the rope that surrounded their necks and gave it a tug, lurching the guards towards him. "Now, sit still, be quiet and don't move."

He turned and moved turned to face the wall behind him. The painting made him smile with childish glee. "The Mona Lisa. Oh you wonderful thing! Come here," gently, he eased the painting off the wall and simply looked at it in his hands. "Oh you beautiful thing."

With a quick flip and a tug at the frame, he held the paper that the Mona Lisa had been painted on and rolled it up. He popped it into a plastic carry tube that he had brought with him and closed the lid.

When he turned, his smile fell. "Oh, yes, you three." He sighed. The three guards were dressed in standard blue security outfits whilst he himself was dressed in a black vest top, black fingerless gloves, a pair of black cargo pants and a mask that was simply a metal shape around his head that extended into an almost star shape across his face. The mask extended out to the shape of his head at the eyes but carried on over his nose and over his mouth in a triangle shape. On the left cheek of his face sat a symbol in red ink; it was a circle with two diamonds overlapping each other in the middle of it.

The Prince took a knife from his back pocket and stepped towards the group of tied men, "Time to add the finishing touches and go."

What followed were several painful minutes of screaming as the Prince carved into each chest his symbol.