Each girl in my old class from the past two years has a line. I dare you to guess which one I am.

There's the girl with the vampire teeth

And the one with the absolutely flawless hair

There's the girl who used to live in America

And the one I really hate, that pretends to actually care

Another one's a loner, sits reading all on her own

The next is the class clever, with red rimmed Prada glasses

Tall, thin, blonde, perfect (anorexic)

Nice smile, cold eyes, athletic body, loud, bouncy, miss-popular-so-perfect

Again one of the cold girls, with a stereotypical name

And the one who says she's always right

And the shy one that everyone likes, with gentle smiles and covered hair

Small stature, not the prettiest on the outside, stick around - she'll give you a surprise

Chopped locks used to hide this girl's mismatched eyes

Flitting, flinching, non touchable, pinching, Siamese eyes - never wanted to be Chinese

Show off, Daddy's little girl, darling daughter, of everything had two (they're not your friends, they laugh at you)

Short, smiley, sporty, tanned

Funny, freaky, fantastic, bad heritage, don't tell them your real name, such a shame

Glasses, earrings, flower in the hair, plait down the back, eyes clouded with despair

She loves, hockey, loves a laugh,

Curvy blonde, thick lenses, mind wanders, freckles pending

And they don't want to split us up, says you.

God - get on with it - down with Lower Four Double-you.