Chapter 1

Melissa White got up from her seat with an exaggerated sweep of her glossy blonde hair. She smiled at the eager eyes of the jocks, who sat in one corner of the room, making sure her smile was flirty but teasing. She held her books to her chest tightly, so her breasts pushed up against the soft material of her faded red H&M top. Melissa sauntered across the classroom with undeniable confidence and femininity seeping from her every step and move. As she walked out of the door, she felt the jocks' eyes glued to every part of her body and she knew why. It was because she was the one girl that everyone wanted, but could never get.

Each and every one of them had already tried getting into her pants since she became single four months ago, and each attempt had led to a sad failure. It was fun for Melissa to tease them of course, but that was all they were, fun. None had ever succeeded in capturing her heart and she liked to keep it that way. But spring half term was near and Melissa was more than bored with her school life. She needed someone to keep her occupied as she tried to get through each day, but it seemed every boy at school had got the hint that Melissa wasn't looking for a relationship. Which was true, but Melissa sure wouldn't have minded another boy bending over backwards for her in hopes of becoming her boyfriend. Something like that would have been perfect; it would have kept Melissa busy so she wouldn't have to think about the real reason why she was single for so long. Right now that's exactly what she needed, a distraction, something fun, something challenging. She had a game in mind already, all she needed now was a player and Melissa could finally have the fun that she was craving for so badly.

"Hey, could you help me find my class?" The question made Melissa stop in the middle of the corridor with a frustrated hand on her hips.

"No I -" but before Melissa could refuse, she was met with a pair of emerald green eyes that lured and sparkled at her like two green orbs. She couldn't remember seeing any pair of eyes as beautiful as them, so green that they made her feel a little jealous. The boy smirked as he realised Melissa had been taken captive by his eyes. The smirk was vain and self-confident and Melissa came back to earth when she saw it. She raised an eyebrow and gave a little smirk herself, her frustrated hand on her hip turning into a tool to display her curved hips instead.

"You're new here?" She asked him, doing a blatant once over of the 6 foot length of buff body standing before her.

"Yup," The boy answered, making sure to pop the 'P' at the end. "And I'm already starting to like this place," The boy took a step back and shamelessly eyed the girl from her legs, that seemed to go on forever, all the way up to her mysterious grey, cat-shaped eyes. "I'm Justin Cooper,"

"Well Justin, if you want to enjoy your stay here at Lincoln high then you should know a couple of things, starting with this," Melissa closed the gap between them in one quick step. "Don't ask for favours unless you've got something to give in return,"

Melissa was standing so close that he could smell the sweet, fruity smell that lingered in her hair. Justin just blinked blankly into her smoking grey eyes.

She stepped away again and cocked her head to the side like she was solving an equation. "And I gotta feeling that whatever you've got to offer is going to be a wee bit small," She gave an sweet smile before walking off without a second glance back.

Feeling a little puzzled at her reaction, Justin turned around and spoke so that he'd have the last word in the conversation. "Trust me, I have got a lot to offer,"

Melissa just laughed at his reply shaking her head at the floor.

Justin watched her as she left, noticing how the tiny scrap of material, which she called denim shorts, fit snuggly around the smooth movements of her impeccably rounded ass. A smile found its way to Justin's lips as he wondered when he'll see that girl again.


Melissa had told her two best friends all about her encounter with the new boy that morning. She was excited as she realised she had found the player for the game she intended on playing with him, but she was going to need the help of Chelsea Young and Lucy Miller if she was planning on winning.

The three girls were walking to English class together, Chelsea's cheerleader skirt swaying as she practically skipped to her favourite class. Unlike the cliché cheerleader, Chelsea was a sucker for novels, specifically in the romance genre. She had that intellectual look with her oversized glasses, curled black hair and dark skin.

"Mrs Bay said she's going to lend me her edition of Jane Eyre," Chelsea said, almost to herself.

"Yeah… great," Lucy muttered before coming back to the subject of Justin, "so when do you think you'll see Justin again? Where is he?"

"I don't know, I haven't exactly installed a tracking device on him,"

Lucy gave a confused look so Melissa added, "I wasn't serious, Lucy,"

"I don't see why we can't," Lucy shrugged, and then a smile lit her baby-face. "Is Justin cute?"

They stepped into the class and were ready to take their usual seats when Melissa saw him sitting in her seat. Justin Cooper. Forgetting all about Lucy's question, Melissa walked over to Justin who was innocently looking around the class room.

Justin was tapping his pen on the table and waited for the class to start, when he heard a girl clear her throat. He lifted his head up and was surprised to be looking up at the rude girl he met in the corridor that morning. The surprise on Justin's face quickly turned to a grin as he innocently asked,

"Did you want something?"

"You're in my seat," was the girl's blunt reply. She folded her arms and glared down at him. Truth be told, Justin had no idea it was her seat. He'd simply walked in and sat on the first empty seat he found, but he was glad that fate had caused him to choose this one.

"Your seat? So… what shop did you get this nice little chair?" He pretended to check out the side of the chair he was sitting on, feeling the plastic with his hands. "I mean, you must have bought it," Justin continued, "or it wouldn't be yours. Now would it?" Justin looked up into her eyes, expecting them to be mad with anger.

But instead of getting mad and throwing curses at Justin, Melissa smiled at him. She moved in one fluid movement, ending with her hands wrapped around his neck, her body leaned over and her lips next to his ear. She let out a puff of air, letting it fan onto on all the right places.

"I'll give you this one Cooper," she whispered, "but the next one, will be mine." She craned her neck back so she was face to face with him.

She saw that his earlier cocky demeanour had seemed to lose its strength. His eyes were even more stunning up close and Melissa had to focus so she didn't get lost in the green pools. Melissa took her hand from the back of his head to cup his chin upwards, letting her fingers run through his soft dark-blonde hair in the process.

"The next what'll be yours?" Justin said so quietly that only she could hear.

"The next round of the game," Melissa couldn't help looking at his plump lips as she spoke.

Justin had to concentrate hard so that she couldn't feel his body tense up due to their sudden proximity. He had to fight everything not to close the small gap between their faces and kiss her cupid-bow shaped lips right there and then. But he knew that wouldn't do any good with a girl like her.

"First rule of inviting someone to a game," Justin said slowly, "name the prize first,"

The girl smiled confidently at him as she gently released his chin to stand up straight, her painted nails grazing the light stubble on his chin.

"Prize? Why don't you play and find out?" She asked with a playful tone, and then went to sit in the empty seat in front of him as the lesson finally began.

Justin was left utterly confused and charmed at the same time. What was up with this chick? Justin had never had this reaction from any girl at his old school. No matter what he did or said, she always seemed to find a way to surprised him with her reply. She was obviously playing a game with him, but he was going to have to wait and find out what kind of game she was playing. Was she like this to all guys, or just to new guys? Did she like him? Okay that was a stupid question, if she didn't like him then she will after he was done with her. Justin shook his head slightly. How could a girl be so sexily intriguing, when he didn't even know her name?

One thing he did know was that whatever game she was playing, he didn't really have a choice whether he wanted to play or not because the game had already begun.

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