Rebel of the Moon

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"Leave, leave and don't come back!" A man with black hair, golden eyes, and a muscular build shouted at a cowering girl. She was the complete opposite of the man with Golden hair, tan skin, lanky arms, and a horror struck face. But what stood out were her beautiful blue eyes.

She whimpered "But father…" A loud smack echoed about the street as he hit her. "I am not your father and you are not my daughter!" He roared. And there he left her, sobbing in the rain. Suddenly she turned into a small white wolf and let out a mournful howl….

Chapter 1-

Six years, six years I had been alone fighting to survive. Six years since my so-called father banished me.

I walked into the woods like every morning and changed into my snow white wolf. She whispered to me, "Hello little one." I smiled at the morning welcome relishing in the feeling of the sun warming my pelt. Running in wolf form is so empowering, you feel almost invincible.

So focused on the run and hunting that I did not notice the sound of heavy foot fall near me. I did not notice at least until he jumped on me, causing me to roll across the forest floor.

Rolling to my feet I turned to my attacker snarling. Standing in front of me was a light brown wolf. Roaring I lunged at my attacker sending us rolling across the ground. I sank my teeth into the scruff of his neck throwing him across the forest floor. He rolled to his feet and changed into his human form throwing his hands up in a protective gesture. "TRUCE! Alright geez you win!" I cocked my head to the side and growled before changing. He jumped when I growled then relaxed as I changed. He looked at me curiously "Do you understand me?" I nodded. "Well um I'm Jake who are you?" I narrowed my eyes before hoarsely answering, "I'm Analucia, I would say it's nice to meet you but considering that we met by you attacking me I can't say it is."

He smiled nervously "Sorry about that I was just doing my job and you seem really nice so this happening is a shame, but it's necessary and please don't try to fight it. It will only make it more difficult." As Jake spoke wolves started coming from all around me in the woods. My eyes widened and I stood to my full height, with my hand hovering over one of my guns on my thigh.

They stopped in their tracks staring at me with cautious eyes, all but one, Jake. I sighed "Jake I really don't want to have to hurt you please move." He looked at me sadly "I'm sorry." Was the only thing he said before I heard it, the net flying toward me. I jumped in the air grabbing a branch flipping myself up into an old oak tree. I sat there glaring down at them.

Out of the shadows came a man with black hair and a muscular build and ear piercings going up the side of his ear. He looked at me with cold eyes and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Well it seems you're going to be difficult to catch." He waved one hand in the air carelessly. In a bored tone he commanded "Ky, Auto, get her down with the net." A blazing red wolf and a Midnight black wolf changed into two men. One with black hair and one red streak running through his hair, the other was like the hulk but with red hair and Joyful eyes. The hulk looked at me asking "Sir, are you sure this is the best way to obtain her. Surely there is a better way we could take her back to Alpha."

"Auto, are you disobeying a direct order?" The apparent Auto hung his head, "Sorry sir we'll get her down, come on Ky." Auto picked up the net launcher, preparing to shoot it when I announced "I wouldn't do that if I were you, you have absolutely no idea who you're messing with." I sat on the branch with my legs hanging while smirking. "Trust me it wouldn't be the most…. pleasant experience."

The one with cold eyes hissed "Oh trust me we know exactly who you are, you're Analucia Danielle Kenzington, daughter to the alpha of pack 'Blood Moon'. We are from the same pack and have come to collect you on his orders." My eyes widened in horror, "You're lying!" He chuckled darkly "No, you're just in denial. Shoot her down." He commanded at Auto.

My lips pulled back in a snarl, crouching on the branch I screeched "NO!" He dropped the net launcher and went down onto his knees, his face contorted in pain. Ky rushed to his side. Still staring at him with a freakishly calm but fierce look on my face and keeping the pain thrumming through his head, I did not see the Cold man point a dart gun at me. My eyes sight started going blurry 'No, they're going to take me! I can't fail, NO!' Then I fell as everything went dark.