Hello again FP readers :) It's been quite a while since I've posted a story, and today, I've got the first chapter of my longest original project yet :) It was co-written by fellow author and friend "MarshalZhukov" over the course of several weeks, and we're both very proud of it :)

I will say this, it IS a racy work, but I do not believe it is ever overly graphic or explicit. However, for you to have gotten here, you probably read the summary, and so you KNOW, this is a story about two call-girls; there is going to be quite a bit of sexual activity involved ;)

That being said, we hope the humor of the things occuring herein is not lost, and that the love story we intended to tell came through :)

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The hotel room didn't matter. The curtains, the bedding, they were all irrelevant. It was a dank room, and that was all. The players were all that mattered: two women, and two men.

The men were Japanese, plain and simple. Their hair neatly cut and styled, their suits top dollar, and their expressions, a bit shaken to say the least. Granted, the blonde checking her Colt just a few inches away could have had something to do with their trepidation.

"Is that really necessary?" one of the men asked.

"I'm afraid it is," she replied, not giving them her eyes. "Any other circumstance, we might not be so strict, but with what you two are asking for…" she racked the slide and let it slam shut, "…we just need to be sure things go smoothly."

"But…" the other of the two men looked for his words, "…it's going to be difficult to-"

"Get it up?" she asked.

Both of the men looked a bit embarrassed, and the other responded, "Well, yes."

The blonde offered them a smile, "Don't worry, boys." She slipped the gun into the waist of her dark and snug denim jeans, and raised her hands back into view. "See that? Gun stays behind me unless I need it." Both men seemed relieved for a moment and she continued, "My friend signals either one of you that she can't breathe, you back off, and everything is fine."

"What will the signal be?" the other man asked.

"A tap on the thigh," the brunette seated on the bed said. There was no better way to describe her; she was adorable. Rail thin, huge eyes, pouty lips, wavy shoulder-length hair, and a few surprising curves in all the right places. Her white tank top was snug to her form giving little mystery to the supple physique beneath, as did her jean shorts.

And that would be me. The name's Maggie St. Claire. I'm twenty-five, daughter to two loving parents, I have a Master's in business law, and I'm a call girl. The girl with the gun is my best friend Sonya. She's a few weeks younger than me, has the same degree, and since I can remember, she's been a part of my life. Incidentally, she's my partner, and she's also a call girl. The only reason we're together on this job is because these guys want to take turns choking me with their man-parts, while the other bangs me; big fun. Actually, it's probably going to be very little fun. If it were to be big fun, they likely wouldn't be employing the services of a call girl, now would they?

"Got that?" Sonya sternly asked. "If at any point she taps your thigh, you're to stop immediately and back off." The two men nodded, and Sonya brought her watch-bearing wrist into her view. "Any more questions before we start?"

The two men looked to one another and shook their heads. The one nearest to Maggie replied, "No, I think we are alright."

"Okay then, boys…" Sonya said as she clicked her watch, "…have fun."

With no slight bit of concern, the men undressed, while Maggie just sat there. Down to their underwear, they stared at each other, then at Maggie. "Should we…?" one of the men began.

I love the social awkwardness of first timers. "Can we take off her clothes?" "Can we kiss her?" "What do we do?" It's kind of cute, and it wastes time, which is always good.

"She's your toy, gentlemen," Sonya explained. "Do whatever you want with her."

"Whatever we want?" one of them asked.

"Whatever you want, within the restrictions of the agreement you made with her," Sonya replied. She looked back to the watch on her wrist and commented, "Best get a move on if I were you."

Without further adieu, the older man nearest Maggie pushed her onto her back, laying her across the twin-sized bed. Before her underwear was off, the younger man next to her face had removed his underwear.

Yeah, that's his shaft in my mouth, and as I predicted, it's nothing special. Guys love me for this move; I call it "The Inverted Oral". My gag reflex is pretty much nonexistent, and I can hold my breath for eighty-five seconds, thank you swim team. It's funny, I still remember the first time I tasted a guy. Kinda reminded me of a churro, you know, like at a carnival? Only without the sugary goodness. It was kinda blah if you asked me. Also quite funny how different some of them taste, and how bad some of them can taste. Thank you rule number six.

The other man finally ready, he began his side of the experience.

