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This story is pretty much based on a HW that xXSamurai-98xX did for Creative Writing! So the plot basically comes from her~

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Ain't the Same

During the first day of school, students usually have these mixed up feeling—including dread and excitement—in the pit of their stomachs. Well, that's exactly what I feel right now.

Only today isn't the first day of school—it's the middle of my senior year. And I'm pretty much feeling just the dread every single day. For me, it was like everyday is the same yesterday.

And only one certain group can make me feel like this.

Syrup and her clique.

Syrup Reyes is the most popular girl in our grade, heck probably even in the entire Pineview High. She's the leader of her little evil clique called "The Elites" by most people. I really don't know why they call them that, but I think "The Witches" or "The She-Dogs" or maybe just plain "Meanies" are more appropriate.

I never really liked or admired them, like most students do (for some odd reason). Especially that Syrup girl. She and I have never been on good terms with each other. Why? Because on my first day in the brand new school, I accidentally spilled spaghetti on her, which, according to her was "OHMIGOSH! The red sauce is practically cuh-lashing with my new Alice + Olivia shirt!" Oh, and later that day, she found me "flirting" with her (then current) ex-boyfriend. And what was really more upsetting was that she broke up with the poor guy a few minutes after the "discovery." And everyone knows where her exes go: to the dumpster. Literally!

Hence, the reason why I'm slowly walking on the perfectly manicured, post-rain lawn of the school. Bad move, it turned out.

"Hey, honey," an all too familiar voice called out. "You lost? Just so you know, Klutzville isn't here, hon. Finding it is simple, really. You just need to go back to wherever you came from, LOSER!" Even when insulting people, Syrup's voice was sickly sweet; it was as sweet as honey, yet it stung like a bee. It doesn't exactly help that her parents named her after something sweet, either.

Gritting my teeth, I turned to face her. It was useless running away and hiding- her minions were already surrounding me.

"Maybe you're the one's that lost," I replied, hoping my voice was sounding as even as I wanted it to be. "She-Dog County ain't here, honey."

Unfazed, Syrup just let out an annoying laugh. Her friends joined in.

"How cute," one of her friends, Courtney Wilcox, giggled. She turned to face Syrup. "She ah-dores you so much that she's trying to copy your insults."

That's messed up!

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," Melissa Crimsen added.

"It's more like I abhor her," I muttered.

Hearing me, Syrup narrowed her hazel eyes at me and jerked her head towards Alyssa Hollister, the sporty raven-haired member of the group.

Automatically, Alyssa grabbed both of my arms and dragged me away.

"Hey!" I protested. "Hey, let go of me!" I tried to jerk away, but Alyssa's grip was too strong. With panicked brown eyes, I searched the lawn for anyone who would be able to help me. Anyone. But apparently, everyone either cleared out or pretended be blind to the bullying. They did not want to get involved with Elites business. Finally, Alyssa stopped right in front of a pool of mud that must have been there from the raining last night.

Oh no. And today was the day I decided to where white pants. And not bring a jacket or any spare clothes.

Doing my best not look unaffected by this, I glared at The Elite She-Dogs. "Really guys? Pushing me into mud? So middle school."

"I'm not exactly sure if that's what our fellow students will think," Syrup retorted, flipping her silky straight platinum blonde hair behind her fair shoulders. And with a flick of her wrist, into the mud I went.

"Ah!" I yelped as my butt made contact with the icky, brown mud. Being the clumsy girl that I was, I slipped and landed one my butt again when I struggled to stand up. I stayed there for a moment, my legs splayed out as I blinked back tears. People were laughing at me, pointing, and taking pictures. And The Elite She-Dogs loved every minute of it.

"Hey Cindy, you're probably the only one who can pull off the new Mud Chic style... Not!" Courtney blurted, receiving a round of high-fives.

Don't cry, don't cry... I commanded myself. But it was no use, the tears were spilling. Great.

"Aw," Syrup cooed in a child-like voice, "ish the wittle baby cwying?"

Slowly, I looked down and tried to wipe the tears from my eyes, but I just ended up smearing my eyes with mud.

"Matt, what do you think you're doing?!"

Upon hearing the name, I immediately looked up and saw a boy with shaggy, ink-black hair and almond-shaped eyes.

"Hey, need help?"

I eyed his extended pale hand warily and shook my head. Finally, he stood straight and turned to the girls who were eyeing us warily.

"M-Matt?" Syrup stuttered.

