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Chapter 5

Justin had just finished gym class and he was ready to hit the showers. During the hour long outdoor lesson, Justin couldn't help think about the way Melissa blushed under his touch back in the hallway. It didn't take his concentration away from the game of baseball they were playing, but it was something that just sat at the back of his mind like those memories from ages ago which you never seemed to forget. His thoughts were so occupied with Melissa and getting a home run for his team that he didn't notice that brunette cheerleader from the car park giving him looks from across the field. Maybe he just didn't recognise her because she was on the other team and she wasn't in her cheerleader uniform today, but she definitely recognised him.

Just as Justin was making his way to the boy's locker room, he spotted Melissa leaning on the wall a few feet to the right, with her phone in her hands. She was wearing a simple white shirt, with a bit of lace bordering the neck, and a pair of white-washed skinny jeans. She must have sensed his presence, because she put the phone in her back pocket and smiled up at Justin before pushing up off the wall. Justin stepped away from the other guys, who were too busy talking about the recent game to realise Justin had even left. As he walked towards an already smiling Melissa, he wiped sweat from the back of his neck.

"You just couldn't keep away from me, could you?" Justin asked, raising a cocky eyebrow at her when he reached her and stood in front of her.

She rolled her eyes and folded her arms, ignoring his comment. "I…" she started after a moment of silence, taking a small breath.

She looked nervous, so Justin took a couple of moments to wonder what the hell was going on. Melissa didn't seem like the kind of girl to be nervous, yet here she was, shifting her feet and looking down at them.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry," her head came up and she met Justin's eyes from beneath her lashes. Justin got so lost in the swirls of grey that he didn't even realise the hint of mischief that hid beneath them. "…for saying I'd rather die than go out with you," Melissa finished, pursing her lips at the end.

That wasn't what Justin expected her to say, so he wasn't exactly sure how to react. Shaking his head a little, he decided to go with his instincts and use this new, apologetic Melissa to the fullest.

"Don't you mean for saying, wait … what was it?" Justin pretended to search his brain, scratching his chin and looking up at the ceiling, "Oh yes. You would rather claw your own eyes out and drown yourself in a bath of lemonade," Justin reminded her, choosing to take this opportunity to make Melissa feel guilty so he could look like the victim here, which of course, he was. He stared at her eyes hard; only to be met with sad, grey eyes. He almost regretted not accepting her apology - almost.

"Yeah," Melissa sighed and turned her head to the messy line of boys walking into the locker room. She had put on a zoned out expression, keeping her arms still folded. She was probably trying to end the conversation now, but Justin wasn't having that. He moved to stand in front of where she was looking, so that she'd have to look up at him again.

"So you've changed your mind now? You'll go out with me?" Justin ended, nearly a hundred percent certain she was going to say no. But it was worth a try and he knew it'd lighten the mood of the conversation again.

"Oh yeah," Melissa rolled her eyes and looked back up at Justin, "I'd just love to jump at the first chance with some random new guy," Her voice was full of thick, cold sarcasm.

Justin frowned, pretending to be hurt with a hand over his heart. "I'm a random new guy to you?" he blubbered, pouting his bottom lip at her at the end. He watched her fight a smile as she took in his puppy dog eyes and came back with a reply.

"Well we're not friends. I thought I had already made that clear after English class. So random new guy is the next best thing," Melissa tried to sound mean and hurtful, slanting her eyes at him at the end.

"Didn't you come here to apologise to me? And now you're giving me horrible looks," Justin smiled and shook his head at her.

"That's not what I'm here for actually," Melissa glare dropped and her eyes darted over his shoulder.

He turned around to see Aaron and Daniel walking towards them. Aaron was a little out of breath from the game but Daniel had barely participated because he was rubbish at baseball, so he looked fine.

"Coach David-" Justin turned back around to face Melissa when he heard her speak again, "-wanted to speak with you in his office,"

"What, now?" Justin asked straight away. Maybe he wanted Justin to join his team?

Melissa simply nodded her head, showing no clues to what was going on.

Well that really helped. Justin thought darkly in his head.

"What's up?" Daniel asked when they reached Justin and Melissa.

"I gotta go see Coach David in his office," Justin shrugged, telling them that he had no idea why.