Ah, this other one is a bit bigger than his friend. Might be interesting when they switch places later, but still, no real matter, just fifty-five minutes to go, and it takes longer than that to bake a pie. I wonder what Sonya wants to do for dinner tonight? I'm in the mood for it, but after this, I'm not having Japanese for a week. Ah, now he's hitting something. Is it sad that I've gotten used to my air being cut off like this? The first few times, it startled me a bit, but nowadays, my heart barely skips a beat.

The man by her face took a tight hold of her breasts, his body tensing and shivering.

Ugh, seriously, add some vegetables to your diet, my friend. Oh, and I guess we're switching places. Ah, yeah, this other guy is definitely bigger than the first.

She placed a hand on his thigh, bringing him to instantly freeze and turn to Sonya. She nodded to him and he somewhat hesitantly resumed his actions.

Wow, that first guy was pitiful compared to this one; I can see why he needed this. At least this other one is making me work for the premium we're charging. Maybe it's not quite worth writing home about, but it's something.

She tapped his thigh once and immediately he backed up.

Good boy.

She gently gestured him back to her, and he once again resumed.

Well that was exciting. Thai! No; no Asian food tonight. Mexican, I haven't had Mexican in days.

The exchange complete, Maggie retreated to the bathroom for a shower while Sonya collected the payment. Those sixty minutes of fantasy cost those two men twenty-five hundred dollars, and by the looks on their faces, it was money well spent. They backed away from Sonya with their backs to the door, repeatedly bowing and thanking her. She smiled back to them, always grateful for an exchange completed without any hiccups.

"Take care now," she remarked before closing the door behind them. After locking the door, she folded the twenty-five bills. As she slipped them into Maggie's bag, she commented with a grin, "Good job tonight."

She stepped to the bathroom and tried the lock; open as usual. The shower curtain kept Maggie hidden, though the squeak of the door announced Sonya. "How'd it go?" Maggie asked.

"Clockwork, easy-peasy," she replied. "What are you thinking for-"

"Mexican!" Maggie interrupted. "All I could think about that whole time was a goddamn burrito."

Sonya chuckled, "Were they that bad?"

"Ugh! No rhythm, no romance, no nothing," Maggie replied. "Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being manhandled, but come on; at least make it fun for me."

"Helluva paycheck though."

Maggie let out a laugh, "Alright, perfect example of how thrilling that was? I was able to calculate how much I was getting paid, by the minute, down to exact change, while they were banging me."


"Yep. Let me finish washing up and we'll hit El Bandito."

"Sounds good to me."

"Your treat!" Maggie playfully added, as Sonya was about to step out of the washroom.

"Oh come on!" Sonya whined. "You just got paid…" she did the math on her hands and in her head, "Forty-one dollars and…"

She stopped to think about it a moment, which prompted Maggie to comment, "Sixty-six cents repeating."

"Oh whatever!" Sonya stammered. "You made enough to pay for dinner and drinks in the first two minutes!"

"I bought last time, and this time the guys were even smaller; it's totally your turn," Maggie replied.

"Oh fine," Sonya conceded petulantly. "But you're driving home!"

"Whatever you say, sweetheart."

The following night found Maggie and Sonya in reversed roles. However, where the previous evening was for safety concerns, this evening was by request of the client. There was just one tonight, and Sonya couldn't deny that she had always found him handsome. His square jaw, tanned skin and piercing green eyes under a closely trimmed coif of brown hair. He reminded her of a military man, or at least what she believed a military man might look like. Perhaps he was, for all she knew. Nevertheless, this evening, it was Sonya propped on the bed, and in a significantly more upscale establishment to boot.

Thankfully, I'm on all fours tonight. Sonya Schweder, and believe it or not, I actually like it when a guy wants it like this; makes it easy for me to focus on something other than his face. I hate it when guys try to get all lovey-dovey with me, like I was their girlfriend or some shit like that. No sir. "This is strictly business," as my grandfather used to say. No point in getting too attached to a client. Do just enough, and then a little bit more to keep'em wanting to come back, but not enough to get sentimental.

The stockings and knee boots were his idea; the lacy thong he's sliding off my ass was mine. Thank God for Pilates.

He let out a content whistle as he caressed Sonya's firm and toned glutes. She looked up to find Maggie making a cross-eyed stare at her, which of course made her want to laugh. She stuck her tongue out at Maggie, bringing her to smile and quit her teasing. "Time's a wasting, my friend," she said as she checked her watch. "Only forty minutes to go."

