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Sixteen years Later

Chapter I

The night appears into the sky as the brunette haired teenager girl stands on the tree, she is leaning back on tree trunk while she watches the battle that becomes so bloody and violent with sad, emerald eyes.

Down below of her, rage mystery man is stand between his enemies and his army he searches for her with hopeful expression on his face while he is holds the long blade with determined eyes.

She sighs with frustration as her tears slide down on her cheeks like crystals and she shakes her head in sad way while she looks down on her left finger pf promise ring on it with sad eyes.

"I am Sorry, Lionel. I must stop him before he is going to slash the people I love. Hope that you will understand. Forgive me for leaving you like this. And hope that we will meet soon." Trinity said to herself on silent.

Her tears are running down on her cheeks like crystals as she is wipes her tears so fast and she jumps on the ground aloud then she rushes into the bloody battle toward her enemy with her determined eyes.

Finally, she spots him and she reaches the arrow from her back as she puts the arrow on her bow then she is shot it toward him without second thought while she is watch the arrow fly like bird toward him.

"Get her immediately! " the mystery man shouts in his angry voice.

She shakes her head as she is raises her hands in the air to silent her enemies and she raises herself up above them while she looks down at the mystery man with sad emerald eyes.

"I cast you to be traps in the hell for good." Trinity chant the banishing spell to the mystery man in Latin voice.

Same time, the javelin throws toward her shoulder as she drops herself on the ground and she gasps, while the poison spread it all over her body before she is slips into the darkness for awhile..

The school bell is ring as the brunette haired teenager girl is bolt out from her dream and she is nearly knock the chair as she is raise her head from her desk while she is rubs her eyes gentle.

"Hello,Miss McKnight. It is nice of you to join with us for class. How dare you to fell asleep in my class and you will have detention at lunch period with me." the auburn haired middle aged teacher said in sarcastic voice.

"But -" Trinity said in shock voice.

"I do not care and no excuses for your first day back to school after your summer break. See you at the lunch for your detention, Miss McKnight." the auburn haired middle aged teacher said in stern voice.

"Why you, madam..." the sixteen years old blonde haired teenager girl said in angry voice.

"Don't you dare to push my button, Miss Mars." yje auburn haired middle aged woman warns.

Trinity is shakes her head to her best friend as she is grabs her school bag then she is stands up and she is rush out of her classroom like the bird without say anything at all.

"Wait! We are come with you, Trinity." Veronica calls out to her.

Few minutes later, Trinity is steps out of the building and she is rush toward the tree as she is sits down on the ground under the tree while she is leans back on the tree trunk right now.

She is close her eyes for moment and she is let the tears rerun down in her cheeks like crystals while she is thinks about her parents for awhile.

"Where are you, mum? Where are you, dad? I hope that I will find you soon." Trinity thought sad.

The noise from up above her head have snap her back into the reality and she is opens her eyes as she is looks up to see the amber eyes of the mystery teenager boy with curiously eyes for awhile.

"Hmm... I think I saw him from somewhere but where..." Trinity thought confuse.

His voice have interrupts her thoughts as she is looks at him while he is swing himself on the tree branch backward and forth with wonder emerLd eyes.

"Don't let her upset you and it is wrong of her to punish you for fall sleep and that's unfair of her, Trinity." the mystery teenager boy told her.

"How do you know my name? Did we meet before? Who are you?" Trinity asks curiously.

He smiles at her. "You will find out yourself soon, Trinimoment the moment, they are locks their eyes at each other as they are not aware of noise around them except their breaths right now.

Finally, he jumps on the ground as he kneels down on the ground, front of her and he is holds her hand up to his lips to kiss her knuckle gentle while he is still looks at her with interest in his amber eyes.

"What are you doing now?" Trinity said quietly.

"I am going to kiss you right now", the mystery teenager boy said softly.

"But -", Trinity said quietly.

Few minutes later, he is leans down to kiss her so gentle before she is finished her sentence.

The kiss is becomes deeper and hot as they are becomes so closer while they are lost in their kiss right now.

"What the -" a voice calls out to them from few metres away from them right now.