Aaron looked confused before saying. "Yeah, okay. Do you know how to get there?"

This was where Melissa butted in and all three boys turned to look at her with wide eyes.

"Why don't you two just take him so he doesn't get lost?" she asked Daniel and Aaron, gesturing to them with two flicks of her hand.

Justin raised his eyebrows at her. Was she actually trying to help me?

"Coach said it wouldn't be long anyway," Melissa added when Aaron and Daniel didn't answer. They were all in shock to see Melissa actually caring about whether Justin got lost in school or not.

"Er… yeah," Daniel muttered at the same time Aaron said,


With that, Melissa was off down the opposite hallway, her phone coming out of her back pocket and back in her hands as she continued texting. She left Justin to think that maybe, just maybe, she was really sorry. If only Justin knew what she was texting Chelsea and Lucy…


Part one of Mission Eliminate Green Frog Gang complete!


But since Justin didn't know she was texting that, he continued to believe that Melissa was actually sorry for rejecting Justin so badly earlier that day. It didn't really hurt Justin to hear that she'd rather die than go out with him, though that was probably the first rejection he's ever experienced. Girls back at his old school would go head over heels for him if he merely hinted that he liked them. He was relieved that Melissa was nothing like those girls, because he had finally found a challenge. A girl that was actually different than the other ones he used to go for. Those types of girls would only go out with him for his looks and popularity, so he was like some accessory to boost their reputation at the school. He knew that this new school was a chance to change his record of bad relationships, and he really wanted to make it work. This time he was sure that he was interested in the right girl and if Melissa was interested in him, then he knew it would be for the right reasons. He wasn't popular at this new school, so she wouldn't be going out with him for a reputation… though he did have the 'looks' part of it done, but he can't really help that. There was just something about Melissa that he couldn't figure out, the way she walked, moved, smiled, and even talked. There was just something about her, and he needed that something. Like the old saying goes; you always want what you can't have. But Justin was going to have Melissa, he just knew it.

"Did you guys realise something different about Melissa?" Aaron asked as they made their way to the Coach's office.

"Yeah, she was being way too nice," Justin answered, trying to figure out if there was something else behind Melissa's sudden urge to apologise to him.

"I still can't believe you asked her out through that poster," Daniel laughed and shook his head. "You didn't actually think she'd say yes did you?" Before Justin could answer, Daniel continued onto another question. "And even if she did accept, why the hell would you wanna go out with her. Her head is all twisted inside you know?" Daniel tapped the side of his black ruffled hair, "She's evil!" he whispered with wide eyes, making him like he was high.

"I didn't want her to accept," Justin explained, as they passed through hallways which he didn't recognise. There were no students around so he guessed that the hallway was for the staff offices.

"So then why would you ask her out in the first place?" Daniel looked obviously confused, with one eyebrow higher than the other.

"Yeah?" Aaron added, wondering the same thing as Daniel.

"It was a just a test to see if she was different," Justin shrugged nonchalantly, "and she passed the test, she's definitely different,"

The boys stopped walking in front a door which read Coach's David's name on the glass in black capital letters.

"Different, as in the insane type different," Daniel muttered as he knocked on the door.

There was no answer from the other side of the door so Daniel knocked again.

There was still no answer.

Justin turned the door knob and was just about to open it when he heard Coach David's deep voice.

"I don't want any visitors!"

Justin immediately let go of the door knob, glad he hadn't taken that step further and actually opened the door.

"But sir, you called me to your office," he told the door. It was weird talking to the door, but what was he supposed to do?

"Stop talking rubbish. I didn't call anyone to my office. Now leave," Coach David's voice had authority at the end and Justin knew not to bother him any longer.

The three boys were all confused as they made their way back to the locker room.

"That… was a total waste of time," Aaron grumbled, annoyed about not changing out of his sweaty gym clothes.

"I wonder what Coach David was doing?" Daniel thought out loud. "Was his room locked?"

Justin couldn't believe that Daniel and Aaron were both missing the most important point here. Did they not realise that Melissa had just lied about Coach David asking to see Justin or were they already over that?

