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Hitching my purse higher up my arm I tried to steady my excitement as I walked up the stairs of my old high school. Finally, my 5-year class reunion had come. I took in an unsteady breath and set my jaw, opening the heavy doors to the school. The echoing sound of laughter and the click of heels on the wooden floors were the first sounds that hit me as I surveyed the room for any familiar faces. My gaze finally set upon my high school best friend, of whom we had sworn to keep in touch over the journey through university; and failed.

She was beautiful; with long, dark hair cascading over perfect shoulders and huge, long lashed green eyes that when looking at you made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. I was similar looking, people in simple places like grocery stores and malls often confused us as sisters. We both had the same golden caramel skin, except my eyes were green and my hair was a brown color, much lighter than hers.

As I was looking at her, she turned her head and our eyes met, before she squealed, and began running toward me, as fast as she could in 6-inch platforms, and threw her arms around me, jumping up and down. By then, almost every girl in the room and shot a look over at me, wondering who had arrived that made Ivy Heatherston so excited. With prolonged looks and glances over at us people shared tidbits of information they had heard about me over the years.

"LILY MCNAUGHTON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" she exclaimed, a little too loud for my taste.

"Well I haven't left the GTA that's for sure" I said, while waving over a waiter and picking up a pink martini off his tray.

"Ohmigosh guess who I just saw!"

"Who, Ivy?" I said, getting less and less interested in the conversation and more interested in the glasses of alcohol perched on the narrow bar.

"Sebastian Lamont and Matt Canterbury, remember? From grad?" she yelled over the booming music as she motioned to the waiter, grabbing four shots off his tray and handing one to me.

My eyes immediately flicked from the wine glasses to Ivy. "WHAT? There here?" I bellowed as we took the shots without hesitation.

"Yep, and guess who wants to have coffee with us tomorrow morning?"


"Yes! Oh Lily, there so dreamy I mean, Matt is just unbelievable but Sebby is-"

"Hold up, hold up, Sebby? Since when have you had a pet name for this guy?"

"Whatever, lets go now, there's no one else here except for those bitches Kendall and Isabel" she whined.

"Uhg, your right, lets just go back to my place"

Kendall and Isabel were the grade bitches. They made fun of anyone and everyone and went through boys like they went through money, constantly. They thought because they lived in Forest Hill and grew up going to private schools that they were better than the rest of us when newsflash, they weren't. They got expelled from their snobby private school because a teacher found Kendall doing the deed with a senior boy, from the all-boys school down the road, in a science lab. And since those girls are inseparable, Isabel left the school too, and graced us with there presence here.

As we stumbled down the steps and up to my jeep I ripped off my stilettos and tossed them in the back seat as I bunched up my party dress as I swung myself up into the drivers seat. The heavy thud of the door swinging shut echoed throughout the empty streets. As I started up the car, Ivy cranked up the crackly radio and rolled down her window, as we both began drunkenly belting out the lyrics to 'Call me maybe'.

The loud city sounds interrupted us as we pulled onto avenue road and descended our way down into the city center. "Your place or mine" I screamed over Ivy, who was singing away to any song that was recognizable over the crackly radio. "YOURS" she screamed back.

I settled my gaze on the road ahead and worked my way into a peaceful state of driving (well, as peaceful as I could get with Ivy belting it out right next to my ear), pulling onto Bloor and into the garage of my apartment. By now Ivy was half asleep, in her drunken stupor she had fallen into a sudden wave of fatigue.

"Up and at'em" I said, motioning with my arms to the glass doorway after prodding her in the face with my hand. "Uhg im coming" she moaned lightly.

Stumbling into the well-lit lobby of the apartment I waved a friendly hello to the security guard who tilted his hat back, giving a nod and smiling. He probably remembered Ivy from our drunken teenage years when we would come home grinning like fools and he would have to let us in because we had lost our F.O.B., again.

I smiled at the memories as I punched the glowing button for Penthouse 2 and motioned my F.O.B. over the small fluorescent green light. The elevator gave a sudden jerk and counted off 1-2-30 floors as it whirred up and up and up, before finally reaching its destination. With a pretty ding the doors opened to reveal a pristine penthouse, compliments of my father. I helped settle Ivy down on the overstuffed couch as she grunted, turning over and falling into a sudden sleep. Half tripping over my veterinary bags I searched the bare walls for the light, flicking all the switches and revealing a grand marble kitchen and a sleepy kitten, snuggled on one of the plush bar stools. "Oscar, off" I said with a giggle as I settled down with a glass of water and glanced over at a now dead to the world Ivy. Sighing, I threw my shoes and dress off into the corner and dragged myself into my room to settle down into a peaceful slumber.