Finally, Trinity and the mystery teenager boy have break the kiss immediately as they are turns around to looks at the blonde haired teenager girl and the raven haired teenager girl with shock in their eyes.

"Um.. I should go now. And I will see you around, Trinity. Thanks for the kiss. And take care." the mystery teenager boy said honestly.

Few minutes later, he pulls himself away from Trinity as he turns around and he rushes off toward the exit of school gate while he climbs over the gate then he is disappears into around the corner right now in hurry.

"Is that your boyfriend? Since when you have boyfriend? Who is he?" Veronica asks curiously.

"No.. And I do not know who is he, Ronnie." Trinity said honestly.

"But I saw that you and he kiss each other, Trinity."Veronica said confused.

Trinity is blush with embarrassment as she looks at them with shy smile.

"Stop it and leave her alone, Ronnie." Bridget Kelly said laughing.

"Oh please. Come on. It is fun, to tease her like that, Bree." Veronica said satisfied.

Trinity shakes her head in amazing. "Shut up and help me please."

After that, two girls are pulls Trinity up and they are on way back to the building when the bell ring for the next class right now.

"Alright then. Let's met up at my house after school, Trixie and Bree." Veronica tells them.

Two girls are nods at her as they are off to their class together while they are chat with each other to keep themselves busy for all day.

It is crept into the afternoon where the brunette haired teenager girl is sits on her chair and she is write something on the plain white paper on her desk in the classroom while her hands are wet and sweat from the summer hot as her stomach is growl from hungry at the moment.

She is sighs with wearily as she is glance up to the clock with desperate emerald eyes while she is clench her pen so tight that she is not aware of that she is broke another pen for third time.

Across from her, the auburn haired middle aged teacher is sits on the chair and she is read the magazine while she is eat her lunch during the lunch break with thoughtful eyes.

"Madam, I broke another pen and I am wonder if I can have another one please? And thanks." Trinity asks quietly.

The auburn haired middle aged teacher is groan with annoy as she is slams her magazine on her desk aloud and she is pulls the chair away from the desk then she is stands up to walks toward Trinity right now with angry eyes.

Finally, the teacher is stands front of Trinity!'s desk as she is grabs the piece of the paper and she is read it herself with unimpressed eyes.

"Go and have lunch with your friends. And your detention is over so be careful from now on, Miss McKnight." Ms Ahern told her in a annoying voice.

Trinity nods at her as she pulls her chair away from her desk and she stands up to grabs her bag then she is walks out of the classroom without says anything to her teacher at all.

Few minutes later, Ms Ahern is walks back to her desk as she is sits down on the chair again while she is lean her back and she is close her eyes for a moment.

Her tears are run down on her cheeks like crystal while she is thinks about her past and her memories left her no choices to leave it to protect her child for good.

"It is still hurting me so much that I never will see my child at all because I am human and I must stay here forever without to see my child again. That's the Dark lord's order to banish me from Heaven World forever." Ms Ahern thought sad.

She is shakes her head in sad way as she is opens her eyes and she is wipes the tears away from her eyes furious then she is stands up to walks toward the window.

Few minutes later, she leans on the window as she watch those students from her window with serious eyes for awhile.

Few hours later, the

mystery teenager boy is walks into the classroom at his school as he is sits on his chair and he is put his feet on his desk while he is rock his chair forth and backward as he is chew his mint for awhile.

Few minutes later, the bald haired middle aged teacher is walks into the classroom as he is drops his folders on his desk and he is looks at the mystery teenager boy with angry in his sapphire eyes.

"Hello, Master Skywalker. Do you mind to take your feet off groom your desk please! And thanks" the bald haired middle aged man asks polite. (skywalker?)

The mystery teenager boy drops his feet down on the ground and he get off from the chair as he knocks the chair off in angry way while he walks toward his teacher now with angry Amber eyes.

"What the hell wrong with you, sir? Don't you know who am I? And you should know better than speak direct to me, sir." the mystery teenager boy said angry as he grabs his teacher's collar if his t / shirt closer to him tightly.

"There toy are, mate. Lay jim ho. And he is not worthy of it. Yout gather wants you to be in his office right now." the brunette haired teenager boy told him in calm voice .

