Kept in cages, days go by-y!
Robbed of all sense of when and why-y!
Information played by stations,
Owned by bloodstained corporations!
Repetition preludes madness,
Regress the self to see what happens!
Spawning so called cu-res, and coercive!
Torture labelled interrogation!
We once dreamed that we could fly-y!
Now at our leader's clawed hands those dreams die!


Creative crushing eduction!
Mind eroding medication!
Money keep the masses moving!
Control so that cash keeps flowing!

So bid your memories goodby-ye!
Only the good ones, don't you try-y!
To recollect them, tightly hold them!
Fighting for freedom is now treason!
Creative kids are now in season!
Hunted for what they believe in!
So agents grab your guns and ammunition!
Weapons in the form of mental poison!
Your targets the youth of the nation!
Waste 'em all at your discretion!


Cowards deciding natural selection!
Deeming unfit the courageous!
And those who don't share your opinions!
Who disagree with drugging children!