Have you ever been lied to? What about when you were just a kid? Let's say that you thought you had the perfect life and then one day, it all just comes crashing down. Let's assume that one day you, a five-year-old kid, found out that your parents have been lying to each other and seeing other people. Well, that's my story.

February 14th. Some people like to call it Valentine's day. My parents like to call it my birthday. I like to call it the day my parents got their divorce. Not every six-year-old girl would wish for her parents' divorce as her birthday present, but that's exactly what I got. I looked at the calendar resting on my lap and circled that date to remind myself of my own birthday. Not like I would ever forget it, but just so I would have something on my empty calendar.

I placed my calendar back on my nightstand, and walked to my mirror to examine the dark circles under my eyes as a result of the lack of sleep I had the previous night. Another literature report, another all-nighter pulled the night before it's due. I'll just cover it up with some concealer, I thought to myself. I pulled my hair up in a high messy bun and made my way to the kitchen. When I walked into the ever-familiar beige painted kitchen, I noticed a note from my mom hanging on the refrigerator.

When my parents separated, they had to decide on who would raise me. My dad can hardly make toast without burning it, so naturally they decided it would be best for me to stay with my mom. The last time my dad talked to me was on my eighth birthday, which was nine years ago. He promised to visit me on each birthday, but he hasn't – in fact, he stopped contacting my mom and me all together. He was a coward and I was glad that he was out of my life.

I removed the magnet that held the note and quickly skimmed the neat cursive words written in purple ink… Cal, I'm going to be home late tonight. I'm working the night shift at the office. Buy yourself some dinner with the $20 I left by your car keys. See you tomorrow morning. Love you. - Mom. Well, I guess I have the house all to myself tonight. Again. I headed upstairs to my room and changed for school.

I walked into my art class and looked around to find the classroom completely empty. Terrific. I came to class so early that not even the teacher was here yet. With a tired sigh, I headed to the back of the room to my assigned seat. Since I was about five minutes early to class, I rested my head on my desk and took a short nap.

About four minutes into my comfortable nap, I heard my classmates' voices and loud movements shuffling into the room. Still not lifting my head from the wooden desk, I heard my classmates conversing with one another. Some were greeting each other with loud and obnoxious high-fives. Some were already gossiping before they even got to their seats. But most were complaining about classes starting too early and ending too late.

I sat up from my desk and straightened myself out once I heard Mrs. Greene, my art teacher walk into the room with her heavy suitcase. She clapped her hands to gather our attentions and shouted, "Good morning, students! Today we're starting class off with a quiz!" The classroom was instantly filled with complaints and groans, causing her to clap her hands until all eyes were on her again. "Whining is not going to get you out of this quiz. I told you all to study for it a week in advance."

Once all the quizzes were passed out, a late student, whose name was Nate Campbell silently tiptoed his way into the room. Nate Campbell is your classic, all-American jock. Standing at 6'3" with brown hair and blue eyes, he was every girl's dream and every boy's role model. He was also known to be a compulsive liar, or so I've heard – not like I talked to him anyways.

Nate plastered on a classic 'Oh-shit-I'm-caught-aren't-I?' face, earning himself a disappointed sigh from Mrs. Greene.

"What excuse is it this time, Mr. Campbell?" Mrs. Greene asked, rubbing her temples.

"I had to drop off my siblings at school and there was an accident on the beltway. And this isn't an 'excuse' – it's the truth!" Nate explained.

"Oh really? There was an accident on the beltway?" She asked, voice dripping with sarcasm. "What happened?"

"A bus broke down and it caused a huge traffic jam!" He answered, obviously not catching onto the sarcasm.

She shook her head with impatience. "I don't want to hear your lies, Nathan. I was just driving down the beltway this morning and there was absolutely no traffic."

"All right – so there wasn't any traffic, but I really did have to drop off my little brother and sister at school. Then, I realized that I overslept this morning and didn't have time for breakfast, so I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts."

"Now that story, I believe. Detention after school, Mr. Campbell." Mrs. Greene said in an authoritative voice.

"Yes, 'mam. I'll be here at three-thirty." She nodded and pointed to his chair for him to take a seat.

He casually walked across the classroom as if he just got his way once again, and high-fived his friends as he headed to his seat. He lied through his teeth and was still able to smile afterwards – He was no different from my parents.

Hi Seashells :) I started to write this story a few years ago, but never managed to finish it. Recently, I came across it in one of my old flash drives and decided to share it with you guys. Do you like it so far? Should I continue it? If so, please let me know :) xoxo, Chelly

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