The three boys had decided to hit the showers when they had reached the locker room, even though Daniel didn't really need a shower. Everyone else had already left for third period so the only sounds were from the three boys refreshing their bodies. Their school was considerate enough to fit in private showers so it wasn't a problem for the boys. Justin felt relaxed as the tepid water cascaded onto Justin's bare skin and gently massaged his muscles. His blonde hair was naturally dark so it looked more brown than blonde when it was wet. Although the shower was making Justin feel calm all over, he couldn't help the thoughts attacking in his brain angrily like it was his fault he couldn't answer any of them.

Why would Melissa lie about Coach David wanting to see him?


"She wants us to do it now?" Lucy whispered excitedly as Chelsea and she stood just outside the door.

Chelsea showed Lucy the text from Melissa, before switching her phone to her video camera. She was just about to open the door and step inside when Lucy grabbed her arm.

"What if we get caught?" Lucy whispered frantically, her eyes wide and wavering. "We could go to jail!" she exaggerated, making Chelsea roll her eyes for the hundredth time that day.

Chelsea lifted a finger to her lips, telling Lucy to be quiet. Although she doubted the boys would hear anything over the noise of their showers.

Lucy took a deep breath as Chelsea opened the door to the boy's locker room. She was sure that the room was empty because they had waited around the corner until every boy had stepped out, except of course for Daniel, Aaron and Justin. The smell of sweaty feet, covered by strong deodorant attacked Chelsea's nostrils as she looked around the locker room. She opened the door fully and nodded her head at Lucy, who was standing with her arms clinging onto the door frame lamely.

The girls silently entered the changing room and Chelsea carefully closed the door behind them so it didn't create a sound. She saw Lucy's nose crinkle at the smell and sight of the locker room. It was the first time either of the girls had been in the boy's locker room and it was nothing like Lucy had expected. Actually, she had expected it to be this way but just not that bad.

Chelsea looked at Lucy with her eyebrows raised, trying to get her attention away from the belching view and stench. Chelsea did two sharp movements with two fingers, aiming them at a door at the end of the room. Her silent body language reminded Lucy of the army as she crept her way to the door. They could faintly hear the rain-like sounds of the showers doing their job from the other side of the door. Lucy warily followed Chelsea to the door, realising only too late that she was good at conjuring revenge ideas, but not great when it came to the actual mission. Okay, only if the mission is as terrifying as this one. What if they got caught in the boys locker room? What would people think? And what about if something goes wrong? But nothing was going to go wrong because Lucy had simple instructions, very simple instructions; Grab the clothes.

Just grab the clothes. That's all you gotta do Lucy. Just grab the clothes and go. Lucy chanted in her head as Chelsea quietly opened the door.

When the door was fully open, the sound of water plummeting to the cold, tiled floors amplified and the smell seemed like fresh flowers compared to what the girls had just previously experienced. Chelsea stepped inside, keeping hold of the door with one hand and the other hand held her phone in a position that was ready to tap record.

Lucy took a deep breath before creeping to the left side of the room, where towel racks were neatly installed across the whole wall. The shower stalls were lined up opposite, on the right side of the room. Only three towel racks had clothes hanging messily on them, so that made things a lot easier for Lucy. At least now she was sure that the clothes belonged to only Justin, Aaron, and Daniel.

She felt her heart beat quicken as she advanced, the heels of her feet never touching the ground. As soon as she was in reach of the clothes, she grabbed them all and spun around quickly. She began rushing back to Chelsea when she slipped on the watery, tiled floor and fell flat down. It would have been painful if the clothes hadn't acted like a cushion to her fall, but she still let out a high pitched yelp. Chelsea sighed loudly, knowing that the boys had heard when all three showers abruptly turned off.

"Who's there?" she heard Justin call. Lucy scrambled up with a gasp, leaving the clothes on the floor in her panic.

Chelsea clicked record as Lucy stood against the door frame with an apologetic look on her face.

As if it were a film, all three boys stepped outside their shower stalls in time to see that their clothes were no longer on the towel racks. Their eyes went to the heap of clothes on the floor before seeing Chelsea and Lucy.

To say that the horror on their faces was hilarious would be an understatement. Chelsea began laughing as she watched the boys attempt to cover themselves up, their arms rushing to their crotches at the speed of lighting.