The mystery teenager bow and nods at him and he let the teacher go as he walks out of the classroom without say anything at all.

Few minutes later, he is walks into the office as he is slumps himself on his father's sofa while he is put his feet on the table gentle right now with boring amber eyes.

The door is slams opens and the mystery man is walks into the office follows with two bodyguards behind his back with disappointment amber eyes.

"What the hell is going on here? What is this, father?" the mystery teenager boy asks in angry voice.

"You disappoint me, son." the mystery man said coldly.

Few minutes later, the mystery man turns around to nods at the two bodyguards with satisfied and disappointment in his Amber eyes.

"Take him away from here and send him back to Khios immediately because he is not suit nor his mission at the moment. Makes sire that you won't let him out of yout sight as well." yje mystery man told them.

"No. Don't come near me at all, guards." the mystery boy warns.

The two guards laughs at him as they launch on him to grabs his arms but he manages to escape from them then he rushes out of the office without looks back to see if they are following him or not.

Few minutes later, he rushes out of the building as he is transforms himself into the cat then he is off to somewhere else to be hide and safe away from those two guards for all day.

Few minutes later, two guards are rush out of the building as they are search for the mystery boy with disappoint eyes for awhile.

"Damn it. We have lost him. What should we do now, Adolf?" Casey asks quietly.

The blond haired young man is shakes his head in impatient way and he is walks off toward the exit of the school gates while the orange haired small man is follows him behind with no emotions in his eyes right now.

"We are going to find him soon and we must track him down before he will disappears into animal or into the house for protection. Come on, Casey. We have no time for it. And we must catch him before the night." Ado of explains.

The orange haired small man nods at him as they walk in separate ways to track down the mystery boy with determine eyes.

The three teenager girls walks out of the shopping centre as they walk toward the car while they talks with each other for awhile.

Across from them, thereare the group of teenager boys are surround around the corner as they are slams something with sticks while they are laughs at the something with amusement expressions on their faces.

"What the hell wrong with them? Come on and let's check out to see if the child or teenager gilt is ok..." Trinity calls out to them in worry voice.

Two teenager girls are nods at her as they are follows her to invesitafe it with worry expressions on their faces.

"What the hell are you doing to the poor cat, Kane?" Trinity asks in angry voice.

Front of the teenager bots, the black and white stray cat is lays on the rubbish bin with blood and bruises spread all over on the cat's fur right now with sad eyes.

"Come on. That cat is deserve it for our sport of amusing game, babe." Kane said honestly.

"You are so disgusted jerk I ever meet. Move it away from the cat right now or you will be sorry for it, Kane." Trinity said angry.

The raven haired teenager boy is laughs at her as he is grabs the cat and he is throws the cat to the wall over his shoulders with satisfied eyes

"You bastard. You will get this pay for it if the cat have die..." Trinity spat as she is grabs the cat before the cat have slams on the wall.

"Oh. That's scary." Kane said on mockery voice.

"You..." Veronica said angry as she is launch herself on him and she scratches on his face with angry sapphire eyes.

"Geez,,, get her off from me." Kane screams in a painful voice.

Few minutes later, the group of the teenager boys are pulls her off from Kane and they are holds her so tightly as she is struggle to get out of it while she is gritt her teeth with hateful eyes.

"Don't... Let Ronnie go and we won't bother you again as long as you won't includes the animals or child or girl as toy in your games otherwise I will tell my father about it and you will get trouble for it. Think about it, Kane." Bridget said warns.

The raven haired teenager boy is looks at her with fright expression on his face as he is nods at her while he is motion his gang to let Veronica go with cold glare on them.

Few minutes later, three teenager girls are walking away from them as they get into the car and Bridget starts the engine into life then she pulls the car out of the car park lot.

"Let's go to the vet immediately, Bree." Trinity said in concern voice.

The raven haired teenager girl nods at her as she speeds off toward the vet on fast speed with worry expression on her face.

"Everything will be ok. And we taking you to the vet immediately." Trinity said softly to the cat as she holds the cat to her chest tightly.

Her tears are running down on her cheeks like crystal as they are on way towards the vet for any moment while their hearts are pounce with fear and concern for the cat at the same time.

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