Chapter 22

Warning: Sex ahead

Caspar woke up rested but aching, dressed in a t-shirt and cuddled into Justin's side. Rocco missing from where he had been cuddled into Justin the previous night. Caspar yawned and sat up, wincing slightly as his shoulder complained. He rolled his shoulders and sighed as he realised he had an iron collar on again. He traced the collar with his fingertips and shivered. Hopefully, Justin wouldn't keep it on him for long again.

Slumping, Caspar lay back down, this time so he was completely flat on the bed. Closing his eyes he tried to decide just how he was feeling at that moment. He felt numb but not in a bad way. Almost in relief. He had been expecting something a lot worse that a spanking, especially given Justin's back was injured enough to need bandaging after all.

Opening his eyes, Caspar watched Justin breathing. The chaos demon had gone to sleep on his front, his back had been too painful to lie on. He sat up again as his neck ached. He shouldn't have slept in such an awkward position but after everything he had just put Justin through, he couldn't deny the demon the comfort he had wanted from his husbands. Caspar rubbed his neck again.

"Need a massage?" Justin murmured softly.

"Hey you," Caspar smiled at the man, leaning back down awkwardly to kiss Justin. "Shouldn't I be offering you the massage?" he commented, a hand running gently over the bandages.

Justin shrugged. "The wounds are mostly healed but I shouldn't do anything too serious for another day or two," he yawned, raising himself in the air slightly as he stretched out. "You're the one with achy shoulders."

"I just slept in a weird position. I'll be fine," Caspar chuckled, kissing Justin again this time more slowly and with intention. "Just how serious are we talking?" Caspar murmured on Justin's lips. Justin made a happy grumble and kissed back a hand curling around Caspar tightly.

"Well," he murmured, pulling Caspar closer, shifting on his side. Caspar giggled as Justin tangled their legs together, able to feel Justin's interest in attempting something a little more serious. Caspar pushed his hip against Justin and kissed Justin again as Justin's hand ran downwards and cupped his bottom. "If my lovely husband is up for it, but you'll have to be on top," Justin purred.

"I can service you, don't worry," Caspar grinned. "What to do it in your chair? We can put some pillows behind you to support your back. I can kneel on the floor," Caspar offered, knowing that got Justin's blood thumping and made his demon very happy. The demon Caspar had been pissing off, so doing some 'servicing' wasn't a bad idea to get on his good side again. Plus a sure way to start repairing things after a fight was make up sex.

Justin's feral growl made Caspar laugh. Justin pushed himself up and dragged Caspar flush against him. "I love you," Justin rumbled, cuddling Caspar close. "So much."

"I love you too," Caspar grinned. "Now let's move you into a more comfortable position," he purred, wriggling his hips. He pulled away slowly, Justin letting him, eyes burning red. Justin flicked his fingers and the chain dropped off Caspar's neck, but not the collar. Caspar fluttering his eyes as he picked up the pillows off the bed. He fluffed them and placed them on the chair, Justin stalking over and sitting with an almost regal air.

Standing in front of the demon making bedroom eyes at him, Casper shifted his hips and rubbed his knees together cooly, slowly pulling his t-shirt off him, leaving him bared to the demon.

Pure hunger was in Justin's eyes as he looked Caspar up and down slowly. It made a shiver go down Caspar back. A shiver but also a burning sensation. There was something very primal about having a lover look at you like you were a prime slice of meat. With a burning desire to have you. Desire was a powerful drug. Justin didn't say anything as he met Caspar's eyes but they went darker for a brief moment. Justin pointed to his feet.

Dutifully he moved over and dropped his knees gracefully, kissing up the inside of Justin's legs slowly in worship before nuzzling at his boxer clothed groin. Looking up with big eyes as he kissed the bulge which was growing there. Three months of living with horny demons had taught him a few tricks to entice, even if he wasn't having sex with all of them yet.

"Oh you look so good like this," Justin grinned down at him.