In that few seconds, Lucy managed to look up at Daniel, who was also looking at her with a face redder than her unnaturally dyed hair. It was merely a split second that they looked at each other, but it seemed like time had slowed down for both of them. Lucy couldn't help blushing as she looked at his usually messy hair, stuck to the side of his wet, dripping face. His perfectly shaped eyebrows were successfully covered by the wet hair, but his grey eyes were as clear and alluring as ever, even when they were wide with horror. His slim body, black, raven-like hair and his indoor personality was usually what put girls off him, but it was definitely a turn-on for Lucy.

The moment broke when the boys rushed back into their shower stalls, and Lucy let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Chelsea I think we should just go now," Lucy mumbled quickly, grabbing Chelsea's arm which still held her phone up.

Chelsea stopped the recording and nodded once, fighting another laugh.

"You're right, we've got everything we need," she smiled as she slipped the phone into the pocket of her pants.

The two girls walked out of the locker room, Chelsea still chuckling about the boy's expressions while Lucy was relieved that she was out of there.

"Okay, I'll post the video on Facebook while I'm in class. We're already late as it is," Chelsea said while turning a corner into the opposite hallway.

"Yeah, see you at lunch," Lucy replied a little quietly, feeling awkward as she too made her way to her next lesson.

Lucy wasn't at all worried when she entered her next class and mumbled a quick apology for being late. Usually, she'd have stammered about three times before spitting out the apology, and then stumble over to her seat. But that day, Lucy had her mind on other things. The 'other things' were pretty much all about Daniel. She couldn't shake the image of him from her mind, and it wasn't just because he was naked, though that was a part of it. It was the way he looked at her that had her emotions on the edge. Justin and Aaron were both looking at Chelsea, and it made sense because she was the one recording with her phone. But why was Daniel looking at her? Maybe, just maybe… he liked her?

That small thought of hope ignited Lucy all over, and she couldn't help the smile that stayed stuck on her lips throughout the rest of the day. That was until lunchtime of course.

It was at lunchtime when she saw Melissa and Chelsea waiting in the hallway for her that her smile faded. What was she thinking? This was Daniel. Melissa's twin brother! He wasn't just some other guy who she could win over with her adorable flirting techniques. Could she even try to get close to Daniel with Melissa being her best friend? How would she react?

"Come on Lucy," Melissa complained, tapping her white with black converse impatiently.

Lucy quickened her pace slightly, before joining them to make their way to the cafeteria where many other students were heading.

"So did you post the video?" Lucy heard Melissa ask Chelsea. Lucy had her eyes focused on the smooth grey floors of the hallway as she faintly heard Chelsea answer.

"Yup," Chelsea replied straight away, laughing afterwards as she was reminded of the video again.

Lucy realised that there was no way she could make it work with Daniel; it would just make things too uncomfortable for all of them. Besides, she was getting too ahead of herself. She didn't even know if he liked her, that look in the locker room probably meant nothing. She was just going to have to forget about that, and keep focused on getting Melissa together with Justin.

As Lucy thought to herself silently, Melissa turned to her with worry.

"Hey, are you OK?" Melissa asked quietly, "Don't beat yourself too much about slipping and dropping the clothes. We got everything we needed on camera anyway,"

Lucy brought her head up to see Melissa smiling at her. Lucy knew Melissa had realised something was wrong. She had to prove that she was fine and the easiest way was to shoot a reassuring smile and get involved in their conversation.

"Nah I'm fine, just a little hungry. Has anyone commented on the video yet?" Lucy asked brightly, relieved to see the worry on Melissa's face disappearing.

"Your hunger will be taken care of soon enough," Melissa replied as the three girls entered the cafeteria.

A smile lighted their faces as they took in the smell, buzz, and airiness of the cafeteria; it was one of those places that just lifted your mood no matter what. However, it was also the best place to make dramatic scenes like dumping someone, or revealing some sort of secret or a whole load of other stuff. The list was endless really, but the main reason Melissa liked the cafeteria was of course, the heavenly food.

"Some people have already liked the video and added few comments, mostly just comments like LOL," Chelsea replied as they grabbed a tray and joined the queue.

"But that's probably because everyone was in class, by the end of lunch, everyone would have seen the video," Melissa told Lucy confidently, "Trust me," she added, even though Lucy didn't doubt her at all.