I woke with a start as I heard a loud scream come from the living room. Great, I thought, Ivy is up.

Slinking out of bed I wandered into the main room wearing pajamas. I looked around trying to find the source of the noise, which pointed me to Ivy, who was curled up in the fetal position pointing accusatorily at Oscar. "THAT CAT IS SCARY AS HELL LILY MCNOUAGHTN! IT TRIED TO ATTACK ME! IT JUMPED ON MY BACK!" she screamed. She then promptly sat up, screaming as loud as she possible could for about 10 more minutes, before finally standing up. Only then, did I notice the long string dangling off the back of the robe she was borrowing. "Oh, its just the string" I said as I plucked the loose thread off her back and tossed it to the large tabby, who gave a meow as he chased after it

"Oh, haha, of course I knew that, pfft, like, why would I be scared of-" stated Ivy,

"Its ok, that must have been very traumatizing, poor girl, I understand" I cut her off, my tone dripping with sarcasm.

"Whatever, what have you got to eat" she said leaning over and peering into the fridge.

"Hey, what time did you agree to meet those guys at?"

"12 why?"

"Because its 11:30 now!" I screamed before we scrambled around and dashed off, hurrying to get ready in time to meet them down the street.

. .

Just in time, at 11:50 we strolled out of the building and crossed the street, dodging busy businessmen and women as we fought to dip inside the crowded Starbucks.

Ivy waved and smiled over to a corner where two very attractive men, who were sitting and sipping at paper cups of steaming, hot coffee. I matched Ivy's long strides as we made our way over to the table where the men sat.

"Ohmigosh, you guys! Its been so long!" I said, enveloping them both in a hug. Matt smiled at me while Sebastian ran his hands through his hair.

Matt was a prodigy in his father's business and was looking to settle down and inherit the corporation, when his father retired while Sebastian was a lawyer. They lived together just down the street in an apartment on Hazelton.

Just as Ivy and I were bidding our goodbyes Matt pulled Ivy aside.

Sebastian and I sneaked knowing glances over at each other, laughing, trying not to make it obvious we were staring at them while Ivy gave Matt a flirty smile and nodded her head shyly. She batted her eyelashes and gave him a longing glance back as she sauntered over to me, overly swaying her hips and giving me an excited smile as she trailed out the door. I bid farewell to Sebastian and trailed after her, itching to hear what he had asked her. The second we were out of sight of the boys she jumped around excitedly.

"HE ASKED ME OUT! Oh Lily, he is so sweet, and charming, and I really like him!" she trilled. She continued to swoon over him, the entire way home and up the elevator. Though she went mysteriously quiet as we entered the apartment.

"So Lil?" she asked in a small voice

"Oh, what is it now?" I huffed. Every time she used that little voice she was going to ask me for a favor, a big one.

"Um, Matt invited me to be his date, on a double date"

"What are you getting at here?"

"He was wondering if you would want to come, you know, for Sebastian?"

"Ivy I-"


"NO Ivy, and that's the end of it."

"What if I were to clean your apartment, whenever you want." Lily's eyes perked up at the thought of this

"Fine, but you owe me big time"

"Thankyou! So, so much lil, I promise I'll repay you."

It was going to be a long week.

A/N- As some of you know, A F.O.B. is the little thing that lets you into an apartment, much like a virtual key. The schools they go to are Two Toronto-Based single sex schools on Lonsdale. The reunion was with both schools since they are down the street from each other. Bloor and Hazelton are the downtown high-end all apartment neighborhoods. Hazelton has a street of houses that usually cater to the needs of older residents. The building that Lily lives in is the Colonnade building on Bloor. There are 3 penthouses, a small "mall", and a school inside this building. There is also a set of apartments. We have yet to find out where Ivy lives, that will be coming up next chapter. I may do a P.O.V of Ivy later on in the chapters, but unless I tell you it will be in Lily's POV. Please review! We will send you thank-you messages if you do! I would really appreciate it! Longer reviews mean longer chapters.