Author's note: For whatever reason, I decided to turn No Reason to Regret into a two-shot. This is the yet again pointless, but sexy continuation. My Lucifer-shaped plot bunny refuses to die. x.x

Day from Hell

My day was going horribly. I had woken up with a raging migraine, which soon led to nausea. Then, my car decided it wanted to be on the fritz. Which, of course, meant my cell phone had to choose that moment to die. I had finally just thrown in the towel. Which is what led to me sitting at my dining room table, glaring down at my budget sheet, trying to calculate how badly missing today's shift was going to screw me over. Long story short, I was in a foul mood.

I was chewing on the end of my pen, pondering what I could cut out in order to make rent when I felt the warm tingle of energy along the back of my neck. I knew without turning around that he had appeared out of nowhere, as he was wont to do. The tingle grew stronger as he glided closer to me, before dissipating entirely as ice cold hands settled over my nearly bare shoulders. Times like this, wearing spaghetti straps turned out to be detrimental.

Cool breath ghosted over my ear as he leaned down over me, eying the infuriating numbers on the paper. "Drop the cell phone down to the basic plan for the month," was purred into my ear with that darkly honeyed voice. "Seriously, Luci? I barely scrape by on my minutes as is." I felt him turn to press his smirking lips against the shell of my ear, "Then, I just need to see to it that you are too busy to make any calls."

Well, wasn't he helpful? Bastard. I knew arguing with him was pointless, so even as he spun my chair around to face him, I wisely stayed silent. "You seem far too stressed, dearest. Perhaps I may assist you with that," he cocked a brow and his lips spread in an entirely too self-satisfied grin. "Piss off, Luci. As you can see, I'm rather bu...," was as far as I got before I found myself spread out on top of the table, looking startled into feral Caribbean colored eyes.

I knew where this was going, and for the first, and likely last time ever, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with him. I leveled a glare at him – a pale imitation of his own – and growled, "I'm not playing your games right now, Lucifer. Go find someone else to toy with." That earned me a surprised look. A look that quickly turned devious and challenging. "Odds are, I can convince you otherwise, lover," was all the warning I received before scalpel-sharp fangs were imbedded in my neck. There was one moment of bright, searing pain, and then...then there was only pure bliss.

My hands were tangled in that long, long, darker-than-midnight hair before I could think; holding him tightly against my throat. I could feel his purring vibrating along my skin as he greedily drank my essence from my veins. Just as my vision started to fuzz out around the edges, he withdrew those wicked teeth from my neck, pressing a feather-soft kiss against the wound.

As I lay there dazed, I distantly registered that he was popping the buttons of his forest green dress shirt. Before it had even hit the floor, he had already made quick work of his undershirt. My vision came back into focus as I gazed longingly at that smooth, flawless expanse of tightly wound muscle and milky pale skin. Part of me wanted to be irritated that he could affect me so easily, but that part was drowned out by the lust I could feel radiating from that lean, delicious body.

Somewhere in the time I had been staring, he had managed to divest me of my shorts and was now tugging my boneless body up from the table surface to pull my tank over my head. He lowered me back down to the table gently, before descending his lips upon my clavicle. Where his lips met my skin, I felt tingling electric static whilst he bent me, once again, to his will. As always when this happened, I found I simply did not care at this point.

Cool, silken soft lips trailed down over my breasts before a velvet tongue laved teasingly at each nipple in turn. I had my hands buried in his hair again, and a leg curled around his waist without remembering ever having put it there. I dragged him closer with my leg, and he came willingly, pressing himself against me with nothing but a few layers of thin cloth separating me from his impressive length. Eyes flashing cold fire, he rubbed himself against me slowly. Unbidden, a moan spilled from my throat. I decided then and there that I had had enough of his teasing.

Arching up from the table with a speed that surprised even me, I dug my nails into his shoulders and yanked him down, fusing our lips together in a fierce kiss. He gave a short, muffled sound of surprise before his tongue forked and he gave himself wholly over to the kiss. He pulled back slowly, chuckling quietly at my breathlessness. I had a brief thought that he was going to leave me high and dry, then I felt him tugging my panties down my legs to toss them aside with wherever he had thrown the rest of our clothing. I heard his belt buckle being undone just a moment before I felt that near frightening length pressed against my opening. He gazed into my eyes, surprisingly seeking permission for once. I nodded my head, knowing there was no way I could possibly refuse him.

He slid into me slowly, inch by inch until finally he was seated completely. He grasped my hips and pulled me tighter against his body, my legs automatically clasping around his waist in a vice grip. He braced himself on the table with one hand, carding the other through my hair as he leaned down to give me a shockingly gentle kiss.