Chelsea's eyes suddenly widened as she looked over Melissa's shoulder.

"Brittany is coming over here with her minions," Chelsea said quickly, looking back at Melissa, "and she asked Aaron out just last period,"

Melissa felt like a boulder had just hit her hard in the face. Aaron and Brittany had been in a frequent on-and-off relationship for the past three years. She was head cheerleader and with Aaron being captain of the soccer team, it was enough to make Melissa laugh when she realised just how cliché it was. The way Melissa saw Aaron act around Brittany made it pretty obvious that their relationship was more of a 'friends with benefits' thing. They'd break up over some stupid thing that one of them did but it there wouldn't be any hard feelings afterwards. Then one of them gets bored of testing the waters and hey presto! They're back together again. Even though she knew Brittany didn't mean anything to Aaron, it did well to annoy the hell out of Melissa when she ate his face right in front of her. She was one of those touchy-feely type girls that liked to snog in public so people knew who she belonged to. One day, Aaron would have Melissa and he wouldn't have to turn to that whore anymore.

"What did he say to her?" Melissa asked, hoping to hear Chelsea's reply before Brittany got there.

"He said he'll talk about it later," Chelsea whispered back just in time.

"Hiya Melissa," she heard a very feminine voice behind her, spitting out her name like it was dirt.

Melissa turned around to see a girl with brunette hair tied up in a high ponytail. She wore a baby pink tank top which drew attention to her large breasts because of the low-cut neckline. She had three bimbos beside her, all with the same amount of make-up caked on their bitchy little faces.

All four girls were looking at her with disgusted expressions and Melissa could see Lucy and Chelsea returning the looks from the corner of her eyes.

"Did you want something?" Melissa asked coolly, raising one eyebrow.

"Not from you," Brittany sneered, looking at Melissa with scorn.

Melissa rolled her eyes; she really didn't have time for this. "Then will you kindly get lost? People are waiting in the queue you know," Melissa smiled and tilted her head to one side like you would when talking to a child, replying in a sickly sweet voice.

Brittany ignored Melissa and went straight to look at Chelsea, who was surprised that the attention was now on her.

"That little clip of my boyfriend in the showers," Brittany asked, pointing at her with a manicured nail, "it's gotta come off the internet," Chelsea let out a small laugh as if to show the lack of care she had for what Brittany just said, "…like now," Brittany added with a hard look on her face.

"Boyfriend?" Chelsea reiterated, "Since when? You pretty much got rejected by Aaron today so I don't see why you care if that clip is up," Chelsea stepped forward and because Chelsea was tall, she could look down menacingly at Brittany easily. "It has nothing to do with you," Chelsea finished, pronouncing each word clearly and definitely as she glared down at Brittany through her glasses.

The queue moved forward so Chelsea turned around and stepped along the queue, leaving Brittany a little shocked. Most people knew Chelsea as the quiet type that just minded her own business and stayed in her own little world, but she when she got mad, she got really mad.

"You heard her," Melissa added, waiting for Brittany to leave with her three little sheep walking with their faces stuck to her ass.

"Look, Melissa," Brittany slanted her eyes, "you might think that you're the baddest bitch in town, strutting around like you can have whoever you want," she looked Melissa up and down with hatred before continued to glare at her eyes, "but everyone knows that you're just a scared… little… virgin," She hardened her glare with each one of those words, as if that'd make a difference to Melissa.

Melissa laughed humourlessly at Brittany's face. "You know, you sound like you're proud to have slept the whole school. You go around throwing yourself at all the boys in the soccer team and for what? Team spirit?" Melissa shook her head with a pitying look before walking away to join Chelsea in the queue.

Lucy followed with her eyes wide with all the drama that just went on before her very eyes.

She gave Brittany a glare as she passed her. "And by the way," Lucy paused in front of Brittany, "everyone knows that you're the biggest whore in town,"

Brittany's mouth dropped open as she and her friends flipped their hair over to one side and walked off to their table. It seemed that Chelsea, Melissa and even Lucy's words had a hard effect on Brittany and she had no more comebacks to throw at them. Some 10th graders, who Lucy didn't recognise, moved up in the queue with smiles like they had just finished watching a good film.