"I like to admire a woman who takes care of herself," he said, and take care of herself Sonya did. Her skin was perpetually tan, not burnt, but golden. There wasn't a wrinkle or crease to be found on her, nor a mark or blemish that didn't seem to accentuate a feature even more. Her body was tight, slender, but full in all the right places. An absolute beauty by comparison to Maggie's girl-next-door. "The transaction will take place regardless, so please allow me to indulge all of my senses."

Maggie smiled, struggling to conceal a laugh, while Sonya rolled her eyes. "Sorry for interrupting," she replied. He gestured to the plush seat in front of Sonya, and Maggie took that seat, watching as he requested.

This guy is kind of a semi-regular. Flies in from some place in Europe every few months. We don't ask and he don't tell. He takes very good care of us, so we keep the night schedules clear until further notice, once he lets us know his tentative arrival. If he shows, we give him a good time. If he doesn't, he calls, usually apologizes, but always wires us the funds regardless. Never had a problem with this guy and we intend to keep him happy.

Thing with him is, he sorta likes to pop me in the ass while Maggie watches. He takes his time with me, which I do appreciate, but when Maggie is watching, he gets this – intensity. I'm ashamed to admit, but he actually gets me off; properly. I don't know a thing about this guy. If he's married, if he's got kids, dog, cat; all I really know is his blood and piss are clean. That, and whoever he is, he knows how to touch a woman. His fingers, his tongue, even his breath; so good. Rule number three well at work. Maggie sees me getting lost again; I can see it all over her face. A wink of reassurance for her, a smile in return for me, and lo and behold, the unmistakable squish of lube.

It's cold that first instant, but warms right up after the first few thrusts. I was trying so hard to focus on sorting out our grocery list, but who was I kidding? This guy knows what I like, he's damn good at it, and so, I let myself go; it's much more fun when you let yourself enjoy it anyway. A little more lube, a little more slip. This guy is such a gentleman; he never lets it hurt too bad.

"Five minutes," Maggie called.

He seemed to finish up just as she spoke. Interesting. Usually, he is done well before now. Oh, well. Mine is not to reason why.

He gently withdrew from her, kissed each cheek, and slid her undergarments back in place for her. She leaned forward onto her belly, and then rolled onto her side, looking back at her satisfied client who'd indeed satisfied her as well. She might not have afforded him the possibility of attachment, but she certainly liked the way he made her feel.

After getting dressed, he tossed his coat over his arm, and placed an envelope on the dresser by the door. "Goodnight, ladies," he said with a slight bow. "I shall be in town for a few nights. May I call upon your services again?"

"I don't see why not," Sonya replied coyly. "When would you like to see us?"

"Wednesday night, here, same time, and please…" Sonya tilted her head in curiosity as he finished his thought, "…wear the lace again, my dear? I greatly appreciated that."

Sonya smiled demurely and nodded for him. "Anything to please a client."

"If something should delay me, I will give notice," he said, and turned to the door. "I thank you again for the wonderful service. Добрый вечер."

Maggie casually flipped the lock on the door, while Sonya stripped off her sparse clothing on her way to the bathroom.

"Enjoy yourself?" Maggie called from the living area as she checked the payment.

"I feel like having borsht tonight," Sonya replied with a bit of glee in her tone.

Maggie huffed as she stepped into the bathroom, an air of warning in her voice, "You know you shouldn't get too close."

"I know that, Margaret," Sonya replied. "It's purely physical, nothing more."

Maggie playfully scowled, but left the bath all the same. "Twenty minutes and we're out of here," she called.

"Da Da," Sonya answered.

Twenty minutes gives me enough time to wash him off me, dry and dress. I'll be a little sore tomorrow, but I'll live, and this paycheck? A one and three zeroes for sixty minutes; it'll make the pain in my ass that much less.

Morning came, and as predicted, Sonya was in quite a bit of pain. She laid on her back, smack dab in the middle of her queen-sized bed, her button-down pajamas secured by just two of the buttons. It was just she and Maggie in this house after all; there wasn't much point in covering up. She stretched out on her bed, slowly pulling her knees to her chest, then straightening her legs, and arms. She let her limbs fall back to the bed and let out a groan. A sniff brought the smell of cinnamon to her sinus, and though it hurt, she pushed herself upright. "That girl knows the way to my heart," she said, her eyes closed and a grin on her lips.