Something was off with him today. His behavior was highly unusual compared to how he had always acted in the past. I lost track of my thought process, however, when he started moving. His thrusts were slow, but fluid. The flexing of his muscles drew my attention from his eyes, and over that tall, graceful form.

A whisper of my name from his lips drew my eyes back to his. His gaze locked on mine as his silken tresses slid over his shoulders to act as a curtain between us and the outside world. Those eerie, glowing irises were lit by some emotion I couldn't place. I started to mull over the possibilities, but then he changed his angle ever so slightly, and I hissed out in pleasure, winding my arms around his back in a death grip. I canted my hips up against his, trying to encourage him to move faster, but he slid a hand down the length of my body to still my hips effortlessly with his inhuman strength.

"Okay," I thought to myself, "Evidently I need to be more forward." Hmm, usually begging worked, so I'd try that. "Luci, please. Faster, harder, something. You're killing me here." His eyes narrowed as he whispered, "No. Not this time." Right, something was definitely up with him today. Just what in the hell was going on?

I heard a loud scratching sound next to my head and glanced over to see his fingers tipped in talons that were now cutting into my table. His pace and control were costing him. I don't think I had ever been more baffled than I was at that moment. I was about to question him when he dipped his head down, and started slowly running that forked tongue over the pulse on the unmarred side of my neck. This time I was prepared for it. I tipped my head back and to the side a bit as his hand came back to slide into my hair again, holding me where he wanted me as fangs broke my skin for the second time.

He altered his rhythm suddenly, sliding out slowly, before plunging back in. The change in pace coupled with the delicious sensation of his teeth buried in my flesh brought my climax unexpectedly crashing down on me. Deadly sharp canines slipped from my neck just in time to prevent me butchering myself as my body convulsed around him, drawing a sharp gasp from between his bloodied lips. I saw something flash through his eyes as he decided he'd had enough restraint for the day. His hips snapped forward as he began forcefully pounding his way into me. I was half convinced the table would break from the sheer power he was putting behind his movements.

Goosebumps raised all over my skin when suddenly that warm, flowing power washed over me again. This time was different, though. Before, it had been a gentle breeze of energy. Now, it sucked the air from the room, seemingly crushing me with its weight. I snapped my eyes to his, slightly panicked about what was going on. I saw his eyes bleed to solid, molten silver just before I heard wood crack and splinter from the ferocity with which he dug his talons into the surface. I felt warmth spread within me as he found his release, bringing me over the edge once again. He went rigid for a moment, before slumping over me – a move he managed to make graceful.

My legs fell from around his waist to dangle over the side of the table uselessly. Tired arms wrapped loosely around his back whilst I let the soothing feeling of his cool breath ghosting over the abused skin of my neck lull me into perfect relaxation. I lay there, beyond content until his movement stirred me. He snatched me up securely in his arms, moving us over to the sofa across the room. Once placed down next to him, I tucked myself into his side, laying my head on his chest. "No bed this time," I asked. "Too far. Here seemed just fine," was the soft reply I received.

"Luci, what's with you today? Not that I mind the impromptu visit. I sure as hell don't mind the ridiculously amazing sex, but seriously. You seem off." He glanced down at me briefly before redirecting his gaze to the ceiling. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was embarrassed about something. This was Luci, though. He didn't get embarrassed, right...? He heaved a small sigh before flicking his eyes down to meet mine again. "How long has it been since I was last here?" Now, that was a strange question. "Um, seven – eight weeks I guess. It's been a while. Why?" He gave me a small frown over that response. Weird.

"Are you going somewhere with this," I questioned. "I have been very busy of late. No time for anything. Certainly no time for the things I would most like to be doing." I blinked a few times, staring at him in confusion. "Are you saying wanted to be here? With me? Did you actually miss me or something?" I flinched at the glare that retort earned me. This just didn't make any sense. "You really are oblivious, you know," he whispered as he cast his eyes off to look at nothing in particular.

I was so out of my depth here. Blinking stupidly a few more times, I inquired," You did miss me, didn't you?" Another icy, penetrating glare. I was clearly missing the point, and he was far from pleased about it. "Luci..." I didn't get any further because he tipped my face upward with a fingertip, brushing his lips ever so lightly over my own. "You really are lost. Of course I missed you. Do you not realize how much you mean to me?" I did not have a response for that. I knew him well enough to know that what he had just said equated to a declaration of love from anyone else.

I shook myself back to reality, and noticed he was watching me very carefully. I gave him a bright smile and leaned up, kissing his cheek softly, "You mean a lot to me, too, Luci." I closed my eyes and snuggled back up to him contentedly. In hindsight, maybe today hadn't be so horrible after all.