Lucy smiled awkwardly back at them, before joining the other two who were already putting food on their trays.

"Victory is ours," Lucy whispered excitedly to Melissa as she began filling her own tray up.

"Yeah…" Melissa replied, though it was more like a loud sigh and now it was Lucy's turn to ask if she was OK.

"Hey, don't listen to what she said. You know she's always had it out for you because she's jealous," Lucy said comfortingly.

Melissa knew that Lucy was right, but she couldn't help wondering if everyone thought she was scared of losing her virginity. She wasn't scared, she was just waiting for the right guy and to be honest, most guys in that school were egotistic jerks. She didn't want to throw away her virginity like it meant nothing, although more than half of the girls in 11th grade would disagree with her. Out of all three girls, Lucy was the only one who wasn't a virgin and but she believed that he was the right guy and when he turned out to be a disappointment, Lucy was regretting it greatly. Chelsea, well, she never really opened up about things like that … or things in general really. She'd been out with her fair share of boys but they were always boys who people didn't even notice, and she'd never let anyone know about her relationships. She would even keep them secret from Melissa and Lucy, but her secrets get out to them because of the amount of time the three girls spent together.

"Lucy's right you know," Chelsea added from the other side of Melissa, "She always has to go after boys but you don't even have to try to get boys to like you,"

"You're right, thanks guys," Melissa answered, feeling thankful for having such amazing friends. She was just going to believe that Brittany was doing her usual job of trying to make Melissa feel bad about herself, but it wasn't going to work this time because she had Chelsea and Lucy to make her feel better straight away.

As the three girls approached their usual table, a figure caught Melissa's eyes and a small frown found its way to Melissa's lips.

Aaron was hunched over on his chair with his head in his hands, and his elbows leaning on either side of his untouched lunch tray. It wasn't like Aaron to leave is food like that; he was always the first person to get his food and the first to finish too. Melissa could see that something was really bothering him, she felt a quench in her stomach from having to look at her crush while he was so upset, and she also felt the unusual need to comfort him somehow.

"Hey Aaron, where's Justin and Daniel?" Melissa asked cautiously as she took her seat opposite him. Chelsea and Lucy both gave each other the same look that spelt what's-wrong-with-him? before taking their seats on the right side of Melissa.

Aaron slowly lifted his head up and looked up at Melissa from under his dark, thick eyelashes. His hands came away from his face, but one stayed to scratch the bottom of his short, cropped brown hair as he shrugged.

"I dunno, I wasn't in their class last period," Aaron answered emotionlessly.

Melissa nodded slowly at Aaron, not taking her eyes of him for a second. His face was nonchalant, but she knew that he was hiding some sort of sadness.

"Okay…" Melissa added slowly before pausing with an awkward silence. "Is there something wrong?" she added when Aaron stared at her blankly for too long.

"I'm sure Chelsea's already told you that Brittany asked me out again," Aaron answered straight away, something flashing in his eyes for a millisecond as he looked at Chelsea.

Chelsea simply nodded as she munched on whatever was in her mouth.

"And she also told us that you said you'd - " Lucy did quotation marks in the air as she said this, "-talk about it later," she tried to mimic Aaron's deep voice to lighten the mood but the straight line stayed firm on Aaron's lips.

"I'm not gonna talk to her at all, I'm just so sick of her," Aaron replied, looking down at his food. "I know ya'll think I'm an idiot for always going back to her– "

"I don't think you're an idiot," Melissa suddenly burst out, making Aaron jerk his head up to look at her with a puzzled expression. "I mean, she always begs for you to take her back, what can you do, you know?" Melissa gave a fake smile to try and cover up her sudden outburst, though she was sure her smile was so obviously forced that she looked like joker out of batman.

"Anyways…" Aaron continued after dismissing Melissa with a raised eyebrow, "I've always tried to make it work with her but she's just not worth it anymore,"

"Anymore? She was never worth it," Lucy said what the other two girls were thinking while Aaron just shook his head at himself.

"So… are you gonna tell her it's over?" Chelsea asked softly, "…For good?"

