We watched you.

We watched your chest heave sharply as your lungs strained for a sweet breath of air.

We watched as you coughed violently, trying to recover from us choking you.

We watched as fearful tears streamed down your face.

We watched as you howled in pain from large wounds on your abdomen. Our work.

We watched as you fluttered in Limbo.

We watched . . .

We saw you.

We saw how it deceived you.

We saw how it oppressed you.

We saw how it became you.

We saw your obsession with it.

We saw . . .

And then . . . We felt you . . . if only for a second.

But in that second We . . . were you.

We wanted to laugh, to cry, to scream, to shiver, all at once.

All of your emotions overwhelmed us. It must have been yours. We have none.

We felt how fragile you were.

We felt how broken you had been. Both mentally and physically.

We felt both your significance and insignificance.

But most of all . . . We felt your helplessness.

Helplessness . . . that is the only emotion that We will never forget.

It reminded us that We were once like you.

It deceived Us.

It oppressed Us.

It became Us.

It was Our obsession.

. . . .and We embraced it.

For We knew it was the only thing that truly belonged to us.

It was us.

We were it.

And as We stood, for that split second, We wanted to do as We were once accustomed

Embracing helplessness. Your helplessness.

But We have no emotion. Only the finite dance that is existence.

And you must die . . .