"You better stop this, Syrup," Matt warned. "She doesn't deserve this." I felt my cheeks grow warm. Was I blushing?

"But she's such a... Ugh!"

"Why? Because she accidentally spilled her spaghetti on you on her first day? And you caught her talking to Dean? You have to get over that. Those things happened back in September, and it's already March." Matt reprimanded. "I think you're over reacting."

Syrup widened her eyes at Matt but didn't say anything. Then, she turned away with a "Hmph!" and her friends followed suit.

After they left, Matt returned his focus to me. He extended his hand again, and this time, I hesitantly grabbed for it.

Just like me, Matt Goodland is a senior and from what I've heard, he's one of those rare nice popular people. But I wasn't taking any chances. What if he's in cahoots with Syrup and her gang?

"Did you hear me?" He asked and I snapped back into attention.

"Um, sorry. What were you...?"

"Are you okay?"

I glanced up, and my eyes met his. They were an icy blue color, but there was something warm and nice about them. "Yeah, I am." I said finally.

He smiled. "That's good. But, um, do you have any spare pants? Your jeans are..."

I blushed. "No," I groaned. "I don't even have a jacket today!"

"Unfortunately, I don't think I can lend you a jacket either." He paused and thought for a moment. "How 'bout your friends?" I stayed silent. "Um... don't you have any friends?" I stared at him in response. "Wait—I didn't mean it that way! I just... don't you hang out with anyone?" He asked softly.

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a friend—Keisha Gold. I met her a few days after the accident with Syrup. Actually, I was surprised I didn't notice her immediately since she has long, choppy bright green hair. I freaked out at first, but I eventually found out her hair is really black and she has this thing of dyeing it in different colors every two years. We became lab partners, and well... we just clicked.

Unfortunately, her family decided to move to Canada sometime after Christmas. And since she's practically my only friend, I didn't hang out with anyone. I found it unusual that people forgot I had a best friend with bright green hair. (What's to forget about that?) But Keisha wasn't exactly popular, so most couldn't remember much of her. I guess that's how it works here.

"Hmm..." Matt stared back at me.


Without saying anything, he dragged me into the school building. What is up with people dragging me?

Since the bell's about to ring, the halls were almost empty. Almost. The students walking to class stopped and stared at me, and I became more aware how much mud I'm dripping. I hope the janitor won't have a hard time cleaning this.

"Stop!" I demanded, wriggling free from his grip just as Matt waved to a pretty girl with dark waves. Her name is Beth Johnson and she's in my Social Studies. She's popular, but not as popular as Matt or Syrup.

"Hey, Beth! Can you do a favor?"

Beth smile-nodded as she walked towards us but she stopped abruptly when her brown eyes landed on me. "Um... yeah, what is it?"

"Can you lend Cindy some jeans? Alyssa pushed her into a puddle of mud and I know that you have tons of spare clothes."

For some reason, my heart skipped a beat. He knows my name!

Beth's smile wavered. "Don't worry," Matt laughed. "I'm pretty sure you two have the same size. Cindy won't be stretching out your pants or anything."


"No, that's not... But Alyssa? As in Hollister?"

Matt let out a sigh. "They won't do anything to you. Promise."

Beth eyed me and she finally agreed. She signaled us to follow her and I felt the eyes of the remaining students on my mud-stained pants.

Get to class! I thought as we stopped in front of locker 309.

Beth hurriedly opened her silver-grey locker and grabbed the first jeans she saw, then she slammed it shut—but not before I saw what was inside of her locker. Matt was correct—there were tons of clothes in there. It was as if she was using her locker as an extra closet or something.

"Here, keep 'em. Their two seasons old, anyway." Beth grumbled, shoving the jeans my way before she walked away.

Carefully unfolding them, I realized they looked like the pair of jeans I saw in the mall the other day. Which, by the way, was True Religion and cost $300. Who would buy jeans that expensive and not wear it after they became "two seasons old"?

"Well, guess that solves your mud problem!" Matt exclaimed, giving me a happy little pat on the back. "See you later?" Before I could reply, he waved and walked away.

So for the whole day, I had a smile on my face. Not because the $300 jeans fit me perfectly. Or because I got a B on my Math test. No. It was because my The Elite She-Dogs left me alone for the rest of the day and a nice, cute guy was being friendly with me!

Today wasn't the same yesterday. It was different in a good way. And hopefully, it stays like that for the longest time possible.

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