"I dunno," Aaron looked at Chelsea, and the look was sad and apologetic, making Melissa's heart sink. "I've screwed her over loads of times when we were together in the past too. I'm just as bad as her," Aaron carried on with that apologetic glint still in his eyes, his face showed that he was torn inside and Melissa was getting frustrated. Why couldn't he see that he needed to break it off with Brittany! It was just the right thing to do!

"I'm gonna go, I don't feel hungry anymore," Aaron suddenly said, preparing to leave.

"Wait," Melissa said quickly, making Aaron stop. "Are you gonna come over to ours afterschool?"

"Yeah, see ya later," Aaron mumbled before getting up.

Melissa relaxed in her seat when she heard his reply. Afterschool, she could try and get him to realise how much of a slut Brittany really was, and that he deserved much better.

Just as Aaron took one step away from their table, a girl who looked like a wannabe Brittany Bitch, walked past Aaron slowly, not even trying to hide the fact that she was checking out his crotch area.

"That video is my new porn," she said to him before giggling and joining her friends. Aaron turned around to face the two girls smiling about the fact that their "revenge video" was getting to the student population. The third girl, Chelsea, wasn't as ecstatic as the other two.

Aaron gave a disappointed shake of his gorgeous head with the end of his lips curved up a little, before walking away from the girls.

As soon as Aaron was out of earshot, Melissa turned to Chelsea with a smile.

"The video made him smile a little, did you see –" Melissa stopped when she saw Chelsea frowning at her phone. "Chelsea what are you doing?" Melissa asked quickly, peering over Chelsea's shoulder at her phone.

"Just took that video off Facebook, now I'm deleting it off my phone for good," Chelsea answered quickly, so close to pressing delete when Melissa screeched.

"What?!" Melissa grabbed at the phone as fast as she could. Chelsea reacted quickly by moving the phone out of her reach.

"Aaron's already in a bad mood, he doesn't need this video to make things worse," Chelsea replied, while moving the phone around and holding Melissa back at the same time.

"Since when," Melissa grabbed again for the phone, "did you care about him?"

"Since he's supposed to be my victim, like Justin's yours and Daniel is Lucy's!" Chelsea reminded Melissa.

Melissa took one last grab at the phone, pushing Chelsea onto Lucy who was watching the whole ordeal with interest.

"Woah!" Chelsea exclaimed while Lucy whined like a child;



The three girls froze in their awkward positions and looked towards the source of that odd-sounding noise. The phone had slipped out of Chelsea's hand and fallen straight into Chelsea's single scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

After the initial shock of the whole situation cleared, Melissa leaned back into her seat and folded her arms smugly.

"Serves you right," she smiled at Chelsea, nodding her head at the phone that was face down in the ice-cream.

"I tapped delete," Chelsea muttered, picking the phone up.

The smug smile was wiped off Melissa's face and her eyes darkened as she growled something inaudible.

As Chelsea wiped her phone with a tissue, Lucy felt like she had to say something to her two best friends to help them stop arguing.

"So, um…." Lucy began, rubbing her hands on her thighs uncomfortably, "…are you gonna eat that?" Lucy pointed at the splodge of ice-cream while Melissa and Chelsea both turned to shoot daggers at her.

"Oh, um, probably not," Lucy said, her words getting quieter and quieter as she chose to look down at her lap instead.


Justin and Daniel made their way to the cafeteria, annoyed that the whole class was kept behind and they had to be late to lunch. After they got their lunch trays with a good amount of food on them, at least Justin did, they made their way to their usual table.

He saw Melissa's golden head of hair and felt a little frown tug at the corners of his lips. He knew that the only reason Melissa had apologised to him outside the locker room was to make him late so they could go ahead and record them in the showers. He should have known she wasn't really sorry, but he wasn't upset in the least. Justin just felt the weight of being played by a girl and it was really heavy shit but not enough for Justin Cooper. She wasn't any ordinary girl, and he would just have to try harder for her, even if that meant getting revenge for the little prank she pulled with her two friends today.

"Why the sad faces?" Justin said as they sat down opposite the girls, "And where's Aaron?" he added after realising he wasn't there.

"My stupid friend –"

"Who is right here," Chelsea interrupted Melissa, who carried on like she hadn't heard a word from her.

"-just deleted that video, and Aaron just left. Dunno where so don't ask,"

Daniel's eyebrows shot up in surprise before he let out a little sigh. "I was so looking forward to giving you the silent treatment, not much point now," he said, mostly talking to himself because Melissa obviously wasn't listening.