Their home wasn't very large, and was for the most part neutral in terms of color. Lots of whites and off-whites with dark contrasting furniture, it was the quintessential definition of modern, and very efficiently laid out. They rarely ever served clients in these walls, save for but two to three regulars throughout the years. Just down the hall from their opposing bedrooms, the kitchen nook, living area, and dining area all shared an open space.

The closer she got to the kitchen, the greater the elements of the meal made themselves known. Cinnamon meant French toast, Sonya's favorite breakfast comfort, and then there was the definitive smell of eggs, and saltiness of bacon. They didn't really have set roles in the house, but it seemed that Sonya always grabbed their laundry while Maggie always did the cooking. It worked, and so they went along with it, never commenting how it was their job.

"Hey you," Maggie called as she scraped the scrambled hash evenly onto two mismatched plates. "How're you feeling?"

Sonya slowly trudged her way to the table, her derriere far more sore than she had anticipated. "I need to stretch more. My butt hurts," she whined as she took a seat, thankful at least for the padded seat cushions. Maggie turned and placed the plates she'd fixed on the table, one in front of Sonya, and the other at the setting next to her. "I demand tea," Sonya groaned.

"Keep your pants on," Maggie chided.

Sonya ran her fingers through her hair while Maggie placed a cup of tea in front of her. "Danke," she commented.

"Do itashi mashite," Maggie replied.

It wasn't much, but Sonya perked up at that. She gently clasped her cup with both hands and brought it to her lips. "Oh ho! Miss those two Japanese guys, do you?" she asked before taking a sip.

"I've come to enjoy an easy buck, and it doesn't get much easier than those two."

"That one guy wasn't bad."

"Good goods, but he has a lot to learn about usage," Maggie explained as she took some of the eggs onto her fork, and unlocked her tablet to check her morning news. After a sip of her coffee, she amended her thought, "Not like your Mister European I imagine. I was positive hotel security was going to be called; you were screaming like someone was murdering you."

Just at the thought of last night's activities, Sonya grimaced and shifted in her seat. "Yeah, well, I'm paying for it now. Remind me to grab one of those donut pillows when we go out later."

"Donut pillows?"

"Yeah, you know, for people who've had surgery on their ass?"

Maggie lowered her coffee, and her eyes went wide as she asked, "They make a pillow for that?"

"Bad Boys Two?" Sonya remarked. "Will Smith shoots Martin Lawrence in the ass and brings him a…"

Maggie smiled and nodded as the memory came to her, and she finished Sonya's explanation, "Donut pillow as a gag gift. Right, I remember now." She put her coffee down and flipped pages on her tablet. She didn't give Sonya her eyes as she spoke, "We'll see if we can get you one when we hit the mall later."

"How embarrassing," Sonya mused, as she took a sip of tea.

"Don't worry, I'll buy it for you," Maggie offered.

Sonya smiled, "You're the best, you know that?"

"Yep," Maggie replied with a bright grin.

Sonya slouched after Maggie to the front door. She had to smirk at the effort Maggie put in just to go to the mall. Hair done up just so, make-up tastefully minimal, a slinky grey top, knee length denim shorts and dress flats. Sonya eyed herself in the mirror; oversized t-shirt, baggy jeans with shredded knees and ratty canvas high-tops laced to the ankle. For all her natural beauty, she was the epitome of a skater bum.

"How do you do that shit?" Sonya asked, still looking in the mirror.

Maggie stopped in the hall and turned back to her. "Do what?" she innocently asked.

"You look like a goddamn doll and you spent the same amount of time getting ready as me," Sonya commented, prompting Maggie to look herself over. "How does that work?"

"Ah, I don't know really," Maggie chuckled as she stuck her feet out to check her legs. "You think I look like a doll?"

"Perfect skin, perfect hair-"

"Perfect hair?" Maggie asked, interrupting her. "I can fix that," she said. She pulled the clip from her hair as she stepped to the same mirror Sonya was at. She gathered the unkempt locks into a ball and hastily re-clipped. To her dismay, she still looked perfect.

"See what I mean?" Sonya laughed.

"Oh whatever, you're still prettier than me," Maggie remarked. "Besides, we're just going to the mall. It's not like we're meeting a client or anything."

