He was a monster, though; he didn't see himself as such. To admit that what he did was wrong would be to admit he was evil. He was well aware that everything he did was pure animal instinct. Love was only lust; pain and fear were converted to anger and aggression. All emotions were shown the moment they were felt. As a feral animal would, the moment he felt fear he would attack that which frightened him; when he was in pain he would attack that which was hurting him. Even during moments of lust he attacked. Always taking what he wanted with no remorse, as was his way. Always had been and probably always would be.

His body was raging again as it had been of late. With spring just around the corner the need for a mate was strong. It had never been so strong before but, he figured it was because there had never been a female of his kind anywhere near his territory. Now there was one in it. All others of his kind that he had met were male as females were few and far between. He had caught her scent a few days ago and not once since; but he did now.

Following it, he came upon her lounging in a clearing, sun bathing with her body and legs stretched out and her eyes closed.

He wanted to approach her but, for the first time he did not want to attack. He had no desire to frighten her away, have her run from him. He had never felt the desire not to frighten. The power of other's fear was intoxicating but, not now.

Her nose twitched and his breath caught in his throat. To late did he realize he was upwind of her; the breeze blowing his scent straight to her. Her eyes snapped open and locked on him instantly. Her eyes were a beautiful, warm, dark honey brown and her pupils dilated at the sight of him.

He had expected her to run but, she didn't; she smiled at him, a savage barring of teeth. All doubts he had felt at the strange feelings that had been coursing through him disappeared. It appeared to him that he had found a lovely mate to tame. Oh, this is gonna be fun.