"You don't look relieved," Melissa accused Justin who was just smiling stupidly at Melissa.

"Why should I? That video didn't affect me at all," Justin shrugged, putting on a nonchalant expression.

"Right," Melissa said, sarcastically.

"Come on! Have you seen the video? Why would I be ashamed with a body like mine?" Justin ran a hand down the front of his shirt which perfectly displayed Justin's toned chest and stomach area. Not that Melissa was staring, he was just drawing her attention to it with his hand and she never realised it before, that's all.

"I don't need to see the video to know that you were more embarrassed than when everyone found out my brother's never kissed a girl before,"

Daniel nearly choked on his drink when he spluttered. "Melissa!"

Melissa shrugged innocently at him. "What? Justin would have found out one day that you've got virgin lips. Everyone else already knows,"

Daniel's cheeks grew hot and he wished he had grown his hair long enough to cover his whole face at that moment. "Thanks to you! And I'm not a virgin lips anymore," Daniel said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat while Melissa mouthed a sarcastic "Suuuuure,"

"Aww, leave him alone Melissa," Lucy said, watching how adorable Daniel looked when he was embarrassed.

Justin gave Daniel a confused look before slapping him on the back. "Hey, don't worry about it bro. You're waiting for that one, I get it,"

Justin looked back to Melissa to see that she had a slightly quizzical look about her, like she was in deep thought.

"What?" he asked unknowingly.

"I just… didn't think you believed in the one," Melissa replied, a little dazed.

"I'm not gonna judge people who believe in romantic stuff, it's not my place to do that," Justin looked at Daniel with an assuring smile before looking straight back at Melissa.

"So why didn't you see the video? Afraid that you'll fall in love when you see my sexiness?" Justin smirked playfully at the end while Daniel moaned.

"Dude, that's my sister. Could you try not to stay stuff like that to her when I'm around?" Daniel complained, not feeling very hungry after the virgin lips embarrassment and now this.

"Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes," Justin shrugged lightly, smiling at Melissa who was looking at him with disgust.

"The reason I didn't look at that video is because I'd rather not see my baby brother naked," Melissa nearly threw up at the very thought as she stood up.

"Baby brother? We're twins!" Daniel complained again, sounding rather like a child during this lunchtime.

"I was born a minute before actually," Melissa reminded him for the five hundredth time during their lifetime.

"That's only 'cause I was punching and kicking you outta there!" Daniel replied, smiling at himself for finally thinking of something to say when she reminded him of the one minute difference they had between their births.

"Pffft!" Melissa made an incredulous noise. "You? Punching and kicking? The only fight you've ever been in is with me, and even I made you cry two seconds into the fight,"

Chelsea had to chuckle at that one because she was there when Melissa fought her brother after he ate the last piece of their shared 12th birthday cake.

"You hit my nose! The tears were an involuntary reaction!" Daniel replied hotly, feeling stupid again.

Melissa rolled her eyes and stood up, mumbled a quick whatever, and walked towards the exit of the cafeteria.

Chelsea and Lucy said their 'byes' before getting up and leaving as well, but then Justin realised something left on the table.

"MELISSA! You forgot your lunch tray!" Justin shouted to her retreating back, even though she hadn't gotten very far. It was to make people look up from their food towards her; an attempt to embarrass her.

He could tell that the attempt had worked because Melissa stomped the rest of the way out of the cafeteria with Lucy and Chelsea trying to keep up.


"You gotta start being nice to me or I'm just gonna make you walk home," Daniel threatened as he gripped the steering wheel of his car.

"Look, you always put on this hard, I-don't-care shield on around you with the black clothes, the long hair covering most of your ugly little face, and I just know the stupid, embarrassed side of you and I want other people to see it!" Melissa replied chirpily as she leaned back in the comfortable car seat.

"Gee, thanks," Daniel muttered as he pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.

Melissa got out and walked around the car to their front door.

"Besides, you know I can always ask Aaron to give me a ride home," she said without looking back at Daniel.

As soon as Melissa opened the door she froze on the spot, her jaw dropping open at the sight before her eyes.

"What the hell!?"


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