"Well if we did…" Sonya said as she draped her arm over her friend's shoulders, "…at least one of us would get paid."

Maggie slipped her arm around Sonya's waist as they walked to the door in each other's arms, "Oh shut up."

At the Westside Pavilion, Maggie and Sonya strolled into a store specializing in intimate apparel. For a girl who was two years into a very lucrative career in the "service" industry, Maggie was very reserved in her selections. She only bought blacks or nudes. Any other color was either too plain, or too unpleasantly visible behind lighter clothing. Her logic was that when one wears black under white, it's too blatant to be a mistake, and was therefore an intentional fashion statement.

Conversely, Sonya was far more adventurous. From lacey things, to exotic prints, to undergarments that had strategically placed holes; she got into the experience completely. Her clients had come to appreciate that sort of thing from her. Still, it didn't change the fact that when they made trips like this, it was usually because of Maggie. Something about her saw clients frequently ripping her undergarments off and therefore ruining them. Granted, she did enjoy being manhandled, and that was what her clients appreciated about her.

She held a silky smooth pair of panties, black with grey stitching, and Sonya commented, "Your guys don't complain that you're too…" Maggie looked up to her, waiting for her to find the words, "…tightly wound?"

"What do you mean?" Maggie asked. "Because of how plain my things are?"

"Yeah," Sonya replied as she browsed a clearance table, flipping through some more interesting undergarments.

Maggie looked back to the underwear, "Not usually; understated works for me. In my experience, a guy sees a girl dressed carefully and properly, it makes him want to screw her that much harder."

Sonya chuckled, "The 'I'll-teach-you' principle."

Maggie stared at her for just a moment. Sonya truly was a great beauty. The sort of girl you saw on TV, only Sonya didn't need the makeup. She thought she did, but her skin and features were flawless, and the way her green eyes set off the darker golden tone was simply magnificent. She smiled, thinking about all the ways they were similar, but still so very different. They truly did cater to two completely different types of clientele.

As Sonya laid a frilly black bra over her chest, Maggie asked, "What about you?"


"Do guys really lose their shit seeing things like that on you?"

"Oh totally," Sonya replied. She bobbed her head, her tone indicating her playful nature. "I mean I am a full cup size bigger than you, so it works better on me…"

"Bitch!" Maggie interjected.

"But," Sonya continued, "yeah, absolutely. They see the see-through and the frilliness, they pop twice as fast."


"You should try a garter or something a little more daring," Sonya suggested. "Maybe for Brian?"

Instantly, Maggie was twice as alert. Quickly she attempted to play it off, "What makes you say that?"

They made their way further into the store as Sonya answered, "Oh come on, Mags. Whenever you prep for a session with him you're a totally different person."

"I am not!"

"Oh right, my mistake. You spend an hour showering for every client you see."

"I want to be clean, is that such a bad thing?"

"And you never let him raw dog you, right?"

"That was only the one time!" Maggie replied of the infamous "Plan-B" incident.

"It was pretty fuckin' great though, wasn't it?" Sonya chided. "To feel him all the way?"

Maggie didn't answer right away, and her smile deceived her every step of the way. Finally, she let the ruse go with a sigh, "It so was. Stupid uterus."

Sonya let out a loud laugh and they stepped to the counter to pay for their things. She was always amused at the looks she got from the sales staff, being dressed in such ratty and unkempt clothes, yet buying up all manner of exotic and racy undergarments. After they finished paying, they headed out into the mall, ending up opposite one another outside a coffee kiosk, continuing their discussion.

"Why don't you just tell him how you feel?" Sonya asked as she sipped her tea.

"Because, I'm a call girl!" Maggie replied. "He already told me that in a perfect world, he'd never share me, so what would I do?"

"I don't know, put that Master's degree back to use?"

"Ugh, I can't even think about it," Maggie replied. "It's like dealing with cardboard people all day."

"Can't argue with you there," Sonya replied. She checked her watch and commented, "Shit, we gotta hustle."

Maggie too checked her watch and replied, "Ah, you're right. We need to prep the room and you should get to stretching."

They stood from their seats taking their drinks with them, as Sonya replied, "Fuck, I forgot the donut."

"Tell you what, we'll stop home and switch cars," Maggie suggested. "The heated seats in my car will help your tushy."

Once again, they walked off with their arms around one another, and once more, Sonya offered, "You really are the best."

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