Caspar grinned, fluttering his eyes innocently as he shifted just slightly to look more enticing, arching his back more as he continued to kiss and nuzzle at the bulge, Justin clearly enjoying the attention for a moment before the demon reached down to pull his cock out through the boxers, rubbing it against Caspar's face. Caspar kissed the hard flesh and tried to lick it against it as Justin slapping it gently against Caspar's cheeks. Teasing him with the flesh, Caspar chasing after it hungrily.

"Oh Cassie," Justin moaned, his demon clearly pleased with Caspar's behaviour. Caspar opened mouth wide and let Justin rub the head of his dick around his lips without pressing inside. Making sure to look up at Justin pleading for more. He knew how to make his husband go wild. Desire and obedience. "I want to fuck you. Can I do that princess?" he asked softly, his voice guttural with need.

Caspar smiled lovingly, reaching up to cup Justin's cock and nuzzle his cheek against it like a favourite toy. "Since you asked nicely Master, you have my permission," he promised. Justin let out a sound which was crossed behind a growl and moan, slapping Caspar's cheek again with his cock. Caspar opening his mouth again beggingly.

After a moment of restraint, Justin pushed his cock into Caspar's eager mouth, the human sucking on it lovingly, worshiping the member with every trick he had learned. Eyes fixed on Justin's and pressing up into Justin's hips movements hungrily to take more. Justin's hands combed through his hair before gripping and gently but steadily fucking Caspar's mouth using his hair as leverage. Casper continued to suck at the cock, keeping his lips tight against the cock and his jaw wide to give him plenty of access. Justin was vocal with his pleasure and Caspar closed his eyes and just let himself feel.

Feel the texture of Justin's cock against his lips, the taste of his skin and the precum in on Caspar's tongue. The feeling of having his hair clutched on to. It was oddly enthralling.

Justin pulled out and pulled Caspar up, Caspar standing up and straddling Justin's lap. Caspar kissed Justin passionately, holding onto his neck as Justin's hands pulled his hips closer. They parted and Justin pressed their foreheads together. "My little ghost," Justin purred.

"Please don't call me that," Caspar groaned slumping slightly with a blush on his cheeks.

Chuckling Justin kissed Caspar again. "I like the way you blush when I say it," he teased, biting Caspar's bottom lip lightly. "You look so handsome when you blush," he breathed letting go.

Casper looked away shyly but Justin cupped his face again and pressed another slow kiss to his lips. "Ride me," Justin asked, his looking at Caspar longingly. Casper bit his lip and nodded. Letting Justin guide him up. Justin's fingers achingly slowly moved into him, making Caspar moan and arch his back again as two worked in and out of him. Justin was slow and gentle and thorough. It felt like an eternity until Justin was finally helping Caspar slide down on his penis.

Gasping as it filled him, Caspar held Justin's shoulders and began to bounce up and down, using his knees on the chair for leverage. Justin grinned up at him, kissing him again, teeth being sharper as his demon grew closer to the surface. Eventually, Justin let out a feral growl and stood up, picking Caspr up in the progress, still fucking him and carried him to the bed. Caspar laughed as he dropped on to the soft mattress and Justin drilled into him, Caspar's hips moving into the rhythm.

"Justin!" Caspar moaned as pleasure built up inside of him.

"Cum for me," Justin ordered, an echo of power in his voice.

Caspar came, his orgasm triggering a similar reaction in Justin. Justin clutched onto Caspar and Casper buried his face in Justin's shoulder. For a moment after, there was just heavy panting. Justin kissed Caspar's skin slowly and lovingly.

"So, your back's bleeding, sir" Rocco commented from the room, disturbing the gentle caresses, holding something which smelled delicious. "What happened to you being careful," he said teasingly as he walked in and sat on the bed. Caspar looked up at him from where he was lying and grinned at the sight of bacon sandwiches on a tray.

"Morning Rocco," Caspar purred sounding happy and content.

"Our husband was too handsome to resist," Justin grumbled, sliding out of Caspar. Caspar hissed from the sensation. Justin kissed Caspar's stomach before stretching slightly. "It will heal up again," Justin said uncaringly.

"I'm glad you two are making up," Rocco grinned. "Breakfast?" he offered.