Summary: The Dark lord is the powerful evil king who rule the world under his power with the goddess as his wife and the Queen of this world that brould the realms in the wars since he became the king. No one dare to face him or fight for their freedom and peace because they are fear of him. 100 years later, a light Princess who is just ordinary girl who has power to be rule as the Queen and she is the only one who will beat the evil king in the end so she take few friends to go with her to fight for freedom and peace. Will the Princess can save her own realm and protect her people? Can she find love during her journey? Can She win the war against the Evil King? Mood: dark, war, life, love, drama, mystery/suspense and hopes

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organization, or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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100 years later

A brunette, haired young, woman was laid on her bed, she held her baby girl in her arms, while she was sang to her in her siren voice at the moment.

A Few metres away from her, a raven haired young man was standing near the window, staring out, with thoughtful bloody eyes while he was listened to his wife's siren song.

Finally, he heard something from a far distance from both ears that had left him feeling so sick it worried and feared him at the same time.

"It can't be. How can they found us so fast? Damn the demon knights, who were hunted us down since my wife had became pregnant with our first daughter. Damn it. I must make sure that's my wife and my daughter will be safe in their world for awhile." The Shadow King thought worried.

A Few minutes later, he turned around to walk toward the brick wall and touched the brick wall for few times.

Finally, the brick wall was opened and the tallest mirror was stood there like a statue while Shadow was stood there with sad bloody eyes.

"What are you doing, Shadow?" Regan king asked quietly.

He turned around and looked at her with sad bloody eyes.

"Regan, you must get outta here before the Demon Knights will bash into this castle any moment. And go right now!" Shadow told her.

She stood up and she was walked toward him while she was holding her daughter on her shoulders.

"I can't leave you here. And please do not this!" Regan said in small voice.

"Everything will be okay just please go for Trinity's sake. Please?" Shadow said begged.

She sighed in wearily and she leaned down to kissed his cold lips then she pulled herself back away from him.

"I love you always, Shadow!" Regan said in a whisper.

He nodded at her as she walked toward the tallest mirror then she was disappeared into the mirror before he closed the brick wall back up with even sadder bloody eyes.

"I love you always, Regan and Trinity too." Shadow whispered softly.

Finally, the door was slammed opened and the raven haired demon knights walked into the bedroom with satisfied smiles.

"Finally we found you at last. Tell us where are your wife and your daughter, Lord King!" the demon knights said in unison.

Few minutes later, Shadow turned his head around and he looked at them with hopeful expression on his face.

"You will never find them at all. And you can do whatever you want with me. And you never will find them at all!" Shadow said honestly.

Few minutes later, the demon knights pulled their blades out from their belts and they walked toward him as they raised up the blades to slash him off.

Same time, Shadow blocked their weapons and he pulled his small knife from his belt as he was threw them off with his small knives in speed time.

Finally, he looked down at the demon knights with satisfied smile and he was turned around to looking at the brick wall with hopeful and sad bloody look in his eyes.

Suddenly, one of the demon knights stood up and he slashed Shadow's back with his blade while the blood was poured out from him into the blade with satisfied smiled.

Same time, Shadow was dropped himself on the ground and he was gasped for air while he was looked up at the demon knight with hopeful bloody eyes.

"Regan! Trinity!" Shadow said aloud before he was slipped into darkness.

The brunette haired young woman stepped out of the mirror and she stepped on the wet ground as she was pulled her hood over herself while she held the brunette, haired, little girl on her shoulder tightly with blanket wrapped around her to keep her warm.

She was looked from the right side and left side of the castle while she held the breath for awhile.

Finally, she was satisfied with it and she was rushed into the woods toward the river in a hurry while she not dare to looked back behind her back.

Same time, she heard the footsteps rushing towards her and her heart was pounced in feared as she was kept running toward the river in a faster hurry.

Finally, the mystery woman was on the brown boat and she spotted the brunette haired young woman whom was rushing towards her in quickly with relieved expression on her face.

"Thank goodness, you made it! I thought the demon knights will never let you out of your sights for good, Regan!" Cheyenne Knight called out.

Finally, the brunette haired young woman stood beside the brown boat and she handed her the little girl, gentle then she leaned down to kissing her forehead with a gentle quester before she was pulled herself away from them.

"Are you going to come back to home, Regan?" Cheyenne asked worried.

Regan was shook her head and she was pushed the brown boat hard then she was turned around then she was running back into the woods right now.

"No! No! Regan!" Cheyenne called out to her sister.

Nothing response back to her while the noise was erupt into the woods left her feeling so sick with worried and feared.

Finally, the boat had arrived at the small island and Cheyenne stepped out of the boat as she rushed toward the gate of the mortal world right now.

"Have a great trip in mortal world and take care." The elf security guard told her.

Few minutes later, Cheyenne held the little girl closer to her chest tightly and she was slipped into the mortal world as her tears were slipped down on her cheeks like crystals while the gate of the mortal world was closed behind her forever.

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