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I was inspired to write this by a fanfic of capturing miracles (an author of fanfiction). I hope you guys are doing alright? Stay safe~

Inspired by capturing miracles. That's the disclaimer, I guess...? :):

Capturing a Star

Whenever Joshua Davis hears the word "pretty" the first thing that pops into his head is an image of her.

Sonia Sanchez.

With fun dark kinky curls, brown doe eyes, smooth skin the color of caramel, and pouty baby pink lips... why wouldn't she be?

She was so pretty.

But for some reason, others didn't think so.

They often compared her with her friends. She wasn't beautiful like Krista Martins. She wasn't as angelic-looking as Mariah Matthews. Heck, sometimes, they even considered Macy Williams the prettier girl.

"Seriously?" one of his friends, Michael Stone, laughed upon hearing his opinion. "You think that Sanchez girl is pretty?"

"She is," another friend interjected. "But not as pretty as Macy. Or her other friends." He added, eyeing Macy's C cups.

What was wrong with people?

But one night he thought that maybe they were right. Maybe she wasn't pretty, he decided. No. He gazed up at dark sky, illuminated with those shining stars. A slow smile slowly formed as the cheesy thought appeared in his head. She's not pretty- she's as magnificent as the stars. That's what I'll call her now.

But on a good note, even if guys thought Sonia wasn't as pretty as her friends- or brilliant as the stars- guys still liked her. Had a crush on her.

On a bad note, Joshua liked her too. Very, very much.


While Sonia was magnificent, Joshua wasn't exactly close to it. He wasn't even that handsome. He was out of her league.

He was a short awkward boy with a black mess known as his hair and narrow eyes the shade of grey that most people would associate with the ash that come out from cigarette butts.

And not only was he out of her league, she was his friend. A best friend, really, as Sonia clarified it to him one day.

"I love you!" Joshua accidentally blurted to her one warm, lazy afternoon when they were lounging near that lake known to fishers.

Sonia's startled eyes made him quickly add: "As a friend, I mean."

"A best friend, you mean." Sonia corrected, the panic gone from her eyes.

Joshua forced a smile. "Yep."

Satisfied, Sonia giggled and waved goodbye to him, and ran to greet her boyfriend, Dean Knight.

I still love you no matter what.


But an incident caused her to lose her beauty, her magnificence.

No matter what...

Sonia was going home from a party she went to when she got snatched.. Not only were the accused satisfied with stealing her wallet and phone, they had to stab and punch and kick her dozens of times. Rumor was that Dean was with her, but his strength wasn't enough to stop the combined strength of two grown men.

Every single time Joshua was available, he would be there in the hospital, comforting her. He was one of those allowed to visit her along with family, friends, and boyfriend.

But maybe that was a bad idea.


"Look, maybe we should break up,"

Joshua abruptly stopped, recognizing the voice. It was Dean's. He quickly sat down on one of those waiting chairs, took out his iPod and then fiddled with it. Please don't see me...

"What? Why?" Sonia cried out in a voice that made Joshua want to punch Dean.

"Because!" Joshua couldn't see because of the curtains, but he could imagine Dean throwing his arms up in exasperation. "Look at you. You look... I don't know, weird." The jerk.

"And I'm sick and tired of you complaining about how you look! I'm sorry, okay? I just- I don't want to be seen with you. Besides, they might think it was my fault you got hurt and stuff, since I was with you and your friends." The freaking jerk!

"Aaahhh! Get out of my room! Get out you sick little bit-"


Joshua clenched his fists as Dean went out of the room. But he couldn't bring himself to punch him in the place where it hurts.

Way to be her knight in shining armor, he thought bitterly as Dean passed. He waited for a few moments, and then went in Sonia's room.

"Get out!" Sonia screamed, sobbing as she buried her face into her hands.

Joshua, who usually did anything that Sonia asked, stayed put.

"Are you okay? I heard everything-" Joshua stopped abruptly. Was it good to continue?

Slowly, almost as if she was afraid, Sonia looked up. "Y-Y-You did?" She whimpered.

Joshua hesitantly nodded.

"But what he said is true... What Dean said..." Sonia wiped her tears away and gazed at a distant place that only she could see.

"No, it's-"

"I mean, yeah, I do look ugly." Sonia glanced at Joshua then back at the place she only could see. "I know I'm not as pretty as the other girls." She let out a laugh. "And with how I look right now..."

"You don't know what you're saying!" Joshua insisted, stepping closer to Sonia's bed.

"Yes I do." She replied firmly.

"No. You don't."

"I look ugly with the scars and bruises I got... from... f-f-from..." Sonia's shoulders shook and her eyes welled up with tears again. Joshua rushed to her side and hugged her tight.

"Nobody... Everyone... they'll... They won't look at me the same."

"You're wrong. I'm still looking at you the same way I always do."

Slowly, the tears stopped...

"I still think you look like a star. And I still love you."

...And they disappeared entirely.

A little cheesy, maybe. Well, maybe only the "star" part...

But tell me what you think and thanks for giving this a chance! Till we meet again~ :)